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China halts broadcast of NBA games over pro-Hong Kong protest tweet

While the NBA defends freedom of speech amid a fallout with China, FOX Business’ Susan Li reports on China halting the broadcast of the league’s preseason games.

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  1. Your free speech narrative is laughable, the NBA got rid of Donald Sterling because of a leaked, private conversation in which he speaks and excercises his ability to speak freely about his feelings. Now China, not even demanding for an apology and just responded in a big way to the tweet is now considered anti-free speech?

  2. LOOK at Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, Ukrain……What did your "freedom of speech" do to the world? It ONLY benefits America, but burning the other countris to the ground!
    The Chinese people used to believe in democracy, even long for it. But when democracy and freedom of speech become a tool to start a war in other countris, killing hundreds of thousans of lives, we're NOT buying it!Shame on DEMOCRACY and freedom of speech!
    hypicrate! hypicrate! hypicrate!

  3. Jonathan Hoenig, who needs who here? Is China's economy suddenly going down because of the NBA? Is NBA crucial to China's Economy or is it the other way around? What is the worst thing that will happen to China without the NBA? Take it or Leave it? I think they already responded in a big way and LEFT the building already before you can comment.

  4. South Park must have a crystal ball

  5. 你能在美国公开发表种族歧视的言论吗??中国的敏感问题是国家统一,美国是种族歧视

    Can you make racial discrimination public in the United States? China's sensitive issue is national unity, while the United States is racial discrimination.

  6. What more do you need to know? This is America dumbass, we have laws about human rights and pollution. And we actually enforce them, unlike most of the world. They're all talk. Yeah, just talk. Take that and a couple bucks and you can get a beer at the tavern.

  7. Let get out of china and leave the nba players there any one.

  8. Everybody is in bowing down to China. Everybody is bowing down to American consumers and the poor to continue to buy their products. And the lies coming from United States of America media.

  9. Stand up for free speech. Consequences be damned. We all know it's the money. NBA?

  10. China is negotiating to see how far they can push elite Americans , they are trying to see if they will bend , so they can .. , so they can subvert their will on all Americas forever. They want to be the dad.

  11. Shame on you NBA especially Golden State warriors.

  12. Nothing's changed. The Chinese people are still gonna get their NBA streamed into their homes and smartphones in real time through the IPTV servers residing in Central Asia. Only difference is … all these NBA contents will come in free. The NBA is the biggest loser in all this. And it certainly doesn't help that James Harden and other black players are being made to apologize for and clean up the mess left behind by their white manager.

  13. This is quite a good question. The most controversial part is that anyone who supports Hongkong's riot is considered to want to make china's separation in China. But the Americans think this just means the right to pursue basic human rights.
    I am not gonna make a judgment about what happened in Hongkong. But actually, it was the NBA stuff that makes everything political, and the whole response was political. So you got want u want.
    And the Hongkonger say they are pursuing democracy, how can they tolerate 0 democracy under British rule and now have half democracy thanks to the liberation in 1997. Still chasing for something CCP will never give. U know the whole nation should united and the local rules are follow the whole nations' order. This is the different, in US, states may prior than federal. In China, it will never happen. That was the reason the whole thing was consider as treason, and actually some Hker said they are not Chinese if you hear what they said based on the live stream.

  14. China continuing too steal America’s intellectual property 🇺🇸🤨

  15. Oh, please spare me ur righteousness.. The same people who r now attacking the NBA were racing to cover up the saudi royal mafia's atrocities since 9/11 and hereafter. They have no shame soliciting saudi money and inviting saudi influence into America. Some of them even stood against Canada in its famous dispute with the saudi regime.. With all the evilness of China, they at least did not start and still fostering wahhabism who is the main ideology that killed thousands of Americans and still killing christians and innocent people all over the world.. What a hypocrisy.

  16. The NBA needs some bigger (basket) BALLS !!!! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 China removes black characters from movies and videos before releasing them in China. Check out Chinese movie posters for Star Wars Force Awakens (Finn; John Boyega is completely removed) and Black Panther (T'Challa; Chadwick Boseman – his face is completely covered in full mask). Where is all the racist and fascist outrage towards China?

  17. The American people are just like their politicians, all talks, no actions. Words are cheap, opinions are cheap, talking is cheap. That's why they love freedom of speech so much. They enjoy the cheapness of their life. If I were an American, I would stop buying anything related to China or I would parade and protest against China. Take actions, man!

  18. Communism never beats Democracy ever.

  19. Communism never beats Democracy ever.

  20. You can deprieve The Chinese citizens certain basic freedoms, but you cannot take away their NBA. this will be the next Tiannaman Square Revolution.

  21. The CCP is already collapsed worldwide.Even in Beijing itself.

  22. NBA is at a crossroads in their history, because I'm not alone when I say, that I enjoy watching the Citizens of Hong Kong fighting for their freedom and human rights. A bunch of cottled multimillionaires playing a childs game has lost my interest many years ago.

  23. The black guy is so right. What a hypocrite of what NBA did. They don’t care to hurt American people’s feeling about their political agenda, but they worry about the CCP’s feeling.

  24. The whole world will ban the China products worldwide.

  25. The China CCP products will be boycott worldwide for NBA banning.

  26. The whole China CCP government has already going dictators. The whole world must fully ban the China products worldwide for banning NBA.

  27. FRACK NBA, China and Blizzard

  28. McDonald's shouldn't be selling Pork in Muslim Countries….Easy Concept

  29. China is bullying everyone. We should teach China a lesson.

  30. So the NBA is a subversive weapon for China. The SJW messaging makes sense. And they are completely compromised. And China won't do business with a company unless its on their terms. Now does all the messaging from these companies make sense?

  31. Daryl Moery is another case of misusing the social media and have thing blow up in his face.

  32. Support great NBA free to speak. Stand with Hong Kong. China communist government using money buying a lot of press around the world to transfer their communist lifestyle value to the world to brain wash us. China communist government celebrate 70th years against human right in China and Hong Kong. Over a million citizen in XinJiang was illegal arrested and trapped in reeducation camp to brain wash without release home. Shame on you China using money to buy a vote support from a poor Africa country to got a seat in United Nation human right council. China communist government knows how to use money to buy what they want. China communist government are trying to control the whole world. We must stand up together against China communist. Fight it today now or loss it forever. Support freedom to speak, Stand with Hong Kong

  33. Chinacrats are responsible for this problem! Hong Kong, forever!!

  34. 我支持美国各州独立,支持印第安族人拿回本属于自己的领土,911事件我认为是一次伟大的信仰之战,我支持本拉登和基地组织在美国的所作所为,他们是为了民族自由为了信仰而战!对于近期美国出现的各类枪击事件,我觉得是自由的觉醒,是美国人民为革命作出的必要的牺牲,应该予以支持和理解。取消中国赛,滚出中国!

  35. China making threats again, boycott China all together, do these players have Chinese communist social credits to and do they live in china well no, more tariffs Mr TRUMP for China.

  36. Screw football …..these NFL owners and business people sold out America and human rights again. I'm done with it. Sad but I'll never buy Gillette again or Nike or shop at Walfart again either because sometimes you just have to stop financially supporting the enemies of freedom and true justice and everything good people stand for.

  37. nba nfl DO NOT GET INVOLVE IN POLITICS. small HOLLYWOOD do not get involved in politics

  38. A bunch of idiots. If you want to know China, learn Chinese. Otherwise you are brainwashed by medias.

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