Thursday , January 27 2022
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China trade tension selloffs a buying opportunity for investors?

Altium Wealth Portfolio Manager Michael Lee on the state of the markets.

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  2. Does it appear that liberal insane lunatics have taken over the asylum? Data indicates that is exactly what has happened during the past decades. Data indicates that 86% of all Americans are liberal GOP RINOs or liberal regressive progressive Democrats who qualify to be identified as insane lunatics. I have called financial reporters who consistently report false information dumpster divers because they are not responsive to being called insane lunatics. When I was a young man, a market was places like A&P and Kroger. Today, it is a fraud that people with money abuse to to increase their wealth without enduring any risk that people have opening new businesses have to endure. All countries of the world have failing economies that they try to prop up by creating funny money which is rapidly expanding the worlds MONEY SUPPLY. The United States has brought the printing of FUNNY MONEY to a new art form. Magic man Donald Trump is waging WAR against all the world's economies because the US cannot compete in the world market place. The few products America produces is not accepted by world markets because they cost too much. Today, the US trade deficits have with all the nations we trade with are extremely high. What do divers need to do? Honestly report financial news. STOP calling market traders INVESTORS. START calling traders SPECULATORS. 38% of money speculated on the market comes from foreign speculators using the funny money that they have pocketed. Ignorant Americans are enticed to speculate on the market scams because there is NO OTHER way for them to attain retirement income. Divers and media in general, get off the kick of blaming China and Russia for what our own ignorance has created. China has put nice stuff in your homes and hasn't done anything wrong. Xi Jinping and Putin suggest to Trump, solve the reasons why the US cannot produce products that appeal to all the citizens of the world. Most but not all the things Trump has done are counter productive and DO NOT address the problem. FBN Stuart Varney R8, your mouth runs much faster than you brain does. Don't damage Americans. Check out CNBC to find out what's going on. CLEARLY REPORT the monthly TRADE DEFICITS we have with each of the many countries we trade with.

  3. The tariffs are working good, just give ig a momment.

  4. We dont want chinese investers, go away.

  5. The dude says that China needs foreign currency. Doesn't China hold bucket loads of US treasuries though? They're up to their eyeballs in USD.

  6. well miss blonde lady who I never got the name of, I tried to rewind 4 times to see if the host who gave her speaking time said it, and they didn't.. I don't watch fox news business, though I likely should.. the teriff is different, it's not about negotiation, it's about come to the plate with something fair and you have every opportunity to do so, but, understand, we are not playing checkers, this is chess, and your in check, and only one move gets you out before check mate!

  7. Socalled reporters know it all.. Better to let things be, let China steal all they want.. How can Trump try to stop it??? FRAKK FAKE NEWS


  9. hey shouldn't we put Juan Williams, Shummers, Pelosie, Warrens , Nadler, AOC there personnel e-mails, who paid there political campaigns, how much, seems FAIR!! I will not let it drop!!

  10. Lol now its good opportunities for Donald Trump's and his Republicans supporters are buying all the stocks sell off like crazy to enriched themselves before 2020 elections while normal Americans are paying higher taxes lol.

  11. Today is a new day! 300+ on the DOW!

  12. U.S. can not compit with China, People do Business with China weelingly but U.S. Forse People to do so whit them

  13. Devalue Yuan….to lure more investment….low quality products flooding the world….? no way…chi-na…no way…

  14. Didn't Nixon manipulate and devalue our currency?

  15. I hear California is going to rename the San Andreas Fault to Trump's Fault.

  16. So glad we have a smart business oriented President, not a goat herder or a pathological liar. Watch the Dems take the side of their Chinese donors and out themselves.


  18. China, are hoping that the Democrats winds 2020, so they can run with their communist game again, so sad for them; Trump will win 2020.

  19. Companies World Wide should pack up and ship all their goods to a Nation like India, fine people who are hard workers and could use jobs to help boom that economy and help their people.

  20. In Trump we trust
    Trump republic forever America first last and always

  21. Why until now the United States starts doing something with the Chinese CCP thieves? Because of our previous weak administrations allowing China to "Game the America" plus some corrupted politicians who couldn't care less of the welfare of the Americans. 2020 Trump for sure.

  22. China is stealing our money while we are protecting their oil tankers in Arab gulf. China should be stopped now.


  24. People will panic when tossed into a war of any kind. Brother Trump is the deal maker he will endure and win again.

  25. America survived with out CHINA for Centuries …

  26. I do not subscribe to Fox News, yet it keeps coming up in my feed. The people in power think we are stupid.

  27. I broke a fingernail it must be Donald Trumps fault

  28. Sounds like a good time to buy. Anyway, 70 percent of the goods here are made in china. China owns the place. Who cares what they do. I had to buy 5 cheap sprinklers before one worked. Get rid of that stuff and it makes room for made in the usa. bye china.

  29. China has no labor unions, like the USA, so labor will always be cheaper in China. China also invested heavily in skilled tech education since the late 1970s, whereas the US has done a poor job of educating its labor force. So, even if manufacturing jobs wanted to come back to the USA, there aren't enough skilled workers to meet demand. Lets stop blaming everything on China. Blame everything on Corp USA greed for moving our jobs overseas and investing in foreign labor force.

  30. What does short LIVE mean does she mean Short Lived.. has said this MULTIPLY TIMES ON SEVERAL FOX SHOWS.

  31. These panel shows are so totally garbage. They put men vs women and a couple people who talk for one side, couple who talk for the other side. This is typical T.V. marketing formula to satisfy everyone. These Fox panels are utter crap and any moron could see through them. They're totally scripted as well. You cannot trust the news. You have to have your own common sense and just try and mine some truth out of the fray of PC nonsense.

  32. So typical.
    Guy: Fact, fact, fact, fact, fact.
    Woman: It FEELS different…
    LOL! OMG! *SLAP!*

  33. China wants Trump out of office. Manipulating their currency effects US economy…bad or weaker economy, to many, means Trump will lose 2020. Foreign influence on our election?!!!!

  34. It's so nice all these rich people sitting down talking about buying stocks even though they are plummeting, it's so nice! I don't blame them they have morons who can't afford their bills supporting this idiocy!
    The trade with China has been one-sided and the side that's benefitted most is the side that is going to take the hit! This trade war is great for Chinese companies because they have been waiting a long time to play a larger role in their economy where US companies have dominated since that was the essence of the trade deals! Only morons see this problem in the way these guys are saying it and they know nothing about the arrangement between the Chinese and the US economy because they have been brainwashed about all that patriotism nonsense.

  35. Oh come on. I was watching Cavuto and he had me laughing yesterday with his "The sky is falling…The sky is falling". lol Stocks on the rise again today and Neal needs to intern again under Carter, or come out of the closet the liberal dirt bag he is. Just saying…

  36. They have been predicting a crash, this seems like the beginning of it

  37. Maybe China are getting advice from Joe China

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