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Chloe Zhao becomes 1st woman of color to win best director | WNT

At the 2021 Oscars on Sunday night, “Nomadland” director Chloe Zhao won best director. Anthony Hopkins and Frances McDormand won best actor and actress in a leading role.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Wonder if she would call herself that in the 1950’s. And use colered peoples bathrooms.

  2. This title is the sole reason why america is racist on the basis of colour.

  3. What people don’t see is that any movie about anything about Black History never gets noticed for grand awards.

  4. China has Chinese ancestry and mega builders, inventions, mathematics, genetic makeup, making it a people of color ie., “black” gives all its historical accomplishments to blacks and all the non accomplishments to Chinese. This is disgusting politics trying to boost population numbers for the blacks, not happening.

  5. Chloe Zhao is Chinese hello! Stop making anyone with a tan, black. Indigenous people of Latin American Amazon are not people of color. Native Americans full indigenous are not people of color and those with white blood are not. Those who are black mix with other races who want to call themselves people of color go right ahead, follow racist Anthropologist Margaret Meade with her 5 color coded races, and her color coded files. The rest of the world ignore these idiots. Families, genetics, lineages, ancestors they are not people of color or color coded. This is despicable. Reality check, not my reality.

  6. Woman of color?! Ha! She looks white to me. I’m German and polish, yet you all call me white. Why cause her eyes are slanted? Doesn’t make any sense. The media really is disgusting

  7. people in america are white,
    people in china are yellow,
    people in south asia and india are dark brown,
    people in africa are black

  8. Money can buy alot of things….

  9. WTF!! Person of color!!! Anyone I guess now is a person of color

  10. I hope it was based on talent

  11. I hope it was based on talent

  12. We are all beings of color , I'm a little pinkish tan , My dog is black and silver

  13. Southeast Asians are not people of color. Whoever wrote that title and the text for the TP is wrong. If you mean "non-caucasian", say that, not "person of color".

    And by the way, not even several black people like the term. There are articles written about it. The term is outdated. In some countries, it's racist to call someone a "person of color".

  14. So your either white… or a person of color… interesting idea. And it's so inclusive… I feel the healing already….lol.

  15. Just Rich People doing movies abour poor people……. IRONIC….. SHE IS MEGA RICH.. NEVER BEEN POORED… i rather watch Charlie Chaplin movies….

  16. I did not know that white was a non-color. Always thought of it as a color. After all, white is a color not just a word.

  17. just another American pug

  18. Title should be fixed as "Chloe Zhao becomes first Asian Woman…"

  19. I thought Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar again.

  20. What color is she we need to find another word to use instead of color we r all human race only God knows why our skin r different but they r not color

  21. First woman of color she looks white to me

  22. For the comments about people of color, it means NOT white.

  23. If she did a good job earning it who cares what color she is….

  24. Wow, how disgraceful is the title even 🥲

  25. The days of the Oscars giving out trophies to people based on their race.

  26. How convenient with everything that's going on……

  27. But she not a women of color

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