Saturday , July 24 2021
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China won't make major trade concessions: Gasparino

A source told FBN’s Charlie Gasparino that China refuses to compromise during trade negotiations. Gasparino stressed that threats won’t work as a negotiating strategy and encouraged a global alliance as a form of pressuring the Chinese into a deal.

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  1. the real choice is the consumer , buying from countries with human rights and freedoms, the Party members ( friends, family, and associates) are stinking rich and all others are Party slaves. watch: Harvested Alive, then buy Chinese and support this….

  2. I was around back then and in China some… that guy is full off crap he is not accurate at all.

  3. Zzz…No te molestes en ponerme los letreros, no termino de leerles y me da mucho coraje!

  4. China lowered the “official” level of Poverty which therefore changes the entire equation of determining there statistics then backed up by there own media

  5. He gets two questions with a diplomat and thinks he has a better grasp of the situation than Trump who's had two years of talks with their dictator and their vice dictator. The arrogance of these people knows no bounds

  6. Cavuto is so egotistical that he actually thinks viewers need to know his own political opinions. And yet many of Cavuto's viewers are better educated and more experienced than he is.

  7. As a expat who worked for the CCP this is crap. Screwing your neighbor the Chinese way.

  8. Too bad for China, they happen to be dealing with TRUMP!!!!

  9. For once, I totally agree with Charlie (that actually hurt to admit).

  10. Why would they. You can't trust Trump to stick to any agreement, let alone an important one.

  11. No one going to join trade alliance with US against China ))) at least not here in Russia. America is a very unreliable partner.

  12. Asians never compromise if threatend, this is a fact

  13. F China we don't need them. They are not the whole world

  14. "Fair" is missing in Chinese words?

    If you discount today, you will discounts tomorrow as you are without principles.

  15. Bull crap! China wants the money for taking over the south china sea area. If they were so concerned about poverty then why are they building up their military? For the money spent building islands, new war ships etc. they could have fixed their poverty problems. What about all of those empty cities they built that are still empty. China needs a new leader that truly intends to look after it's people. Pinky and the Brain are laughing at you! TRUMP 2020 MORE POPCORN!

  16. Everything thing they (China) do is to strengthen his power. He (China's leader)doesn't give 2 cents about China's poor. He seeks to control the world market.
    I wish we did not do business at all with them.

  17. Really, that’s all the Chinese government, the CCP cares about. Taking people out of the poverty that they put them into. Not all the trappings of wealth and power that being a party elite entitles you to.
    Shouldn’t a reporter ask tougher questions than to swallow that crap from a totalitarian dictatorship.

  18. Anything to make you look like your worth is something

  19. What does President Xi think of the iPhone Xi?

    GO GO TRUMP 2020!!!!
    TRUMP FOR 2040!!!!!
    TRUMP FOREVER !!!!!!

  21. Glad China isn't backing off now the need to keep the pressure and many call in the debt that the united states has with them


  23. China has to be stopped and thank God for President Trump ! This communist sympathizer needs to research what China is doing to Cambodia. Cares about his people? BS!

  24. Gasparino has been wrong so many times about trade and economic, it is amazing to me that you continue to have in on. Trump will get a deal. China has no choice, We don't need their market, but they cannot survive without our market. Everyone in the US can as is willing to pay more, but we are not because China is paying the tariff directly into the US Treasury, the devalue their currency. If I were Pres. the tariffs on all Chinese imports would be 100% or more. Imports from Vietnam, often used by China to repackage and relabel goods would also have 100% tariffs. When you mean it tariffs work. Charlie is WRONG AGAIN! nothing new!

  25. Well, well, well, we have here another cop-puto.

  26. Cavuto just needs to go to CNN and do the fake news thing.

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