Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Chile’s President Puts Troops On The Street After Night Of Mayhem | NBC News

Chile’s president has declared a state of emergency after violent protests resulted in more than 150 police officers being injured. What started as a student-led demonstration against the rising price of public transport descended into serious unrest Friday night, with buildings and vehicles set alight.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Chile’s President Puts Troops On The Street After Night Of Mayhem | NBC News


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  1. Protests happening worldwide
    Media let's blame the world economic decline on trump

  2. Another failing Latin American state.

  3. It's still going, it didn't just last 12 hours. And the state of emergency started before the violence, in fact, it was that reaction from the government what caused it

  4. go go amigo, support from Hong Kong, never stop, Fight for freedom! you need Freedom. amigo from U.S.A also support you.

  5. The whole world is protesting


  7. people are tired of capitalism that makes authorities to look for the rich and forget about the working class. Chileans are tired of governments that make high profits and forget about the needs of the people. education, health and retirement pensions are in the hands of private organizations that become richer and poor chileans keep suffering the consequences of no access to education, a pathetic health care and terrible pensions.

  8. the chilean people it´s awesome

  9. Something California should do and learn from Chile

  10. It's not only about the price of transportation, it's so many more things, the government stole so much from us, we're fighting for our rights. Hope you guys can show how the goverment destroys everything (burning buses, buildings, breaking traffic signs…) so they can blame us, even though we were protesting in the most pacific ways. They're killing our people!!!

  11. And this is just the begining…🇨🇱 We'll prevail

  12. It is not just about the transport. It was about the pension, water, electricity, medicine supplies and many others. More than half of the population receive less than 500 monthly. We can not live like these. Finally the ministers, make fun of every rising expenses measure

  13. And you thugs want USA to help ?? No f that

  14. Where is Sir Richard Branson (Virgen Records) when you need him? Sponsor another FREEDOM concert like you did in Venezuela. Lol

  15. Where is the footage of all the police and military brutality happening? Last night was a war zone and people were killed and injured.

  16. Why do the media puppets call some protest "mayhem/violence" and others "protest for democracy"? Gov•ern•ment: noun. 1. Govern….mente = mind (latin).

  17. OMG.I understand that.but don't you think is too violent to their home?

  18. We are lucky to live in India lots & tons of problems but we are at peace.

  19. time for the helicopters. to many communists in chile

  20. People are being shot to death by military!

  21. They are protesting a hike in ticket prices…meanwhile America gets sodomized every day and everyone grabs their cell phones…..sigh!!!

  22. One thing clear. At this moment throughout every country in the word, the people are beginning to revolt against the world's power structure…tear it down. Peace

  23. Just people having a good time on a weekend.

  24. Burn it all down! This planet needs a reboot.

  25. You see the other nations now Americans we don't have heart like this to stand up for what's right and what's wrong we'll just sit back and let the government and these powerful individuals with all this money to ask you any kind of way kind of like my case my family is just letting the car for individuals do me any kind of way

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