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  1. Does anyone know what she said exactly which was racist, I don’t know exactly what was said.

  2. I black and I still love her

  3. I love it racists people can never recover she should've of said she was drugged and blackmailed into stating racial comments .Career or OVER SORRY DONY PASS GO

  4. Its stupid to blame it on when she was young because she was literally 15 like i’m sure u know that racism is wrong at that age and that whole apology is just bs ur only saying sorry because u got caught

  5. By no means do I justify any racism or type of hate, but society teaches us these things at a young age therefore when you are young and ignorant there really is no other way. People who say "She was 15, she should know better" is just as ignorant. If you are taught all your life to hate certain types of people, it doesn't take overnight to undo that. And if we begin to shun everyone single person who has made a racist comment, we would never have any room for growth. People make mistakes. People make change as well.

  6. I don’t know how to feel about her now

  7. "I can't say how deeply sorry and ashamed I feel" She literally got a lot of hate and she got rather "deeply" scared because she forgot to clear her whole Tumblr account dadicated to racism before she went all famous and sht.
    If you ever posted something like that constantly through days/months/years I don't believe you changed your opinion on that.

  8. Unpopular opinion: Camila was never amazing.

  9. I hate the fact that just because Camila is a disgusting human being it’s giving people the excuse to hate on all hispanics. She is an EMBARRASSMENT and because of her we are all getting blamed for HER actions. We are not all like that. There is racism in every race that is because racism lives in the person not the culture.

  10. I think the media would havw been a lot more forgiving if she'd apologized before the posts were brought to the public.

  11. She’s a straight up racist who doesn’t have to be held accountable because she’s white and has hit songs. People only wanna believe she’s nice so they can feel okay for still listening to her music. Her being let off the hook is an example of white privilege. Everyone getting to live in their bubble because if you’re not black and live in areas where racism is apparent then you aren’t bothered by this and can easily forget this.

  12. Her carrier is ended now
    Racism is not possible to change quickly We all know

  13. Yes we need to aaccept her apologize come on were not perfect in this world all of us makes mistake and the important is she trully means her apologize and she admit it that she have a lack of education to understand and know what she do on her teenage days and guys dont be to fool and mindbending i know it hurts but then again she apologize and for me is that enough because i know all of these happens to her self she get a moral lesson to that so STOP HATING, STOP BULLYING, AND OF COURSE STOP ALL THE NEGATIVES ON OUR SELVES because we dont know that we will being UNCONSCIOUS and do racist to CAMILA and far as you know im asian too and im dark also and i am only 17 years old and im being matured enough to handle things and know what is wrong and what to do to make my self better and once again all of us are not perfect in this world and all of us makes many mistakes so dont be so confident to your self for hating camila because your not perfect….. GOD BLESS US ALL

  14. And it's ridiculous how many of her fans are going to try and justify her actions. I understand she was 15 and is now 22. I'm currently 17, and I will say this. 15 is old enough to know better. She replied was just now meeting the girls of fifth Harmony in 2012 when she was 15. I'm so shocked, I'm a huge fan of hers and I never would have expected this. There really are different sides to everyone. Idc if you're her fan, racism in every shape and form needs to be confronted and held accountable. So it's a shame that a lot of her fans are going to try and ignore this.

  15. In the Hispanic community being racist is the norm. I grew up among Hispanic people and the racism is real! If you speak the language you will hear blatant racism.

  16. Well, I always liked Normani more

  17. Like it or not, she did it. She's still racist in my book. Shawn deserves better

  18. Why is white ppl accepting her apology when it’s not even abt them the things she said abt Normani hurts many black ppl as well. Black ppl should not be forgiving any and everyone just cause they apologize

  19. It is fucking crazy. they always say things about racism against blacks and nobody gives a shit about being racist against asians. Even black people is becoming racist against asians. lol. Fuck America

  20. and she let that words sit for 8 years… just saying



  23. It's kinda sad that people of colour in the U.S. are tearing each other down instead of building each other up.

  24. Apology not accepted.she did not emphasise on what she was apologizing for and it's the same thing every popular celebrity says when their past comes back to haunt them. "I was young and uneducated". F that 💩. You can't be 15 and not know what rasism is and you white people in the comments saying that Cubans can say the n word can go trip over a knife.

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