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China trade tension causes dip in foreign travel to US

FBN’s Grady Trimble on the decline in foreign travel to the U.S. after China issued a warning over travel to the U.S.

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  1. Let's keep America great and make it better…

  2. So mass shooting has nothing to do with it? Stupid trade policy is the reason. Genius.

  3. Look up China's connections to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and the IAF. It uses these organizations to engage in a massive amount of espionage, including spying on the FBI, State Department, and many, many other companies and organizations. Look up what Daryl Guberman says about this topic, and share this information with your state representatives.

  4. Where is the down side to this…?

  5. I hope China bans their citizens from traveling to America so our tourist numbers go up even higher than before. They are part of the media BS in this country and why Hollywood is relentlessly pushing the woke agenda–to destabilize the US.

  6. Less than one percent dip and you infer potential reasons? You're full of it. This is nonsense. You missed out the illegal immigrants in your calculation, tourism is actually up. Not the one that spends but costs. That's another issue.

  7. the Chinese have infiltrated YouTube and Google.

  8. China only comes to the US to steal

  9. China president needs to die

  10. It's Funny That The Kid President & Those Behind It Is Spending TRILLIONS OF Dollars Purchasing Because America Can't Produce Their Own Supplys Economically And Sniveling About it !

  11. London should worry that tourism will drop off & southern part of France & parts of Germany. Stabbings are a weekly thing in London.

  12. Would like to see the Evening Edit with E-Mac. It's as good as Lou Dobbs show & that's good.

  13. Chinese are broke after the trade war. Factories are closing and moving to other Asian countries left and right.

  14. Its bc were doing to well and everyone except germanys is tanking. Our citizens our travaling to other coubtries while other countries citizens cant and have to sit homs bc their economys isnt doing to hot. FACT. THIS IS FAKE NEWS!

  15. Can pompous Cavuto tell us again how much he loathes Trump?

  16. The US government should buy up surplus soy beans and other beans and grains from US farmers. China has more food in long term storage than most of the rest of the world combined, as if China anticipates WW3 or imminent food shortages. The US should store surplus food in long term packaging. Eg. many beans and grains can store for over 30 years if properly packaged, say in Mylar bags or #10 cans. Food stored in typical retail plastic and paper boxes only keep for a few years, at most. The US Government should stockpile long term storage of beans and grains, and other food like sugar and soy protein powder for strategic and emergency uses, and also encourage citizens to do the same. Today, China is the biggest 'prepper' on earth, so US should also factor in long term food storage into the new cold war with China. US must prepare for the upcoming global population explosion in the third world, and the effects of global warming on agriculture, and store up food now, while it is cheap.

  17. People from around the world will avoid the US as it is a very dangerous country

  18. A country with 2 mass shootings in 13 hours is dangerous to visit.

  19. Good for everybody except the billionaires.

  20. China what a Joke they cheat and they know it.

  21. China tension?
    China made it's database in all Nations? So China put it's cloud in Amazon – Google jungle and clouds. Where caves store fertilized eggs? The creamy butter paste applied with a spatula? Or used fingers? Aren't tubes/pipes ejaculating ~© inside {}.

  22. Who cares! They can stop stealing our technology and clogging our universities with their kids.

  23. The Great Leader of U.S. White Nationalist do not want you. MAWA! Bless The Great Leader for protecting his people from the communist. Hail to The Great Leader!

  24. Soon we will be able to welcome to consequences of the trump GOOD economic advice! lol

  25. Shortages in the USA of Tastes like Chicken.

  26. So what! Let them go to Disney Land in North Korea!

  27. Less Chinese tourists is great news! Then maybe they will not steal our technology!

  28. Chinese government dumped Yuan, so now it is getting more and more expensive for Chinese to travel to the US. Duh. That "lost of travel" simply is the outcome of currency manipulation by Chinese.

  29. I was in Salt Lake City airport once when I ran into a group of Chinese tourists, they are loud and rude, it was quite unpleasant …just saying

  30. Come to Galveston Texas. Lots of them are here. Texas is friend to all except infiltrators trying to take their land. Comming from a apartheid country like Mexico where land can not be owned by white men. I find it laughable.

  31. Fack the chinese.we don't need ya#

  32. Fox is turning into a shat hole news organization…

  33. Nonsense—there are too many foreigners coming to begin with.

  34. Fine, we've had enough foreign travel to to America lately…

  35. China travel to US is down 8/10ths of 1 percent? WTF? You call this relevant or newsworthy? Give me a break Fox, you are getting as bad as all the other lamestream news outlets.

  36. We don't need communist chinese tourists in America,low quality like their products.

  37. Deaths in China go largely covered up. Stabbing's by knife
    are the most common method.

  38. Chinese tourist are famous for coming to the US to give birth (anchor babies). That is how fanatic they are, and one day they could get a green card.

  39. We got plenty coming from the southern border,we'll ne ok

  40. China is lying they have done way worse

  41. So my request of stop being trade partners with china is ignored again?

  42. This is an inaccurate and irrelevant story!!!!

  43. No chinese tourists is definitely not a bad thing.

  44. Who let this story run. To me it sounds more like currency manipulation and the people have less disposable income.Than a fear of crime, which has not stopped them before.

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