Monday , January 18 2021
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California Governor Warns Stay-At-Home Order For Most Of State Could Be Imminent | NBC News NOW

California Gov. Gavin Newsom warned another stay-at-home order for most of the state could come as soon as “the next day or two” as Covid-19 cases surge. With ICUs across the state on track to reach capacity by mid-December, Newsom said he will not hesitate to announce more restrictions similar to March’s stay-at-home order for the 51 (out of 58) counties, currently on the state’s highest “purple tier” level.
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California Governor Warns Stay-At-Home Order For Most Of State Could Be Imminent | NBC News NOW


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  1. The suicide rate in Japan outpaced Covid deaths. Is that what we want? It was okay for tens of thousands to scream and march in the streets, but getting your hair done? He's tyrant nut job that's drunk with his own power. Enough is enough. (We can't close stores before Xmas!)

  2. You are fighting over a fraction of a dot. Small minded fools

  3. Isn’t he supposed to still be in a 14 day isolation period BC his kids were exposed to COVID??? And he may have gone to Hawaii doesn’t he need to quarantine?? I’m so confused…..

  4. Shush Gavin. Did you spread the virus when you were eating dinner in public place…

  5. He can seriously show his face and talk about covid?

  6. He better not come to Federal government for a bailout! He is horrible!!!

  7. lol Newsom is such a hypocrcite! You mean the same governor who keeps traveling around the state and going to dinner parties constantly and also who's kids are all INFECTED WITH COVID! Gee wonder how that happened? Also Newsom is a FORMER REPUBLICAN and his ex wife who was his ex wife till his tenure as mayor of san francisco was up, was also best friends with the TRUMP FAMILY. His ex wife was a life long friend of the trump family and newsom was her husband for YEARS and again newsom himself is a FORMER REPUBLICAN so he had to have had dinner with the trump family hundreds of times till they divorced, This isn't news to anybody that has actually done their research but would just prove how newsom whole sthick is a COMPLETE ACT and PHONY!

  8. Smartmatic, the Venezuelan software that rigs elections in up to 28 USA states

    How did the USA end up using Venezuelan software to rig elections?

    Answer, not by accident, surely…
    Read how the US Republic left a hole in their own state security so wide that no one can see the wall. Then ponder that neither the CIA nor the FBI stopped this software being used in 28 states, nor did they stop the election results being stored and counted in foreign countries. The Free Press forgot to investigate, and still don’t think it matters.
    The program called Smartmatic counts votes, and changes them too. It was designed for Hugo Chavez to win in Venezuela, and to be undetectable, and it worked. Thanks to a whistleblower, the Trump team has a sworn testimony from a high ranking former Venezuelan military officer who saw it in action. He watched as the Chavez team followed the results on big screens and realized they were too far behind. They realized they needed drastic action so they … stopped the counting… spent two hours “adjusting” results, and then started counting again… and who would have guessed — but the election results swung the other way. Spooky eh?

  9. Governor, please get out of our homes and let us decide how to run them. We are grown-ups. Don't treat us like children set hypocritical rules. Churches and protests don't pause the virus so don't act like those things are okay, but having dinner with my family isn't.
    Take a long walk pal. You should resign, sir.

  10. It's too late to do anything at this point. The virus is too spread out at this point. We just need to wait for the vaccine now. That's the only thing that will end this for good

  11. Newsom's election needs to be investigated for election fraud.

  12. San Francisco BAN S tobacco smoking inside apartments…APPROVES WEED.

  13. They are all enemy of the people

  14. Do what you're master tells you.

  15. Watch "Hollywood Horrified After Legendary Actor Warns Of Biden Regime" on YouTube

  16. Dont listen this guy .hi is trying to bankrrupt you,killing your business,making you broken so you lster in order to survive forxing you to get hook up on debts"slavery",just check the corporates ,insurance companies and billionaires are getting the benefits. "The table is tilted fox" just like george carlin us to said.

  17. This a sell out PAWN.pushing the scripts from his sicko masters,also comes along wtith the nbc parrots pushers.avoid these toxic people that are screwing your livehood,mentality hammering,smearing you through fearmongering tactics. LIES !.

  18. Republican dumbfks downvoting actual news

  19. This is BS. It's called the flu like every year. .000001% of people with "Covid" has died. What about cancer??? This democrat tyrrany needs to stop and Americans are tired of it! They are using this sham and fear mongering to gain power and rush in socialism! Idiots!!

  20. Does that include the "french laundry restaurant"???? Also, Does it include you or does it exclude you Gavin???🤣🤣🤣 Moron!!!

  21. Just protest every thing everywhere you go, and All is forgiven.

  22. I fly back to San Diego on Thursday to handle business, I cannot afford to quarantine 14 days 😒

  23. Says the guy who does what he tells us not to do. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

  24. Please tell me that nobody believes this satanic man
    I mean, you can see right through it, yes?

  25. come on,just think about this,Newsome put everything at risk,his reputation,his children,his parents,his staff,his future,all his power and wealth,his own health,while sipping wine at the most expensive restaurant in the country,while millions suffer because of the eddicts,this tryant needs to be tar and feathered,and the people who believe any of this,need to wake up!

  26. Everyone needs to know the Newsom Pelosi plan to bankrupt small bussiness all over cqaliforn>a and but up the properties for pennies on the dollar. Massive number leaving the state. Rental property getting cheap. Once they buy up everything they will lift covid restriction and give getting super rich a new definition

  27. Tell the people the truth punk

  28. How does this make sense when every map of cases so far that I've seen has most of them in Southern California? Either way I'm in a red county so we don't follow every word he says.

  29. Same for Hypocrite Newsom as well???

  30. This is not an unexpected act of nature it is a well expected guest that Trump did NOT PREPARE for ! We would not have this happening if STUPID TRUMP would have let the virologist keep working on a vaccine instead of firing him ! If Trump would have taken responsibility (instead of taking none )and closed ALL AIRPORTS and ports down and followed the PROTOCOLS that are established ! I dare you to look at China The flatline the total control over the virus ! It can be done instead we are winning most cases MOST DEATH per capita ! Oh yes and China would not be able to hide it if their hospitals were full and body bags were piling up ! Drones and satellites would show truth

  31. No offense but does that go for him too, or are they going to catch him out partying while the state is on lockdown.

  32. You better double up on ICU's because we're done staying in for this BS 99.96% survival rate virus.

  33. The trends will continue. Where are the volunteers for the hospital?

  34. maybe he can be the first to demonstrate the effects of his RNA vaccines, along with the heads of Glaxo, Moderna and others- on their way to the bank with our money– and then we can watch the fireworks– amp up the 5G– let's see what the talking heads have to say then

  35. People are moving out of California

  36. sadly , newsom has already demonstrated his knowing about what this whole thing is about- by his public behavior- completely disregarding his own advice- the reality is, he is destroying the economy- imagine what the restaurants in LA just went through- he has NO right to declare this, based on PCR tests that give FALSE results, much of the time- threats threats threats- just add to the ongoing stress- we've really had it!

  37. Go ahead and stock up on things you need, cuz this is going to happen. Cases aren't gonna slow down. The rest of the country will gradually go in to lockdown

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