Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Chuck Schumer: Trump Will Cause 'An ISIS Jailbreak' By Withdrawing Troops From Syria | NBC News

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., held a news conference to speak against President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and allow Turkey to begin military operations in the area. “President Trump is aiding and abetting an ISIS jailbreak,” he said.
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Chuck Schumer: Trump Will Cause ‘An ISIS Jailbreak’ By Withdrawing Troops From Syria | NBC News


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  1. Why did the Dems tell ISIS to activate again. Also you know that 30-50 troops (people) can't protect the Kurds. What a dramatic performance there Mr Schumer. Lol😇

  2. Dem morons will go against anything trump does even if he's right, no reason to stay in tht area its just pointless Islam will always be about war

  3. What he's not telling you now is we only had about 50 people over there they have thousands but they want to figure out a way that we get a support all of these bad people in prisons for the rest of their lives you want to pay the bill write him a check because they're taking your money

  4. More lies if you research it it's a very complex War we can't fight against turkey with the Kurds there's a no-win situation for us politically it would be a disaster they're not telling you the whole story research it please

  5. Trump is trump aways 24/7💥

  6. Democrats want more war and death ? What !?

  7. We never should have been involved there in the first place. And we were told and led to believe it would be a short 30 day operation. All of these neocon carpetbaggers are heavily invested in the military industrial complex, and stand to lose millions by Trump holding to his campaign promise to pull our troops. Sad that he allowed the swamp slime to convince him to stay this long. We were training and funding BOTH SIDES. But they don't want to talk about that, the evil bass-tards.

  8. He put us second after Putin? That seems an optimistic number

  9. Trump will bring calamity to our country as a payback "I will make you all suffer for disclosing my dirt". He has been vidictive since young! He grew up getting away with murder…and now he is being asked to be accountable? He will destroy this country before he literally is fired!…OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.

  10. People actually believe schumer😂🤣🤣😃🤣😂🤣

  11. No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.
    ~ A. J. P. Taylor

  12. ISIS… the "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service". Of course, Bibi Nutty Yahoo's puppet, Trump will free the Israel's Mercenaries!


  14. Evil, Failed, Un Christian, Un American Trump Doesn't Care.

  15. I hope they vote chuck shumer out of office

  16. He’s the Adam shiffty in the senate. Full of lies too.

  17. Just what putin wants! ……After all the money American tax payers paid to fight isis!

  18. The Left: we need to stop going to wars and invading other countries!

    President withdraws troops from a warzone.

    The Left: :O

  19. Every American and Kurdish solder that gave their lives to round them up….. for NOTHING. Because Trump is more worried about his properties in Turkey than the lives of our solders.

  20. Give those ISIS prisoners to the Iraqi army or Northern Iraqi Kurds if nobody wants them. They'll take care of them… as they go through the wood chipper with zero due process. They don't mess around.

    Liberals need to stay out of foreign affairs. You think trump's a big bad guy and take offense to everything, all middle easterners hate your guts and ideology. They'd throw you off a bridge in a heartbeat. All of your favorite liberal presidential candidates wouldn't have the guts to open their bs mouths over there as they do in the us. But, here you go with 'oh, poor little middle easterners.' Like they'd put up any of your 'nonsense' or 'metoo' or 'empowerment blah blah blah' or 'your racist this and that' remarks in Syria/Turkey/anywhere. The ones you claim to feel sorry for over there would bury their teenage daughter alive if pregnant before an arraigned marriage. All you liberals wouldn't just be offended if dropped in the middle of the middle east, you'd pee your pants and scream in a minute. It would be a pay-per-view event. Schumer, your leader, is a political con artist who knows nothing.

  21. Chuck Schumer is working for the European Union. If we stay in Syria it will stop millions of refugees from seeking asylum in Europe. We did the job now get out

  22. I hate to admit it but Chuck is absolutely right about that. Even Trump supporters such as myself do not agree with this action of abandoning the Kurds…

  23. LMFAO.. SATANYAHOO told Chuck to say this after her 💩 reading of Jewish tea leaves.. Bend over in the hole that's the state of Israel.. 🔯♒🔯♒Jews think HOLE is holy ♓🔯

  24. Well if the democrats can get Trump out of the white house maybe Isis could

  25. Trump puts himself his interests and his pockets first and thumbs his nose at America. He is a traitor and should be impeached removed and jailed

  26. Hey….Schumer, you are about as useless and worthless as your partner Pelosi! What have you EVER done to improve the lives of the American People? Dont worry, ill wait!!!??? Oh right, you bent taxpayers over and became a Millionaire! Who wrote your speech? Personal assistant aka Secretary? You make me sick to my stomach honestly…..You have been in office too long….MILKING it!!!!! You are already set for life financially……….Unreal!!! Before Trump ever made this recent decision, you are still USELESS as a so called politician!!!!!!!!!! We need term limits ASAP!!!!!!!

  27. All I can say is good move president trump. Shut these war mongers down.

  28. Why do the dems lie so much?

  29. ..please encourage Ms rice to run for president…her foreign/American diplomacy experience is so needed…🤕🤕🤕🤕

  30. No more wars for Israel!

  31. 1:05 Go back to the casino Schumer. your angle isn't working.

  32. It's changed how I feel about my country. I honestly didn't think this

    could happen here. It's changed my view of the Republican Party, to

    see how they've fallen into a lockstep behind this man. It's changed

    how I feel about my neighbors. (This was the worst, by far, the day

    after the election, when I was literally in shock, and couldn't look

    at anyone, anywhere without a feeling of suspicion and rage: Did YOU

    vote for him?)

    It's changed how I feel about the right-wing media, from annoyance and

    irritation to fear and loathing, having now seen the overwhelming

    power of propaganda, and a feeling of impotence to fight against it.

    It's changed how I feel about the Evangelical Christian community,

    from a quirky variant of Christianity to a malevolent force for evil.

    It's changed my perception of humanity in general, to see how easily

    people can be reduced to mindless, tribal allegiances, and how to hate

    and fear Trump

  33. Considering Democrats like Schumer, who supports 7 items on Hitler's agenda, sealed a far worse fate for the South Vietnamese by withholding funding promised to their military. It was Obama who promised support and reneged when it came time to supply military support. Trump just recognizes another Democrat caused Viet Nam in progress and pulled us out of it. More fake news from NBC.

  34. Truly the worst of the United States is in control of our government at the moment. Cowards, thieves and liars.

  35. clown trump is the biggest dipsh*t to ever sit in the oval office.

  36. Schumer, you're pretty good at abandoning your own nation's citizens by refusing to secure the border that you agreed with securing before Trump was president.

    Only trust Fox
    TRUMP 2020

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