Children’s Medicine In Short Supply Due To Surging Respiratory Illness

As this year’s flu season gets underway, cold and flu medicine like Tylenol and Motrin are in short supply due to surging cases of respiratory illness and Covid-19. NBC News medical fellow Dr. Akshay Syal explains how concerned parents should be about the shortage of over-the-counter medicine and how they can keep their kids safe during the winter months. 

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  11. I got hit with RSV in September, before it was on the public radar–and it absolutely kicked my butt for two solid weeks with its main symptom, a deep wracking cough. There's an excellent animation that explains RSV in detail–search YT under "Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Bronchiolitis causes" and it's the first one. The explanation put it in perspective for me, so I knew what to expect. Jeez, this is some awful stuff!

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