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Cameron Douglas speaks out on drug addiction, family l ABC News

Cameron Douglas and his father Michael Douglas speak with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer about fame, failure and the family that helped Cameron find his way. READ MORE :

Cameron Douglas’ longtime struggle with addiction brought the son of a Hollywood icon, Michael Douglas, to his knees after a downward spiral landed him in federal prison for seven years — including two in solitary confinement.

The father and son sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer to discuss the details of Cameron Douglas’ new memoir, “Long Way Home,” the profound impact his destructive drug use had on their family and the moment Michael Douglas almost gave up hope. Now, they hope this story will serve as a cautionary tale.

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  1. Till this day I act like Michael douglas in the movie 'The Game' lmao. Im a 39 year old black man that grew up on his pops. And if his pops was in the movie you was gonna be able to beat off. Any movie Michael douglas was in had the best sex scenes lmao

  2. Ok get them right in the feelings. Got’em!!! Now talk about the book. Gotta bitch. Give up that money.

  3. glad he survived .. but .. poor little rich boy … product of bad parenting … sad

  4. thank you for your bravery and honesty, cameron 🙌🏻

  5. These disasters only and only happens to Godless and Unappreciative people although the Almighty Creator blessed them with wealth and fame in this life yet, our Godless people idolize these kind of people. These people suffer in this life and they have no idea what horrible disasters are waiting for them on the other side.

  6. Someone needs to help Diane. She’s hungover

  7. I wonder how much Danielovitch family paid ABC for the advertising of the new book "Long Way Home"? Nice a…?

  8. Thank you. You can’t imagine how much I needed this spark of hope tonight.

  9. Thank You Lord Jesus. ♥️🕊
    Thank you Diane , Cameron and Michael for sharing.

  10. I am in the same situation that his father was in. You love your child but you are helpless, you can't make them quite. My son is in prison and will be getting out early 2020. I hope and pray he can stay clean this time. I wish nothing but the best for Micheal Douglas and his son.

  11. I watched this interview on ABC TV. I would like to learn from generation.

  12. Interesting, Michael blames his career being first for neglecting family but gee he found time to sleep around. Michael’s dad Kirk did the same but in his book regrets his adultery. Cameron story a sad one and I wish him well. However, he had best lawyers money could buy and has stepped back into wealth & Dad will help him get a movie career even if minimal talent. He really has no worries except staying clean.

  13. People seek in drugs what they think will fill the hole in their heart. They’re missing God from their lives. And not the Christian version of God. Do yourself a favor and find out what the true purpose of life is. Only when you learn your true purpose will you understand what this life is meant to be.

  14. Thanks 🙏 you for this ….what an inspiration

  15. That's my all time favorite movie, It Runs In the Family. Cameron was awesome in the movie. I'm so happy he is trying to live a clean life.

  16. Nothing but a privileged infomercial to sell books…

  17. As an addict in recovery, I can tell you that his father was NOT a failure. There is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do to help an addict other than love them and pray for them. An addict will not get help until they are 100% ready. "Jails, institutions, or death"

  18. ya he has the nose of a drug addict


  20. You want I should feel sorry for this pile of garbage. YOUR BRAINS ON DRUGS have been around for how many years, 40 +. How many actors died of drug overdoses? And why should Cameron Douglas think hs is somehow immune. A swift kick in the ass he needs for surrenderoing basic human values, for what reason!?

  21. He sounds more retarded than Kirk is senile !

  22. So much pain behind their eyes. I hope all is well.

  23. Why rich while kids get sympathy for being spoiled useless druggies? Why does this zonnerneed all of this attention!!!! Total Bullshit!

  24. another useless american druggie. lucky for him he has a rich father, otherwise he would be street trash like the homeless in LA and SFO

  25. Poor poor souls. Too much money. Should be forced to watch Slumdog millionaire 24-7 for a year, see how really tough they have it in life. Are you kidding me! Poor poor souls 😢

  26. I understand what Cameron states about feeling like "there's a crack deep inside you". Sometimes you just don't know how to feel or where to turn to find some inner peace. I'm not proud of where I have been but I am proud of how far I have come in my own battle with drug addiction. It is hard to fight off the demons constantly. Eventually resisting the urges gets easier but never totally goes away. I am glad Cameron has come this far now. It can't be easy either trying to live up to such high expectations as I am sure he had with such a powerful family name. Wish him the best of luck for his future and hope he remains strong!

  27. Sounds like Cameron fried his brain, just another privileged asshole that wanted to be Wigger (period)

  28. What’s up with your fake news crap you guys are afraid to talk about it now

  29. The parents who look back with the greatest regret are the parents who’ve had to bury their babies. I know.

  30. stop the people selling the drugs. easy. what's the problem? to much money being made?

  31. He has that “ Douglas Voice”

  32. It’s almost impossible to protect your kids from the horrors of life and especially drugs, there’s kids from AWFUL backgrounds who never try them and kids from the best background imaginable who are swept up in it. In the end it’s about choices but once you get so addicted it’s a need and not a choice and that’s when the horror really just begun. I’m over 3 years clean and know I’m one bad choice away from an utter collapse of my life and my loved ones. Don’t think only losers end up addicted because addiction can happen to anyone.

  33. No one can be forced to quit a severe addiction. The person has to want to quit, plain and simple.

  34. So, the prison was his salvation

  35. Those thoughts in his head was the devil! Too bad he didn’t found Jesus! Jesus can heal him! So sad! The devil wants to kill, rob, and destroy! I hope he reaches out to Jesus and lets the power of God heal him. It’s the only way!!!

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