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By the Numbers: Barbados cuts ties with Queen Elizabeth II

Barbados cut ties with the British Crown and became a Republic, electing its first-ever president and casting off hundreds of years of colonialism.

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  1. they had an autonomy and independence long time, this move merely a symbolic announcement and nothing more

  2. Jamaica needs to do the same thing.

  3. When australia breaks the ties? When… Lol

  4. Free Scotland free Scotland Just like barbados London ,Manchester, Yorkshire should be separate from England and we will make England a Muslim country in few years!!!

  5. WELP, there goes Barbados. It's gonna become an even bigger shithole than it already is.

  6. Would love to see Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa, Virgin Islands and the rest be able to break free from the U.S. colonization as well. Congrats Barbados ✊👍❤

  7. Barbados will come crying back when they need money.

  8. Oh no those poor blacks being brought against their will to a beautiful company that their decentants will live in and take advantage of

  9. Things aren't been told…Only things that "THEY" want you to hear.

  10. Not a good move – we’ll watch it play out- smh

  11. Those 600,000 were hunted by their own people.What is wrong with telling the truth!!!!!

  12. they didnt cut ties this is pure theater, listen closely to what they say…

  13. Wants independence, demands reparations. Pathetic.

  14. media get to talking truth and stop being sellout script readers cowards

  15. Congratulations Barbados and to their new, native born, duly elected, head of state.

  16. Where's the dislike button 👎

  17. She is also racist. Who are you fooling?????duh

  18. Lol they don't repp the crown directly any more. They turned into the UNITED NATIONS one world government.

  19. reparations… lmfao.. good luck

  20. I want the dislike button back. Not for this, this is great I just want the dislike button back

  21. I googled the ratio: 0👍 29k👎

  22. 1ST AMERICAN ROYAL FAMILY: Dear President Sandra Mason, we the Monarchy are the World's Newest form of Government. The Old Ancient Democracy is without Religion or Family Values. We're offering flights booked for you to Toronto, Canada with Sunwing Airlines and we're granting you Asylum for Safety into the U.S.A. for Permanent Residency in Detriot.

  23. Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍾

  24. The🦎 reptilian shapeshifter??

  25. Jamaica should be next to get away from those devils 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

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