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Capital One hacker exploited a weakness in the system

Fox News Headlines 24/7 anchor Brett Larson on the fallout from the Capital One data breach and the bank’s response to the hacking.

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  1. I should also note that since this time we have started receiving automated Chinese calls and calls from Canada Revenue from the number 1800 395-8447 informing us of impending arrest and prosecution. I am guessing this is connected to this data breach.

  2. Hey Fox, first of all I am just one of many who trust your reporting.
    Having said that, maybe you can help me.Capitol one doesn't seem to be able to. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would make the call to Capitol One to see if our cards were among those that were breached. After being redirected to another phone number we were happy to discover that we were not among those unfortunate individuals that had their info accessed. But on Friday we were informed that our info was in fact breached.
    Fox have you any suggestions as to what I should do now? It is evident Capitol One is out of the loop on this issue. or is there a possibility that Capitol One was hacked again and this time my information was handed out? I see for about 2 weeks my credit card watch dog "credit Karma" was not showing any score on my file. And when the score did return my score dropped 20 points. Is there anyone Other than Capitol One I can call to get accurate information on my dilemma?

  3. How about jail time for all these crook executives?

  4. Uh oh… another Bradley Manning

  5. Lol at calling people like this Hackers.

  6. Incidents such as this one are the best argument for using cash, not credit cards. And when you use cash, the chances of you overspending are limited to the money in your wallet.

  7. As opposed to what? Exploiting the strength of the system/network? Title fail.

  8. Capital One just has a message on their web site saying affected users will be mailed. They should notify you if you were or not and if so what information about you was obtained. 1 year of protection is not enough, should be required to provide 10 years by law.

  9. That's one scary looking woman. Unless it's really…. a man.

  10. The cloud is a free for all data warehouse of individual information!

  11. So GLAD I LEFT THEM, they are in the business of

  12. Was it a chemtrail she hacked into or a real cloud??

  13. The NSA should hire this woman. Brilliant. Talent is to be scouted right away!

  14. What are the clouds but an excuse for the sky.

  15. That chick looks like she’s from another planet… someone make sure this chicks got a belly button!👽

  16. So this is what Carrie Ann Moss, a.k.a Trinity, is doing after she brought down the Matrix ! 😂

  17. Youtube stopped streaming on any my subscribed pro-Trump for a few days. When I checked out 1 day old news, I saw almost hardly any like but almost equal number of dislike on many sites.

  18. Amazing how these multi billion dollar companies don't seem to have the resources to keep this from happening.

  19. Capitol One: "What's in your wallet?"

  20. The photo of the hacker looks like one of the usual suspects! I bet her defense in court will be, "Trump made me do it!".

  21. WHO KNEW ABOUT This Vulnerability? WHO Was SUPPOSE TO Check it? <— tisk tisk
    HOW does one 'get' to be So Smart – understanding coding, computers . . to 'hack'? Must be Cool ! ; )

  22. How are the stocks doing today? China pushed back so yeah China knows they just have to outwait Trump. the lame Duck President.


  24. The dumbest and most obvious headline in history! Doh! Hacker exploited a weakness…do you really think so?

  25. If you are connected to the internet (phone, computer, tablet, fridge etc. etc.) you are part of the cloud.

  26. Lt. Lois Einhorn hacked Capital One?

  27. No way… Im sure they exploited a strength of the cybersecurity…

  28. He exploited a weakness in the system? No way! BECAUSE THAT WASN'T OBVIOUS.

  29. Remember when we were ALL told "clouds" are secure and unbreachable? Remember how we were ALL told drones flying surveillance in USA would never be armed?! …same thing

  30. No sht?! I thought they exploited a strength…was that weakness the fact that the goddamned US military is letting an avowed communist and enemy of the US people handle all of the militaries’ cloud computing?

  31. Customer view point is mandatory. Make customer happy with hospitality and open service. It gives more PR ratings.

    Capital One data holding pennys(🤔) is attacked by the administrator? Administrator logged into or breached into penny data and exposed the fruits. sHE is a hacker and impeacher.

    Finally where Capital One ended or headed? Census data will be deported?


  33. Everyone should close there accounts with these people.

  34. Your information is not safe with anyone! Breaches happen to banks, to Equifax, to the government health care, etc. They are never held to account.

  35. Savy consumer lol. I’m not your consumer. I’m a person.

  36. Fraud coverup… corporate theft and support of Jihad ?

  37. A clouds = rain
    Fake cloud = a big company is saving your data and holding your information from baby to grave. Then they sells "widgets" you like.


  39. Cloud security is a great career to get into .

  40. What’s NOT in your wallet anymore?

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