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Charges on hold for father in twins' hot-car death

An attorney for Juan Rodriguez, who left his twin toddlers in the car, said he and his family “will be dedicating their life to the cause of ensuring this does not happen to anyone else again.” READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2yrabp4

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  1. If you “forget” your child in the backseat you should be charged with murder. These people are intentionally killing their kids and getting away with it.

  2. 38 is still too many babies to be left in the hot cars during 2019, and hoping there will be no more then 38 death. Last year there are 52 deaths for babies who are left in the hot cars, and the parents forget to take the babies out of the cars.

  3. Back in the day parents didn’t need this technology to remember if they left their kids in the back and they worked multiple jobs too

  4. He seems fake to me_ ins money for sure!

  5. HOW THE FUCK YOU FORGET???? you gotta be the STUPIDEST or most evil muthafuckas to do this!?… These 2 fucks are pathetically acting! Fake grieving, something is not right here. Wake up ppl, they murdered their kids! Mom should be investigated too! They both dont check on their kids during the day? I knw i annoy the fuck outta my babysitter calling and texting.. And as a mother I wouldn't even want to be near husband if i knew he pulled a shit like tht? Bitch is hugging and kissing him?? Foo, u just killed our kids!😐
    Fuck all tht Court shit, you knw what justice is, have these 2 sick fucks strapped inside a car and leave them there for 8 hrs on a blazin hot day. Case closed.
    Rip little Angles..👼

  6. Sorry. I don’t buy this. What state are we in when we forget not 1 but 2 children in a car? No excuses and no technology required. It’s just absolutely disgusting. I dislike the way they speak as though this is normal. It’s complete abnormal. What a horrible way to die. How come they still have the other child? Should be removed as clearly they don’t know how to look after kids. Surely the husband and wife must’ve spoken throughout the day. I just can’t see how this can happen and I have 4 kids and a masters in Clinical Psychology. This behaviour can not be excused. It’s irresponsible and not the responsibility of car manufacturers to install a device to remind us that our kids are in a car. Jeez. This is just insane. Maybe there’ll be an App soon. “Honey I forgot this kids” or “Find my kids”. I’d be too ashamed to show my face and I’m not a fan of the “fathers” body language.

  7. If you need an alert to remind you not to forget your kids in the car you shouldn't be a parent 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. I dont need that extra layer of safety becuase i have a BRAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That only happens to STUPID PEOPLE

  10. If a babysitter left the twins to die in a hot car, I doubt these parents or their "self-righteous" sympathizers would advocate for legislation in their defense. Empathy is for the babies who had to suffocate to death in a hot car. The father has his life.

  11. The amount of self righteousness in this comment section. Typical; quick to condemn and judge, no empathy.

  12. This whole story doesn't sit right at all. As a parent when I'm dropping off my son I always check the car before and after. I feel like he intentionally killed those babies. Something doesn't sit right.

  13. I call BS on this. He knew, he chose to ignore them. You never hear about children dying in the frozen winter months but it’s a thing in the summer 🤦‍♂️. But I bet the Cell phone survived

  14. You just can’t make a mistake these days. All the self righteous people in these comments 🙄🙄

  15. leave something important in your back seat like your cell phone so you dont forget your kids

  16. New York…. "The city that could care less about killing innocent LIVE babies"?!?! Why would they care about this?? Especially if New York allows people to get away with this?!?!?!?
    UNreal !! SICK!! Just my opinion :'(

  17. I understand that this is a problem and I'm not trying to belittle any who may have gone thru the death of a child by hot car. I only have one kid so it's not as hard for me to keep track of him. My son's 5 now and they're have been times when he's wanted to wait for me in the car while I run an errand and I've told him about this and said that nope, he needs to come in with me. I am guilty of stopping at a convenience store and locking my son in the car. I do open the sun roof tho and I make sure I'm gone for no more than 5 min. It is sad that people can remember their cell phone but not their kids it doesn't make sense to me.

  18. How do you forget one child let alone two kids??? I don’t understand! Don’t you look in the rear view mirror? How sad is it that now it needs to be a standard to have a reminder in your car so you won’t forget your kid(s) in the back seat🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. I have twins they are 17 now I never forgot them anywhere

    My 4 year old wouldn't let me forget him and i wouldnt I wouldn't forget my dog my God

  20. Im sorry i dont understand forgetting your kids

  21. Are we supposed to feel sorry for these parents and advocate for new laws with them? Heck no. How hard is it to take your child with you? They wouldn't themselves sit hours in a hot car. How do you put your kid in a car then magically forget they're there? Driving long hrs? This is stupid.

  22. That's a horrible way to go

  23. How da fuck you forget your kids??????!!!!!! Fuck that, hang his ass!!!!!!!!

  24. Well,well, what about this child's life insurance!??? Start from there and put this bastard behind bars!!

  25. Only way these people forget there kids is cuz they take pills alcohol or other drugs

  26. Also it’s not like everyone in America can afford to get a brand spanking new car with the tech.

  27. Nawww… The mother is good I would be chocking him

  28. I have 2 kids I will never never forget my kids …..they always in my mind they safety come first I dunno how parents forget make no damn..safe

  29. Im calling bullshit. You don’t remember u only made one stop??? You can’t recall not handling more 2 kids. C’mon.

  30. I don't know how you could forget your kids, I've locked my purse in the car, but i always remembered when I had my kids, (who are adults now), with me.

  31. How do you forget your kids ???? That’s like forgettting your head before you leave the house . I don’t see how it’s humanly possible to forget your child ……smh

  32. Guys he probably didn't want more kids so he plotted this and it worked

  33. He was getting his alibi via research when he reached out to a psychology professor…..who is buying this bullshit?!

  34. No no no, He left them in the car for 8 hours !!!

  35. Ok, so now we relying on technology to do your parenting again. What a shame.

  36. Licensed clinical Social worker? They have no room to judge other parents.

  37. Families are too stressed! When I worked two jobs I forgot to pick my kids up from school and take them home first before I go to my second job. I cried so hard! My sister in law was on the emergency card picked them up then called me. This is more horrible than that , but I can’t even imagine what this family is suffering! My heart is broken for them ! Sending love and light to all effected by stress in these horrible situations. ❤️✨

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