China hit with new Covid wave months after easing restrictions

Just six months after China relaxed its Covid-19 restrictions, the country is bracing for a new wave of infections that could see as many as 65 million cases per week by the time it peaks at the end of June. NBC News’ Janis Mackey Frayer reports from Beijing. 

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  1. The only thing I hope we learned from this is to be considerate of other’s health when we are sick and do what we can to minimize exposure. Work from home if you can or wear a mask at work or school if you’re sick with a cold, flu, or Covid. Just be considerate. Nobody liked catching one another’s germs before the pandemic. Nobody likes it now after the pandemic. All those healthy behaviors we adopted during lockdown. I hope we continue to practice health safety. Don’t pass me your germs!

  2. Maybe we should lock down and mail in votes for next election.. 🤔

  3. Asians eating that dog meat 🍖 keep them out of the USA 🇺🇸 🙄

  4. Covid spreads like wild fire 🔥 if your sick get tested immediately and isolate from your loved ones or stay outside of your home until your covid free. Its no joke and its still around. No reports on covid because every one is now recovering at home and ordering in home covid tests

  5. Jesus is angry in Canada 😅 he asking do not spying on eachothers and not advertise churches 😅

  6. Oh no……..we need to wait more……

  7. What's the chances of stopping air travel from China now v/s next month or next year even

  8. I don't care, I'm unvaccinated, pureblood, healthy and happy 😂

  9. The U.S. isn't taking it seriously.

  10. Still wearing a mask. Covid taught us one thing: Many don't care about anyone's health not even their own.
    The nest pandemic a lot more people will die because they were 'dead tired' of the last one. Good luck.

  11. Definitely 😂 didnt 😂 come 😂 from 😂 china 😂 am 😂 i 😂 right 😂 guys 😂

  12. 😢, governments said, covid is gone. It will maybe never be gone. It keeps evolving. Go ahead and laugh at my mask, hand sanitizer. I'll pray for all of us ❤.

  13. Let's remember this is where it all started!" Communist China!

  14. It will never go away, it's a virus. It will come back over and over. Can we stop the panic now? And did you disclose the data from the Pfizer shot for kids between 5-17 that the CDC released?

  15. Respiratory infections have no effect on me whatsoever, raw garlic, low carb diet , low bodyfat and regular exercise.

  16. We dont do covid at our house

  17. The shots poisoned you all

  18. The Wuhan virus said, "Papa Xi!…..we are baaack!…….better start firing up those crematorium ovens, all that timber we will get from Australia will come to good use!"

  19. Only Trumpists will suffer

  20. THEY are BRINGING it to the US…….

  21. oh great elections are coming up, they probably want to release a new covid

  22. No one cares about Covid anymore

  23. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me!

  24. That’s good, maybe the slant eyed leader will get it!