Tuesday , September 22 2020
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  1. What's funny is beto said during a radio interview that if you bought your AR15, you get to keep it! Weeks later he's gone treasonous with confiscation threats. It's not just the old ones who have lost their minds.

  2. Think about it, during the debates he 'accidentally' called Bernie, Booker, and Beto president! His mind is gone.

  3. Sharpness and mental ability matter more than age – but Biden is very clearly not the full shilling, as we say on this part of the pond. Bernie Sanders shows a Much keener intellect and mental ability, which the next POTUS will need to repair Trump’s disastrous blunders. In this regard, Biden is patently outgunned by Bernie at least, but the full weight of the party, the system, and corporate media Wants Joe to win, regardless of his obvious, and significant, flaws. A pity.

  4. This debate just proved Biden is too old and Castro is too immature.

  5. That sure wasn't the kind of report to find Andrew Yang in….that's why he wasn't in it. Politicians doing their song and dance. I'm sure glad Andrew Yang decided to help us. All we have to do is help him by voting. Simple enough. A young, highly intelligent gentleman with experience to address our countries issues. Andrew Yang has 2020 vision and my vote.

  6. Joe also said "opt in" too. Stop kissing Biden's *ss. You guys are just like Trump cultists. Very pathetic!

  7. It's not his age that's the problem. There are plenty of old people who are still sharp, even those in the race. The problem is with his own personal mental fitness. The fact was that Castro's attack was right since he did mention buy in in the transcripts and then was rightly called out for it.

  8. @0:31NBC, your claim that it was not clear weather Castro's attack was correct on the substance is an obvious load of crap. If you had watched the debate you would see that he was in error. And I do not care for Biden no more than I do any of the rest of them. And I say that as a black man.

  9. No it does not put the age question front and center for me. But rather it makes me question Castro's bigoted and racist attitude toward Mr Biden. And I say that as a black man.

  10. Biden needs to admit he is in decline and then support Pocahontas- if he did that, Warren would have a good shot.

  11. Biden's endless gaffes, ramblings and confusion are making his age the issue; the other communists on the stage don't even need to mention it.

  12. CREEPY joe needs a retirement home not the WH for hospice.

  13. As a Democrat I can't vote for any of these people who want open borders, people are coming here from all over the world not just Central America, the Middle East, China, Africa, South America, I agree with Trump on that you cannot have open borders!!

  14. With the resurgence of vinyl , Biden was unjustly maligned for his " record player " comment. Vinyl , now outsells cd's !

  15. Biden is a old washed-up clown that should not be trusted. It would be like electing another liar and chief! He lies and ducks questions at every turn.

    He's latched on to Obama's coat tail, hoping we don't notice the 2 of them are wearing no draws. They sold their dignity and our rights to Wall Street! The 2 of them is how we ended up with Obamacare. It's the worse of the 3 options! Public option was even better. Medicare for all is the best and what we should have from a President with a super majority.

    Obama picked Biden because he knew he was as soldout as himself, I believe. They let the American Medical Association write Obamacare!

    We should be able to see Biden is still soldout to them and Wall Street! Him and Democrats like him in the Clinton borg are everything that's wrong with America! It won't get corrected until we bounce the borg.

    The news agencies are bought out and helping Biden in the polls and discount Bernie's and Warrens proposal to pay for Medicare for All!

    They like to play Biden saying 30 trillion over 10 years but won't play the truth Bernie established as 50 trillion over 10 years if it stays the same status quo!!!


  16. Why elect a president who served in the Lincoln administration??
    Then you have Bernie!!
    Served on the ark with Noah

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