Saturday , January 23 2021
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China reportedly trying to make super soldiers; Gen Keane reacts

Fox News Contributor and Retired General Jack Keane reacts to China reportedly using gene editing tools to change the nature of soldiers.

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  1. CCP to make super soldiers by editing their dna just like the pfizer "vaccine" will do to us?
    Stop gaslighting us Faux Snooze.
    ANYBODY willing to let a criminal company like pfizer alter their dna deserves a free pine box.

  2. I point, u shoot, mmmm no 🙀

  3. So the zombies are going to come from China?

  4. Fighting chinese men is like fighting my sister. Short and loud

  5. Yeah baby let me get my Captain America on see if I can pick up Thor's hammer after that one

  6. But meanwhile we're still buying stuff from CHINA and letting Americans buy and spend their money on CHINESE GOODS

  7. Try to stop 16 million AR-15s 16s and whatever guns out there

  8. Trump will not allow china to advance againts america…
    Example trump shuts dowm the businesses of chinese in america…to make america great again

  9. Good luck cuz I'll fight on and I'm for Trump all the way and I will not let that man down

  10. Are you sure that we're only editing genetic code just for the sole purpose of fighting coronavirus or maybe we're going to have some genetic soldiers to is a matter of fact maybe some of us already are genetically engineered and enhanced everything about that I don't think I would mind being Genetically Enhanced

  11. I guess you all just don't like freedom cuz you're about to lose it because you elected a lunatic

  12. I can't get a straight word in here so I will die for my country and you Democrats you ought to be ashamed of yourself

  13. Here they did rewarding my words and I'm going to tell you I will die from my country don't pay any attention to the last comment

  14. China is just a bigger north korea. Dems you are responsible when they start killing us solders. No way around it war is coming

  15. We're the greatest nation in the world if they want to come over and fight I'm an old man I'll die for this country no die for my president and I will not let Communists rule

  16. Joe Biden is gonna start a war

  17. I absolutely know they are cloning, because they all look the same

  18. Im not surprised they dont care about there people

  19. It's a shame when you can't speak out and people reward your words

  20. Whats wrong with china messing with their own citizens? What are we doing when we inject the flu vaccine? Edit genes to fight diseases? Seriously whats wrong and why is it Americas business? Stop policing the world.

  21. They just reworded all my words you Democrats we're going to find out that this man is not right

  22. Why do we continue to trade with them???

  23. Unless we get all the allies who are for America we might not stand a chance. We have the top weapons in the world but 2 million is a lot. As American citizens. We will not bow down to this non sense

  24. Yeah good old Joe got his fingers into the mess him and his son they're no good for America you can have Chinese knocking on your back door

  25. Even to control deseased. Should never be allowed

  26. The Canadian pm Jihadi Justin is letting the Chinese army train in Canada so they can learn how to fight in winter conditions.hes a disgrace to our nation

  27. The Chinese Communist Party is the real enemy both to all Democratic nation's as well as to the people of china. The CCP is the government that controls china and oppresses the people for its own gain.

  28. That’s BS! Every military in the world has already created super soldiers! THEY ARE NOT HUMAN!!!!! This is what Jesus warned us about!!!!!

  29. We should punish the socialists and multi- national corporations that are traitorous for aligning with the communist Chinese!

  30. Stupid, NO! you don’t have leverage, you don’t. Better to let Japan run the show instead, Communist party needs to dominate their citizens and solicit nationalism ideology by pining any western military influence in Pacific Ocean. You give them an excuse to do so.

  31. I’ll never trust FOX again.

  32. only news lady i think is hot

  33. They rewarded my words if you want to live on the Communist rule go with Biden you're going to find out

  34. There's no way in the world that this man won the election you all know that there are fraud family wake up you people want to live on their communist rule that's fine but that's Republicans or not

  35. Heaven's family sold America out just for a profit let's see if they can go to China and live they'll probably

  36. Okay I hope all them Democrats like to eat Chinese food I'm being nice

  37. What’s wrong with making stronger soldiers? Shouldn’t every technologically advanced nation do the same?

  38. Don't matter how much they edit their genes,, weapons are better.

  39. You want to see a civil war there's over 16 million AR-15s out there try to match that Joe

  40. So. If they can edit genes to make people stronger, then that means there's a way to edit genes to make them weaker. Vaccines, anybody? They're funded by Gates, who has interests in China, I'm sure they're safe!

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