Wednesday , November 25 2020
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California officials call for state of emergency over homeless crisis

‘The Next Revolution’ Host and ‘Positive Populism’ author Steve Hilton discusses how some Los Angeles officials are asking California’s governor to declare a state of emergency to address the state’s homelessness crisis.

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  1. They caused it, made it worse and did nothing about it. FU CA !!!!

  2. City and state politicians caused this mess. They have pushed out businesses and middle class with regulations, high taxes, refusal to enforce property crimes, refusal to remove illegals from leeching off of social welfare benefits, refusal to eject illegals from country. All these problems were created by the neo-marxists who are in power right now.

  3. These "officials" are arsonists working for the fire company.

  4. Hopefully Trump will give them ZERO federal money for it, without an ironclad guarantee to end their illegal alien sanctuary practices. But he probably will. Difficult to imagine we will end up being screwed any less than we were under Ronald Reagan's immigration policy.

  5. Socialism creates homelessness and fall of government. Democrat's falling apart with their socialism.

  6. If they get rid of the state tax, then that would make a huge difference in the homelessness. It’s wishful thinking, but the democrats would never do that because they need our money to continue with their political & personal agendas.

  7. Democratic socialist party is done! Maybe the corrupt politicians in California to do something else other than steal from the people. How much do senators from California make in a year? What has the governor done for the state of California?

  8. California should send Salt Lake City back its homeless people…

  9. The homeless numbers are way way higher than that.

  10. They don't want to spend money on drug addiction and mental health.

  11. Pelosi, Newsom,Harris,Feinstien…. Cali has become a chit hole. Their districts are ridden with homeless addicts, fecal matter, urine and blood soaked towels, drug needles add nauseam. All while offering freebies for hundreds of thousands of illegal criminals. Of course it doesn't effect them in their gated, high walled mansions with security armed to the teeth. The HYPOCRISY is despicable! You leftist destroyers created this mess you clean it up on your own!!!!! SHAME! Keep voting Dem and NOTHING will change!

  12. I like that false statement from Gavin Newsom where he says that California will provide shelter for all those who need it. Really Mr Newsom, then why are there almost 100,000 homeless in the Los Angeles area and almost 45,000 homeless in Silicon Valley? Is it because they are US citizens and not illegal immigrants?

  13. No money for California unless you get Read of Sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants!

  14. Why an emergency we have sanctuary cities and want all of the illegals to bring in there diseases for free medical care just vote democrat and nasty Nancy is going to block everything after all when she gets back from vacation they will say Trump is bad he needs to be impeached and then they will have to go have a vacation again and again

  15. I’m Californian, and I say, let the democrats, and they know who they are, drowned in it. They made the mess. Beware of people who mean well and think they know better than yourselves. No bail outs without some return to sanity.

  16. Lmao, a "State of Emergency" for over 30 years. How about the politicians make reasonable wages for their civil job titles (opposed to millions) and have the rest of that money be funneled towards homeless projects (run by educated volunteers ONLY) instead of it all going into democrat bank accounts? Oh, that's right – the Liberal mafia doesn't work that way.

  17. What did dumbocrats say? This isn't a crisis, this is a political stunt.

  18. Crapafornia voted for this, let them lay in the bed they made . Can't fix stupid, no matter how much money you throw at it.

  19. All Gavin Newsom will do is invite illegal aliens into the homeless camps!!!

  20. California's problem. Get rid of the illegal aliens and you may have more funds to help deal with it. Not to mention more jobs for real Californians Americans

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