Sunday , April 18 2021
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China planning to sue US over new tariffs

China Beige Book CEO Leland Miller evaluates Chinese plans dealing with U.S. tariffs on their goods and the Hong Kong protests.

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  1. The Trump. ( 🎺 Trumpeta) already knew IF elected President he would have 2 deal with A Communist government. This trade war between 2 ideologies is a 🌎 World struggle.

  2. They can screw us, but we can’t make it right? How is that fair China?

  3. The problem is China didn’t illegally steal our jobs, we gave them our jobs we can’t complain. And before Britain Hong Kong was China so the fact that’s in next decade or whenever their agreement will go through and it will go the way back to China is good it should have been returned from the start.

  4. Hongkong wants fair election! The Chief is a big crook.

  5. Really? the country that rewards stealing intellectual property is mad? Hahaha

  6. War begins because of money. China has been the largest trading country in history, it’s how they make their money. Rome knew they existed but didn’t touch them, Greece, Persia, and so on. Take away their trading and you cripple their economy. Only way to retaliate is war… this is just the beginning folks.

  7. If China wants to sue US for tariff, US can sue them back for so many things, stealing technology, make fade things and so many thing we can sue.
    Apple sued them but never win so better put more tariff to make company goes back to US

  8. The character of the trade struggle during these days has, however, been such that for the moment it would be rash to attempt to draw any conclusions. It is, in short that trade war come as no surprise to the Trump Administration, at any rate from the economic stand point.

  9. Hahaha thats funny. China will not recognize the international tribunal's ruling on the South PHILIPPINE SEAS but will sue America in the international courts. No credibilty at all.

  10. "China feels Hong Kong is China's"??? Please go and try to tell your leader to say (publicly) Hong Kong is not part of China… Ignorant!

  11. China is out for China taking all it can get + more.

  12. So Tibetan can suit for Chinese government killing Tibetan is ok

  13. China has robbed all the nation's of jobs and money. They've devalued their currency and have kept jobs from the world.

    Since trade wars, jobs have been moving back to the u.s. and other nations across the globe. America is giving jobs to everyone thanks to Trump.

    It is in the interest of the world to back Trump.

  14. US citizens pay to US government to speed up the inflation


  16. The Democratic party will probably help China!

  17. China's economy is really suffering. They REALLY NEED Hong Kong as a piggy bank.

  18. It will only hurt China!!!!

  19. This is hilarious. Desperate much, China?

  20. The Rapist screaming out someone is grouping ‘em…

  21. Make sure they have the lawsuit in China's courts, and see what kind of payments they receive from the U.S.

  22. China has no legal authority to sue America.

  23. Ya China sue America over the terrif screwing you’ve been giving us for years haha good luck and go f**k yourselves you f**king worthless communists.

  24. USA:""the free market country ""

  25. While China floods are country with fentanyl killing thousands and thousands of our American citizens per year. That in and of itself should be classified as an act of war

  26. Huawei is definitely state owned, mostly all these companies that are large companies are state owned. International they pretend to be a independent company to gain confidence.

  27. It is self destructive action. Communists always do the same thing..

  28. Looks like China is pushing Trump to the limit. China has long tradition of revenge. They can't stop it. They are pushing Trump until Trump makes decision " no more made in China". Communist never learn from history.

  29. Screw china- we don't have to do any business with them if we don't want to ……………

  30. The Truth hurt. Go President Trump from Canada 🇨🇦🙏✝️♥️

  31. Beijing, Xi, and the CCP will stop at nothing to get Hong Kong. There's to much money in Hong Kong that they want to get their hands on. Not to mention all of the potential organ donors that will end up in reeducation camps.

  32. And America should sue China for robbing America for so many years

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