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Cameron Boyce's parents speak out after his death l ABC News

Victor and Libby Boyce tell ABC News in an exclusive interview the “Descendants” star was “in a place where he was truly happy.”

READ MORE: https://gma.abc/2KGCmWI

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  1. Just when you stop thinking about this you just start to cry over it a little more we all miss him👼
    Rest in peace (1999=2019)

  2. I know everybody can agree with me Cameron will never be forgotten

  3. Learn to see with your (eye) and not your heart. Another child sold for money ✌🏽

  4. Alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar la entrevista completa subtitulada?

  5. He leaved us here physically but he's here spiritually

  6. Cameron died two months ago. The dumbass reporters did this on purpose for views. Bringing up someone’s late son for views. Tell me I’m wrong and they’re “just interviewing the parents”, if he wasn’t dead they’d never care for the parents at all.

  7. Cameron was the kindest person I know and he still is like if you bless Cameron with all your hart


  9. I hope he is ok. Sending prayers. You got this Cameron

  10. His Dad looks very sick possibly..

  11. Cameron was amazing 😉! I am a Actor and I wish I could of worked with him. He is a great inspiration to everyone!!

  12. Didn't know of him until he died didnt know he was black

  13. They're are super strong 💔I cant imagine that pain 😢

  14. R.I.P
    Cameron Boyce
    Loving Son, Actor

  15. It's an illuminati sacrifice wake up people!

  16. Why are beautiful, kind, generous souls taken away from us so soon. It’s unfair and heartbreaking. My heart breaks for his family and loved ones.

  17. I can hear Cameron’s voice in his fathers

  18. I can see the pain as they talk😩🥺. Missing Cameron right now

  19. My heart goes out to you all ❤

  20. It’s funny how the good ones never stay 😔😔

  21. Now anybody thats saying god doesnt exist gods fake god cant take my life away

    Well god just took cameron boyces life away just like that

    Gods not fake
    Gods real
    God is very strong
    God is 100% more powerful than you
    God can take someones life away just like that

  22. Such a promising young actor. Why the good ones always have to go and people like trump are still here 😒

  23. Its always the ones with amazing hearts that go first..

  24. Looks at his dad, it kinda looks like he doesn’t care, no Offence

  25. It’s sad how people didn’t even know him until he died 🥺

  26. It’s been a month since Cameron’s Boyce’s death🥺 RIP Cam!!❤️😭☹️

  27. Is Cameron’s mother Punky Brewster?

  28. He was a beautiful mixtute of both of his parents.

  29. Cameron Boyce isn’t dead… he was just reborn

  30. They say that no one is perfect but Cameron was and still is perfect. Words cannot express how such a sweet kind hearted angel he was. RIP Cameron Boyce we miss you and we love you. ❤️

  31. Praying for the Boyce’s at this time💜 LOVE YOU FOREVER CAM🙏🏽💙

  32. These people on the back got paid to be there … how disgusting!

  33. cameron even though u r gone it was too soon. This could have happened to anybody and he chose u. Even though u did so much u had so many more places to go and things to see. Life was taken to soon from u. RIP

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