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Ciate Geltox Gel Manicure Review & Tutorial // How to do Gel Nails at Home!

Give yourself a DIY At-Home Gel Manicure using the Ciate Geltox kit – which turns ANY nail varnish into a gel polish. Here’s my review, and tutorial on how to use the kit!

Click here to buy the kit from ASOS Beauty // http://bit.ly/1c9j1dY

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  1. Great video! I just picked up a kit in tkmaxx for £30! Waiting to get the detox kit from Asos! Can't wait!!

  2. heyyy yhhh i love the product but when you cleaned your nails the second time, how long did you wait? when i clean my nails they seem sticky? not sure if im doing it right? lol

  3. omg YES !!!! i was so looking around for this !!! ur amazing !!! thank u

  4. Nice video. I got exactly the same and it s really nice.

  5. Great video, but you can't say it took 25 minutes when you waited 30 mins for the nail varnish to dry.

  6. This is literally the best!! I love that you can use any nail polish brand with this Ciate Kit!! I am totally adding this kit, as well as that OPI pen, to my shopping list!! Great video!! xoxo

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