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Christmas Burgers, PRADA unboxing + TOO MUCH Champagne! 🍾 VLOGMAS Day 18 // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. I just love the green paint color you chose for the office.

  2. Prada boots vs Fairy liquid bottle, priceless. Love you guys. Merry Christmas xx

  3. You are actually very fashionable josie💜

  4. I’m yet to figure out how to use the FF code! I’ve been wanting to buy the Chloe boots or Gucci belt for myself for a while! ❤️

  5. Your eyes are lovely they are like mine they appear to change colour.
    How do you always wake up looking like up so perfect??ps I'm in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️w the Prada riding boots!!! They're gorgeous!!! I liked the Gucci bag too but I would've preferred the latter version( w more leather)
    But I still like yours well nuff

  6. What a great size!! Looks a fraction bigger than the camera bags

  7. I love how all the bloggers get given the same gift e the Prada boots and all start looking the same… Nothing original they just advertise the same stuff -one long commercial

  8. Jan Scott. To start I do enjoy watching your blogs. Firstly if you were not driving to your meeting then I apologise now. However if you did drive and you did drink enough champagne to make you light headed you should not have driven home. This shows a distinct lack of responsibility. I have children of your age and I tell them if your going to drink don't drive and even the next day don't drive until the afternoon depending on how much they've drunk. Iam only saying this as a concerned parent just say no to alcohol when your driving you will be respected for it. On the brighter side I did like your boots and bag. Take care.

  9. Amazing video! You work so hard on these, also maybe try the washstand in the powder first just to see? I really think it would look great. I think a storage bench/ottoman could be cute (and beneficial) between the wall and the stairs.

  10. Phinella was giving Charlie a pep talk by the fireplace (18:29) to help cheer him up from the sofa situation.

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄

  12. That is APPALLING about your sofa, first being so unreasonable about waiting when you're stuck in traffic and then not turning up at all! They need to give you a part refund!!!

  13. Josie, please do you have links to the "Holland Cooper" dupes you mentioned in yesterday's vlog? Would like to see the items too (if you've already shown them in another vlog, I must have missed it)🎄

  14. Hi Josie sorry l meant the Gucci bag.💜

  15. Hi Josie l really love that Prada bag and boots. I think the bag you chose is much nicer than the full leather. Flat boots are so practical, specially where you live. Those burgers at the end looked delicious. Thanks so much for sharing. 💞💙🐶🐶

  16. Charlie boy ! man after my own heart .I have the same fairy liquid love stuff that reminds me of my childhood a bargain at £10 compared o Prada boots (lovely as they are)

  17. Josie: "I think you've got a shopping problem"
    Charlie: "…Oh really?"
    Me with my eyes wide open: She is TRAPPED!

  18. The Prada-Fairy-battle … I think both things are useful.

  19. This Burger is killing me 🙂 Love your Vlogmas Josie. Xx

  20. Molto bello ed elegante lo studio sulle tonalità del verde, noi in Italia lo definiamo stile inglese…;-))

  21. Bonsoir i loved thé charlie's office i loved his chair so chic and hé is so happy hé has a beautiful smile i wish if you speak french fulllllllll like from Algeria and France

  22. 🎄☃️🥂

  23. A lot of the Stand Studio coats can be found on the Outnet right now if someone is looking for them and wants to save some money! 🙂

  24. Haha omg I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️👌🏼

  25. I love that washstand and think it is ideal for your dressing room bathroom, or if not, a space with some more air around it. Looks like too tight of a squeeze to me, especially next to the open railing. Perhaps find a smaller piece without the tiered marble for the landing. If there were solid walls and your were going for the look of a built-in, it wouldn’t read so squishy. But I really like that marble for a dressing type table in a bathroom, dressing room or bedroom. But that’s just my personal preferences for a washstand with a tiered marble top like that! Get your measurements loaded in your phone for the next round of antiquing! A smaller table/cabinet with doors/commode with drawers that allows 6” or 8” of air on both sides would be fantastic there on the landing!

    The desk is great! I think if you put a second chair on the opposite side, as you do with a partner’s desk, you might be happier with the desk situated differently or else buy a bigger rug! Both chairs will be more visually balanced, not to mention more functional, if they remain entirely on the rug. It may also cut down on cursing every time you try to scoot into the desk and catch the chair on the rug!! 😉🤬😂 I think it would be great with the chairs on the right and left of the room and the desk situated vertically when you enter! Plus, with that situation, you will both be able to enjoy a lovely view from either side! The room is definitely large enough to accommodate the desk in either direction! A vertical placement would also show off the “partner” bit of the partner’s desk really well, and to me that’s the best part of those lovely desks!

    Personally, I would choose the leather bag over the fabric bag, aesthetically and practically. The longevity for leather will withstand all sorts of conditions. Fabric bags can look unkept after one accidental spillage or U.K. rainstorm. With only a couple of hundred dollars difference, it would definitely be the leather for me! Love the style of the Prada boots! Classic! But then, I love the whole equestrian vibe… and you wear it so very well! 😍

  26. Are you going to do a vlog on Charlie's wardrobe room?

  27. i died of jealousy 🛍

  28. The one you bought is beautiful!

  29. No Josie, put it in your powder room. Get something a rough smaller for the balcony cove. It looks a touch too big there.

  30. The Gucci bag is actually perfect for you and your style. I’ve had a Gucci canvas/leather combo bag for years and I’m really hard on it. It’s held up so well.

  31. I shared your videos with my mom today

  32. Love those Prada boots, I’ve had them on my wish list for ages.😍

  33. Oh Phinella is back in the vlog at the hearth of the fireplace

  34. Gucci & there pattern bags are timeless; I love the one you chose. #FindingPhinella 18:27 in the fireplace near Charlie. Shared via link. Oh and the cabinet upstairs is too tight, put it in your powder room as that's where it belongs. Buy a chair and angle it with a pedestal table next to it or put a round table with a sizable floral arrangement (fake flowers, good ones, will last).

  35. Josie, that desk is wonderful 💗 I Love your Christmas presents to yourself. You deserve it. You are the hardest working vlogger I ever saw! BTW, #findingPhinella ! Shared it on my Insta & facebook stories !

  36. Josie, I love your new pieces. I really wish you'd show us more of the advent calendar…

  37. I think you made the best choice with the Gucci bag, definitely keep that one. The desk looks lovely.

  38. Love that Charlie bought Fairy Liquid… an ex Fairy Liquid little girl……..a hundred years ago ….thanks Charlie

  39. Tipsy Josie was so cute. Lol Love your vlogs. Merry Christmas!!!

  40. I really enjoyed the evening unboxing with you and Charlie. Also I spotted #FindingPhinella in the entrance fireplace next to Charlie.

  41. Josie,
    Your choice of the patterned Gucci bag is is lovely! The Honest Burger looks Delicious!…
    do they deliver to Arizona? Lol 👩🏻‍🍳🤗

  42. Gucci isn’t my favourite designer for handbags but I do like the one you chose . You are becoming a bad influence on me though I can’t stop spending. My husband groans every time the postman comes 😂

  43. Phinella was at the side of Charlie when he was unboxing his fairy washing-up liquid. The desk looks amazing in your office room, fits perfectly. Have a lovely weekend. xxxxxx🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  44. Prada boots are very beautiful 🤩 the hamburgers 🍔 so good 💖 thank you Josie Jolie 🙏 💐 ✨ 👏 💞 🎄

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