Thursday , December 2 2021
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Chaffetz: Biden effective in cutting off fossil fuels

FOX Business contributor reacts to America’s rising prices and supply issues on ‘FOX Business Tonight’ #FOX Business
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  1. If you voted for Biden you should be last to get fuel this winter if there is none left or you cant afford it then freeze you vote for such a pathetic crap stain I have no sympathy for you

  2. In California $150 to fill a suburban.

  3. Stupid Biden not knowing what he is doing. Democrats ha ha Ha ha ha idiots

  4. Stupid Biden not knowing what he is doing.

  5. Don't Blame me !!! I voted for TRUMP !!!!!!

  6. Turn it around ? Easy , just hire Trump as an advisor and listen to him

  7. It is time to open the pipeline just do it

  8. Biden is is doing very well at choking off the lifeblood of America…

  9. None of them have a clue. Ridiculous. – NC

  10. Yeah $5 per gallon coming soon

  11. They have already limited supplies and Biden is behind it

  12. Somebody tell the big guy the whole country runs on fossil fuels, I don't think he knows.

  13. When you are a multi millionaire you don't care about fuel prices.

  14. This S.O.B. is killing America!

  15. They dont control the states open the pipeline back up we americans will run this country all buisnesses lets go open up get people back to work an no taxes

  16. This man isn't effective at anything……….

  17. Biden is a traitor and a criminal too the United States get rid of him and his administration if he keeps on doing what he is doing there will be an uprising keep us free and have all rights in our lives

  18. Biden's flipped our state completely upside down I don't know what you are talking about

  19. Dissolve the dem cartel. Take down the CCP-Biden cartel.

  20. This administration is guilty of high treason.

  21. He will never get a second term !!

  22. Biden has nothing to worry about. The Democrats will get voted back in.

  23. Bidon " is the only fossil that needs to be cut off""!

  24. Biden is destroying our country!!!
    Biden is a communist
    Biden is no good for America
    Biden is only for the rich
    Biden is going to make the poor pay!

  25. We saw what a pipeline leak does to the environment in southern California and on the Canadian border but republicans seem to be proud of inflcting grievous bodily harm to flora and fauna it's a wonder they haven't blamed Joe Biden after all he caused cyclone Katrina the challenge disaster floods in the nth east climate change pearl harbour and covid 19

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