Charges to be formally filed against Alec Baldwin in deadly ‘Rust’ shooting

New Mexico’s district attorney is set to file involuntary manslaughter charges against actor Alec Baldwin and the armorer for the film “Rust” for their part in the on-set shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. NBC News legal analyst Danny Cevallos explains the charges both Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed are facing and what to expect from the trial. 

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  1. I think he was set up as a payback for the trump comedy sketches.

  2. I do feel bad for his wife & kids tho

  3. If he is being formally charged, why isn't he being arrested, having to post bond, and then go thru all the legal sh*t like everyone else

  4. hey NBC and the rest of the Phonies at your Network, when does SNL have Trump on to do impersonations of Xandy Baldwin shooting up the Cast??? yeah, The Rain in Spain fallls mainly in…..Boston.

  5. NBC is still alive?! Lol, wow.

  6. I think expecting the actor to go behind the Armour person to verify that the weapon is cleared is BS! Do you expect the actor in a car explosion scene to go behind the Pyrotechnics people and verify all is correct there?! No! WTF are you paying the Armour person for if you expect the actor to do the Armour job? Geeze! 😮 Get real!

  7. He was negligent and irresponsible.

  8. Just out today, Bill Davis, a well known veteran prop master stated that he completely backs the New Mexico attorney general's decision to charge Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed with manslaughter. Davis said that he would expect the prosecutors to come for him "with both barrels" if he had made the same alleged "mistakes" as Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed. The fact that they had crew members leaving the set because it was unsafe goes to further demonstrate that it was a “s**tshow," he said. This follows the recent release of an industry announcement stating that actors on the set are ultimately responsible for their own safety and that of others working with them.

  9. Bottom line is you don't touch a trigger unless you are using the gun. He failed to follow basic SAFETY. It's 100% his fault. When you hold a gun and fire a bullet your responsible for that bullet and what it does.

  10. Imagine charging a plumber because defective wiring caused a fire and killed someone? You file charges on the electrician. How is an actor or producer responsible for the negligence of the ARMORER? This is ridiculous. BTW, as producer, Baldwin did his due diligence by hiring an armorer. Baldwin would also not be responsible if Kraft services served bad food that resulted in food poisoning. This is ridiculous.

  11. I find this hard to believe "no intent" that a State would waste the money to go to trial. No way you get a guilty out of this.

  12. THE ONUS is ALWAYS on the individual holding the weapon. Alec is a seasoned actor. If you get in a car and not wear a seat belt who is to blame if you get in an accident and could have been saved if you wore a seatbelt? Alec was holding a weapon. He should have checked if it was loaded. Why are loaded guns with live amo and not prop guns used? He was a producer so he had to have known the gun was loaded . Guilty.

  13. Baldwin has always been 'above it all'. Is he still claiming that he never actually pulled the trigger? This is horrible all the way around. I would sympathize with him if he was merely on set as an actor. However, he was the producer and this is on his and Hannah's shoulders. The fact that people walked off that set complaining about how unsafe it was working there (and he as the producer didn't 'fix' that) is going to nail his coffin.

  14. Baldwin shouldn't have had to worry about shooting someone by pulling the trigger cause there shouldn't have been a dam live bullet in the gun in the first place… What film production company actually has live rounds on set????? I could see if the scene had live rounds included in it and he knew, then yeah he should have took the training more serious.. But I'm sure he never thought the gun would actually have live bullets in it.

  15. In the military when passing weapons, both the user and receiver is responsible to ensure chambers are clear. There is no such thing as the "gun went off by itself".

  16. Maybe Mr Trump will help him out with his problems 😅

  17. Maybe this will finally keep Alec and his fake wife from making more children. Enough already. Spend time with the brood you've already mentally scarred. Accents, shootings, large age-gaps…

  18. Alec needs to go to prison for what he did. I think they should jail him and throw the key away.

  19. I bet he won't even do 90 days in county jail.. No justice will be served here.

  20. we the jury find Alec Baldwin guilty

  21. Personal Vendetta & a shameless waste of Tax payers Dollars. Prosecutors must pay fot their misdeeds & abuse of Office.

  22. Who knew Alec would be charged before the Biden’s?

  23. Yes I am Alex I shot her Baldwin she was wearing a maga hat on the set of my movie it is also rummers that she voted for Donald Trump no one disagrees with me just asked my brother's my word is the same as God's

  24. It is so easy to own;/handle a gun in America and pull the trigger that lives don´t matter anymore. Justice shall prevail? I doubt it!

  25. Not sure what to say, except its a tragedy for the family of the lady who was killed ,she's gone, can't change that

  26. I hear Trump will be playing Baldwin on SNL as an aging drunkard know it all cowboy who doesn't know how to handle his weapon and kills people in town and blames the gun.

  27. He's not responsible as an actor, however he is responsible for being a producer and does hold responsibly for all crew.

  28. According to Alec the gun jumped into his hand and then pulled his finger. Bad Gun should be locked away.

  29. Anyone else would have been charged the 1st week with Murder. Tiered justice system. I'm sure the DA did his best not to charge Baldwin.

  30. The statute entails ‘gross negligence’ as a lawful act whereas there was no negligence on the part of Alec Baldwin. How can a lawful act be construed as being reckless? Alec was unaware that the prop gun was holding live rounds, rather ‘blanks’. The armorer’s function was to make certain there were no live rounds inserted into the cylinders. Failure do take any safety precautions was the sole part of the armorer who is blaming the provider of the ammunition. This connected chain initially rests with the armorer, for safety is the utmost priority. To overlook this aspect is or would be considered reckless. The armorer was certified in the field and again, One (The Armorer): must be aware and conscious by taking the appropriate steps to make absolutely certain the prop gun is “Safe”; the top priority. We see no negligence on the part of Alec Baldwin whereas he knowingly knew that the prop gun contained live rounds. The prosecution will have a most difficult time in trying to gain any conviction. We just do not see it.

  31. He's already blaming the jews

  32. To quote Mr Burns – "Ixcellent!" 👏

  33. how long will it be before this just fades away with no repercussions?

  34. Like a good Dem, Baldwin said he didn't even pull the trigger at one point.Of course being a Dem, a total ridiculous lie, he'll likely get away with it.

  35. Personally i stand behind alec baldwin in this situation ….. i wouldnt want to be standing infront

  36. Alex Baldwin and joe Jill and hunter Biden beyond redemption!

  37. the gun was FUNCTIONAL that's NOT the point the point is RECKLESS DISREGARD for BASIC Gun Safety – Baldwin is TOAST & Halyna Hutchins is DEAD still……………… GodRest her soul

  38. IMO, Alec Baldwin has no insight into human nature. ONE LOOK at immature Reed should have told him that troubles will follow.

  39. This is why people like him hate firearms.He's too stupid and reckless to operate them safely.