Friday , December 4 2020
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Capitalism is most important during crisis: Art Laffer

Former Reagan economist Art Laffer argues the U.S. economy is growing more than the Eurozone at a rate of one percent and that tax revenues are up across the board following Trump tax cuts.

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  1. But crony capitalism as practiced in the USA is not needed at any time. All it does is insight social rebellion.

  2. Illegals coming want jobs not food stamps etc.. They enjoy working. Help them come legally. We need their help in restaurants/farms etc.

  3. The more they cut waste/spending the less taxes they may need. People having jobs can fund their own food/natural help for health/training after high school etc.. Thank you Trump!

  4. I believe the tax cuts are paying off due to, there are no longer hands in the cookie jar re-allocating funds into their pockets and shadow constituents .

  5. Nothing you say is believable..

  6. Jeezus, that video title is based on the last 45 seconds of the video.

  7. the US economy is not strong the federal reserve is already doing QE4 the markets are barely holding on as it is with all of this stimulus republicans should be cutting government instead of talking about it

  8. why does youtube keep autoplaying me to this trash

  9. Capitalism, and most specifically consumer capitalism, has taken the planet from healthy to the verge of ecological collapse in 300 short years. It is based on a premise any half way intelligent fourth grader could demolish: The idea that you can constantly "grow" economies on a planet with finite resources.
    You think capitalism is great because you live in the foremost exploiter of resources on the globe. America and Europe have been getting raw materials for pennies on the dollar from Africa and Latin America for over 200 years. That's why we live so well. Our standard of living has improved ( at least materially ). For Africans and others it's destroyed their traditional social and economic systems and left them impoverished.

    Humans are clever but seldom wise. We invent something and implement it, often thinking we have anticipated all of the possible ramifications. But it can't be done. So from one invention multiple environmental problems ensue. We think, "oh. . .no problem. We will create another technological fix for the problems our last technological fix created. ad nauseum.

    We are just smart enough to get ourselves in constant trouble and trash the planet for all other living things.
    Nature will solve the problems for us. We are not capable.

  10. Separated at birth-jamie dimon and teaming hit.

  11. The bad Democrats must be removed from office they don't like the public

  12. Laffer looked like a goon when Peter Schiff schooled him on the state of the financial system in 08

  13. CAPITALISM is an economic system for creating wealth. SOCIALISM is a government system for seizing and redistributing wealth. Socialism does NOT create wealth.

  14. When will the American homeless have a president? When will the media talk about the increase in Homelessness?

  15. Art Laffer looks so young for 80. Maybe a name like Laffer helps.

  16. Is it still capitalism if the president is handing out favors to people who give him million dollar campaign checks?

  17. and they're over the moon on that trillion dollar deficit, because of the tax cut
    , your great economy is on borrowed money

  18. Just listening to those puppets is subversion..that means on both sides! If they are on the fake news media channels they are puppets of the occupation. sept 11 2001 was the coup d'eta of America. American's live in a false reality designed to support the survival and agenda of the ruling globalist elite. We have faile the framers of the constitutional republic. Censorship is done by deceptive people to hide the truth.

  19. Deficits are great. Greatest ever thanks

  20. The corrupt republican senate is finished if they vote against witnesses and documents. Republicans in general should dissolve the party of greed and deceit. Every senator who refuses to call witnesses and produce documents is a traitor to America. MAGA, MAKE AMERICA GOOD AGAIN. RETURN AMERICA TO THE PEOPLE. POLITICIANS

  21. These so called economic experts are sounding awfully 2007ish.

  22. In Canadian eyes Trump = Dudley Do Right…. Schiff = Snidley Whiplash

  23. If we ever had a reason to vote the congress out of office it’s been this impeachment. Now we have a chance to keep the money we earn. Vote, people!

  24. Think spiritually, communicate globally, act locally, and Impeach President Trump. Lock him up.

  25. It's set up now that the banks get bailed automatically. So, the people don't know the banks are being bailed out.

  26. I can be republican or Democrat as long as I’m making lots of money.

  27. The only clueless people who think the booming economy has nothing to do with president Trump hate him. A sad stete of individuals. The seriously misinformed and ignorant.

  28. as a start, there are too many politicians; everywhere.

  29. Please, don't fall for Socialism. It took me 30 years to flee from it.

  30. Step 1: tax cut.
    Step 2: cut government spent.
    Rinse and repeat.

  31. but Dems still want to "tax the billionaires"

  32. Lowering taxes on companies and people is only a good thing. Increases business growth, gives more money to companies to give raises and hire more people, gives people more money in their pockets to spend on bills and luxury items they want, still increases actual tax revenue because more people are working, less people on welfare, higher wages, companies selling more products, people buying more houses, etc.

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