Byron York on Musk releasing Hunter Biden story to Twitter: There is a story to be told

Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York explores Elon Musk’s vow to release details regarding suppression to Hunter Biden story to Twitter on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. The globalist won’t back down until the west is controlled like the Chinese people are? Will Americans allow this as Europeans have?

  2. European media will not report Hunter ‘s Skandal because he is the son of the best president in the USA ,

  3. Thank Heavens Elon fired those traitorous Twitter employees. Now USA must clean our the government next

  4. How many other leaders paid Jack Dorsey to keep things quiet. Wouldn't you think Jack Dorsey had other corrupt leaders he worked for aside from the Biden family

  5. God protect Elon Musk. He's
    shining a huge spotlight on a nest of cockroaches.

  6. Is it worse then a x president literally stealing top secret documents?

  7. Sadly, will anyone be held accountable, punished, and removed from power? Will the corruption be eradicated? Will anything change for the better? Will our constitutional republic survive?

  8. Fascism is when the state and corporations merge… This is what the demofascist party is trying to do to America.

  9. Watching two RINO’s discuss the greatest political scandal in American Political History when they should be apologizing to Conservatives and those in the MAGA movement.

  10. , LOL he said they have the Legacy Media as if Fox isn't Legacy Media f**** ridiculous LOL

  11. One day the American public might wake up and realize that all this, is eventually going to affect , if not them, then their children or certainly grandchildren. Look at Arizona and say that everything is fine.

  12. Mr Byron York, Thank you for your comments, noticed you have different eye color. Think the contacts may cause that, not sure?

  13. Elon Musk buying Twitter was like taking a stick and poking into a snake den.

  14. Shouldn't everyone be calling for a Joe Biden impeachment trial??? Pretty darn sure Trump would've been impeached over this, if the position were reversed and it was his campaign staff that had colluded with Twitter execs to supress unsavoury stories concerning his family!

  15. I don’t trust the mainstream media anymore.

  16. They covered Joe up by smearing Trump . Worst still you all fell for it.

  17. The big Tech/media the Left used to remove Donald Trump from the White House might just be what gets Biden out of the White House

  18. Not only is there a story to be told, but there's a president that needs to be IMPEACHED.

  19. There is no surprise here. It was so obvious that Hunter used his father's position to enrich himself and his family. Joe Biden got rich from this influencing. Joe Biden out and out lied that he never had anything to do with his son business.
    The only difference is that they "got caught"

  20. All you have to know is the salarys of the talking heads to see that this is all bought and paid for journalism.

  21. All media including Fox is propaganda, brain washing to effect a bought and paid for political agenda.

  22. I do not have apple, Tik-tok facebook…twitter…..Samsung phon are best..

  23. Whoever voted for Biden, were voting for a crock. 😂😂😂😂 guys, you need to pick your leader CAREFULLY. NOT A CROCK.

  24. show of hands how many blocked for life from you tube or twitter for joe and hunters laptop and corruption. ME

  25. Globalists want a one world order, mistakenly believing, a one world order, especially of a certain culture you can't even discuss or you're a criminal, (lets you know it's a socialist culture) will end any kind of genocide on the planet. I didn't see this culture interfere in African genocides over the last century. This culture learned propaganda from Germany in world war II and know that to control the hearts and minds of the people, you control the money and the message. For decades they have infiltrated the British media and now American media. In America where we're too lazy to read, they invaded Hollywood. As for people like Don Lemon, he's just that stupid he truly believes the crap he spews.
    If you find out who Hillary and Bill gave the whitehouse to for their honeymoon, you find out the couple own the Economist (the reason US Acadamia is brainwashed) they own ROLLCALL – star reporter Glen Simpson .(Steele Dossier) The wife sat on board at McCain Institute (why trump and McCain had animosity) This couple have a cousin who is the money behind Russian/Ukranian Oligarchs. Why Khodokovsky tried to transfer shares after OPNRUSSIA. This relative owns CANADA after marrying a Canadian. Explains trudeau being communist and getting voted in with the mind of a child. Obama created the Magnitsky Act to punish Putin because of Yukos. Trump doesn't even realize Veselnetskya visited to make him look complicit with Putin. It wasn't Putin sending her, it was Deep State. Trump was innocent when I heard that. She met with Glen Simpson same night. Perkins Coie is DNC legal because they are the fixers. They shut off Keystone through Obama. All oil is dirty, why they have refineries. Like there's no sand in the middle east. Murkowski had SAM Bnakman fried, Mitch McConnell making sure she won. A RINO tied to a pipeline. Did Anita Babbit get her last name from the canadian Serena Dunn? Now if you don't know what all this means, Use a search engine. Plug in terms that fact check. Let your education begin. Connect the dots. I urge Trump especially. Weinstein though Anita would bail him out after Tara Reade. Biden was a necessary evil that knew too much. Weinstein's just a creep. He was on his own.

  26. And the media can’t understand why nobody trusts them

  27. Sad that all the election corruption comes out but once again nothing will be done about it, the left gets a free pass on everything, meanwhile the right is put on trial for false issues.

  28. Yellen is a FAKE PHONY FRAUD

  29. They new it wasn't russia clapper and Brennan should no longer be on tv or have access to classified information they proved they can not be trusted

  30. It is really a story about the "big guy" Joe Biden family corruption, Hunter was merely Joe's corruption "bag man".