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Christmas skating rink, frozen swirls, Starship explodes: World in Photos, Dec. 10

A look at the top photos from around the globe.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. 2020 is nearly over just hang on tight to the knot at the end of the rope. 💕💯

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  4. 😜 More Democratic Bullsh*t, Why not report the facts, Democratic State Rep Cynthia Johnson threaten Trump supports and gets stripped of all her committees, and Democrat Intel Committee member Swalwell and the China Spy sex for secrets deal. Or maybe you’d report on FBI investigation of Hunter Biden’s child pornography and money schemes with China and Russia. But Noooo, can’t tell Americans about the truth, just run the twisted bent bullsh*t narrative. 🖕😤🖕 F U abc. 🙃

  5. You people are gonna be soooooo BUTT HURT when you find out how ABC has lied to you.. When you start tearing down buildings Get the ones of those who lied to you first "THE MEDIA" they have known that Biden was NOT President "FROM DAY ONE" BUT instead chose to LIE to Americans… Giving Democrats false hope knowing that Biden had less than 20% chance of pulling this off ! I would be MAD too !

  6. Is there going to be Christmas this year or no Christmas this year because of the Corona virus😷🇨🇽🎄🎁🤶🌲

  7. YES, go back to reporting about snow as more viewers see through your lies about Bill Gates Manufactured Pandemic to TERMINATE all small businesses and force citizen to fight each other so that you can help you masters push out deadly vaccines, I want those all your reporters be the first to take these dangerous vaccines, I’m not talking about the harmless SALINE SOLUTION PLACEBO VACCINES that given to the first batch of willing LAB RATS, your reporters need to be the first ones injected with these experimental vaccines as they are at the front peddling this snake oil for their drug company bosses that own of most mainstream media. ALL ABOUT VACCINE PROFITS, folks. It about your health at all. ☠️☠️💉☠️☠️

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    Doctors ordered to fix death certificate to make it seem that everyone that dies, died of covid-19 when the opposite is true.

    This entire manufactured Pandemic by world leaders, CDC, DR.FAUCI, World Health Organization and United Nations is to convince the educated to get their deadly covid-19 vaccines. Remember that the Drug and Vaccine manufacturers have been deemed NOT LIABLE for any damaged caused by their vaccines, so you won’t be able to SUE THEM.

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  8. Ghana best country in Africa—-New patriots all over the globe!

  9. ABC is an anti-white anti-American piece of s*** employees of ABC from the CEO to the janitor the dive covid-19 AIDS cancer or a bullet in the head

  10. Fake News – emotionally laced unity based on……. emotion

  11. Widespread Fraud found in multiple states..

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  13. "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains" marx

  14. Let's pray together! Dear God, please make my days useful, my nights restful, my home peaceful and my efforts fruitful. Amen.💕

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