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Caitlyn Jenner under fire for comments on transgender athletes

Jenner said she doesn’t think trans girls should be allowed to compete in female sports.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Mr Jenner is 100% correct.

  2. I agree with her on this one.

  3. How is this controversial? It’s VERY true. They need a different category. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I recognize that transgender females have a very different biological makeup – and that can’t change. They’re stronger, faster, and build muscle mass much more easily. It’s like if Lebron James suddenly decided to be trans and went to the WBNA. He’d score 160 points a game.

  4. Yes, it’s right that Caitlyn changer her mind. She’s the perfect person to represent this, as a former male athlete… she understands the physical advantage males have over female athletes.

    Besides no one is stopping trans kids from competing, they just need to do it in their biological lane.

  5. I agree with Jenner. They have a physical disadvantage that normal women will never be able to compete against

  6. You are born a guy how would u identify as a female then want to play in sports against females. This world 🌎 is so lost

    Born not knowing what u really are

  7. She has an opinion now if you don’t like it that’s your opinion, but stop being hurt because she’s saying the norm…..

  8. Even though he is a bi-gay, he/she is being fair to sports! I could see voting for it!

  9. The surgery is Soo expensive so winning gold is a good way to pay off their debts

  10. What's next, a man winning the 'woman of the year' award?
    Oh wait…

  11. She's right though, just because you identify as opposite of what you were born as doesn't erase your genetic make-up. Sorry, but it would not be fair for GENETICALLY born males to compete against genetically born females. This has nothing to do with being prejudice or bashing anyone's gender identity.

  12. I'm so happy she spoke truth, this world is going crazy.

  13. What trans people do you know that want to play sports in general Bruce is a man making a check for the Kardashians in a wig he needs to go back to being a man your to old to go get breast that's just weird.

  14. This is not about about Caitlyn Jenner running for governor…it is about Bruce getting attention and monetizing it 💰

  15. Caitlin is right. Transgenders would have undue advantage on girls and women. Though trans feel their new chosen body is what they are now, but it is what it is. biologically they are what they come into the world as. Please let's also respect those who want to remain the gender they came into the world with. This is my opinion. Yours can be different and it's all good.

  16. is good a transgender said it.

  17. she was a athletic she knows what shes talking about

  18. If Bruce Jenner competed against girls in races he’d win every single race. If Bruce transitioned into Caitlyn sooner the same thing would have happened.

  19. Men in womans sports lol whats next is this real life woman always getting screwed to funny

  20. She has her own opinion which no one has any right to call false. Personally I agree and I think no one would know better than her as she used to be an athlete. (I also find it quite funny when a trans person has a different opinion they are suddenly brainwashed)

  21. I agree with Caitlyn. It's 100% unfair. Biological girls have a severe disadvantage when it comes competition to with males. #fact

  22. Let them compete against each other then they can be whatever the hell they want. Boys are boys and girls are girls period. That’s a FACT!!! What the hell is this world coming to and the Demtards push this shiiite.

  23. She needs to be cancelled you know what it really doesn't matter what she says the trans Community shall prevail anyways

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