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Cardio vs Weights (Best Way to Burn Fat)

Cardio or Weight Training? Which way is the best way to burn fat? Which is best for fat loss and overall weight loss? I answer all of these questions and more in today’s video. Use your time efficiently by learning which one of these is best for fat loss. Once you know how to burn fat and gain muscle at the gym progress accelerates.

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Fat Loss Calculator:

Traditional Cardio (Steady State, Long Duration) 1:00
Fat Burning Zone 2:11
Weight Training & Burning Calories 3:46
Higher Heart Rate 5:47
Cardio After Weights 6:06
Peripheral Heart Action Training 6:51
High Intensity Training Routine 8:39

If you’re trying to burn fat why not do it in a way that has you working smarter rather than harder. Most people automatically assume that cardio is better for fat loss and weights are better for building muscle. And this may be true if you compare traditional steady-state cardio to traditional weight training but there are different forms of weight training that incorporate very effective new training techniques that may be far more beneficial for fat loss. So If youre the type of person that wouldnt mind burning fat faster with less effort then stick with me through this video because I’m going to give you a couple surprising new ways that you could lose fat way faster with both cardio and weight training models and ill make sure that you fully understand which one is best for you and your goals. Now if you’re looking for the quick overnight fix I don’t have that for you but this is as close as you’re going to get to that magic bullet quick fix to spending less time in the gym while burning more fat from your workouts. So let’s start first by taking a closer look at Cardio and weight training at their core. Traditional cardio is usually performed on a treadmill an elliptical stair climber a bike or even on a rowing machine. When I talk about traditional cardio I’m mostly referring to steady-state long duration cardio where you’re continuously repeating the same low to moderate intensity motions like jogging, biking, or swimming for an extended period of time. Most of traditional types of cardio are forms of aerobic training. Aerobic training primarily involves using oxygen to sufficiently meet the body’s energy demands during exercise. On the other hand traditional weight training where you lift a heavy weight load for a certain amount of reps before taking a break and then repeating for more sets, THAT is considered anaerobic training. With anaerobic training oxygen alone cannot supply enough energy to meet the demands placed on the body so glycogen from the muscles is primarily used to fuel the activity. Generally speaking, you’ll burn more calories for each session of cardio than weight training for about the same amount of effort. Minute per minute, cardio burns more calories. But does that mean that cardio is better for fat loss? Let’s take a closer look. For a long time it was believed that to burn the maximum amount of fat you had to stay in what was known as the fat burning zone which mostly could only be maintained through aerobic cardiovascular activity. The idea behind the fat burning zone was that you would burn a higher percentage of fat calories rather than carb calories when you stayed at about 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. And this made sense to most people because once an activity became too intense the pathway for energy would change to anaerobic and begin primarily burning glycogen or carbs for fuel rather than using fat oxidation. However, it’s been proven that the fat burning zone is a myth because both types of training aerobic and anaerobic can burn plenty of fat. And if you burn more overall calories from a higher intensity workout like the ones I’m about to share with you, so anything above roughly 70% of your maximum heart rate you might be burning a higher percentage of carbs, but you’re also burning more overall calories because you’re heart rate is higher and the activity is more intense. So even if you have a smaller percentage of fat coming from a larger overall number of calories, you can still wind up burning more fat. This is easy to understand if I give you an example like take 50 percent of a smaller number like 500, and then take 30 percent of a larger number like 1,000. Just because you’re burning a higher percentage of fat from lower intensity exercise like steady state cardio, doesn’t mean that you’re burning more fat. On top of that even though we know cardio will typically burn more calories per session than weight training, research has shown that you burn more calories in the hours and sometimes days following a weight training session when compared to a cardio workout. Also weight training

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Study comparing weights vs cardio:


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  1. Thanks for the video. Ignore all the short attention spanned instant gratification keyboard warriors. Some of us appreciate the detail.

  2. IN THE NAME OF GOD , just get to the point , that was the most convoluted explanation ever .

  3. Do Cardio and Weighttraining. Keep the balance. Eat enough protein. And be in a caloric deficit. Thats it. ✌

  4. He said the fat burning zone is a myth but then turned around twice and contradicted himself. when he said " weight lifting burns calories in the long run..

    Duh!!! this is what the Fat burning zone is. aka After Burn Bka E.P.O.C
    Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. All the Top fitness Pros out there know this. this is one of the best kept secrets of the fitness industry and well.. now, I just shared it with alot of you.

    If you know this then your golden. cardio has nothing to do with Fat burn especially running and jogging for the long term. it is simply for burning calories and and building your cardiovascular endurance.

    but H.I.I.T Cardio is a different story because this intensifies the workout thus getting all of your muscles activated and stimulated causing the demands of oxygen to be much more needed. and if you do this with weight training then you'll definitely activate E.P.O.C. and if you know anything about weight training and the "S.A.I.D Principle." Specific Adaptation Imposed Demands. Then your knowledge of Fat loss and shaping the body and building muscle will increase.

    Mike Rashid is a perfect example of the Said Principle infused along with E.P.O.C. and his famous over training regimen..

    I myself am not a youtuber, but I'm in great shape because I did the research and took courses for myself.

    but yeah, this guy totally contradicted himself.

  5. Feel like I’m in Charlie Browns class🧐😫🤣🤓

  6. this is the ill show you in a minute counter

  7. Thank you so much, I started working in the gym a couple months ago with this mindset but had no idea it was doing all these great things for me, I appreciate the information given to help understand the process and understanding how everything works and how to improve workouts

  8. "Faster" is a term used by gimmicks and tricksters. A more "effective routine" is what you are communicating.

  9. I always emphasize on doing both cardio & weights. lift weights to build the muscle, and do cardio to get rid of the fat. otherwise you're just getting bulkier (if only do weights) or leaner (if only do cardio) when your aim is to look toned.
    but apparently, people think cardio is not needed so /shrugs

    proper nutrition is important too. you can eat anything you want but in moderation (key is MODERATION). you still need a balanced diet.

  10. People gotta realize to get in shape it takes hard ass work. There’s no shortcut. You don’t need to micro manage every single you eat. Cut out sugar and carbonated drinks, eat healthier food, and space your meals out properly. A cheat meal every now and then is ok.

    And then go to the gym and work your ass off. And then work some more. And then a little more. Do cardio and weights. I’m in the gym 2-3 hours a day. And it’s paying off. It takes time.

  11. What if you want to spend a lot of time in the gym?

  12. This is for atletes not for normal people and normal people get injury due to this high intensity workouts . Do normal workouts daily for 15 min you feel the difference in long term and diet is important.

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  14. Swimming = Cardio and strength in one.

  15. Carry on scrolling down the comments random person it will save you 10 mins of your life

  16. I really appreciate you showing the researches in the field…. this is reliable as f… well done mate

  17. ive been doing cardio before weight. still lose over -30kg. but Im gonna try cardio after weight

  18. It is a lengthy video yes but i do appreciate the factual information that answers many why?'s

  19. Gotta admit those side videos/gifs are funny but really distracting

  20. But who else caught that fantastic mr fox in the background at 2:30

  21. My English is not good enough but I think the dude speaking too much combining things I can't find myself. Go to the point. Anyway thanks for the video

  22. Listening to this full video burns much more calories than cardio and weight training.

  23. In short
    1. you don't need to do weights first and then cardio.
    2. Combine the two in series of exercises…incorporate PHA, multi-joint training and/or HIRT exercises.

  24. I hate cardio so f*cking much! I do 15 minutes TOPS on the treadmill, and I don't even run, I just walk really fast. I go to the gym for the weights. Also, when I do weights, I AM doing cardio. I break a sweat and my heart rate increases

  25. wtf happened to the audio??? 😒

  26. Shortcuts dont get to success myfrnd.
    Muscles are built by iron and sweat
    Muscles are built by sacrifice…pain.
    Muscles are built when you burn fat like butter in a hot pan.
    Muscles are not built by shortcuts.
    The biggest example is you

  27. I believe everyone understand how lose weight, doing the work is another story,yup!

  28. After I had revealed this weight loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” using Google, I felt enthusiastic to check it out right away. This has offered me pleasure. My own buddy lost 10 lbs just after this specific weight loss plan, I absolutely recommend you check out Google to find out how. .

  29. blah blah blah blah blah blah

  30. Here we go again…. The only thing harder than exercising regularly is listening to someone talk about it.

  31. damn, i love cardio, could ride the bike two hours every day but hate weight training, every time i try to start that again i get an expensive membership, expensive trainer, and hate it, have to drag myself there, hurt myself even though the weights are too low for serious weight gain and then i stop. hate it.

  32. Wow, amazing.
    I've been doing just THAT at thg gym as of reverently and I see more results.
    I begin with strength training, cables training, then finish with a treadmill workout of various speeds, incline n decline.
    I also add some elements of HIIT training as well.
    Great video, I totally agree with everything said in this video..
    My only confusion is that I sweat more when my HR is over 160, and hardly anything when it's below that.

  33. do weight till you feel bout to pass out thats the time you lose fat

  34. Knew all of this already but it's always nice watching these videos and reaffirming the mantra

  35. I just don't eat for 3 days and work out in the process :/

  36. Last effort? Bs if you want to actually be a athele go to athele x

  37. these guys talk too much…

  38. How long should we run for though? 😅

  39. im exhausted just watching this

  40. Awesome. Great explanations. Thank you!

  41. I wanted an answer
    Not a fucking documentry

  42. Fat = energy
    Calories = measurement of energy
    Fat = calories
    Burn calories = burn fat.

    The more energy your workout requires from you the more calories burned/fat burned. Its not rocket science guys.

  43. We don't need knowledge just tell me what to do sirectky

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