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College student Mandy Stavik found dead, but case goes cold for years I Nightline

Stavik, who was from a rural town in Washington, was missing for three days before her body was found. Authorities wouldn’t have their main suspect until 28 years later.



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  1. Pretty obvious that it was a guy from school and the neighborhood. They should have made actions since then. How can a case get cold for 30 years and let that bastard to even have his own family abusing his wife

  2. Really!!anyone from this state knows it was a local! 28 yrs of unneeded horror! You must know the area she was found! Sorry whatcom county but shoddy canvassing caused yrs of a homicidal rapist murderer on the loose in our state! My God. May Bass grab his ankles daily! RIP mandy

  3. Most police are stupid. Most men don't even use common sense.

  4. WtF. Where's the rest of this story? Scheiße!


  6. Hey they cut you of short

    No part 2

    Leaving you hanging

  7. how come the left always say we are over populated. look at all the corn field!

  8. Why do I give a hit about a case from the 80s? Oh wait its a white woman

  9. What happened to this case

  10. He was not a good men at all something was wrong with him

  11. Wow she was full of life how in the world 🌎 the dog didn’t defend her at all

    I have one of those he wants to eat anybody the comes around 💁🏻‍♀️

    This is the worse nightmare any parent can go through

  12. The people who do Dna was not smart !

  13. wow I seriously (jokingly) wonder if a black man had been the suspect, would he have had the choice or option of providing a DNA sample he would have been forced to do so!! This is unbelievable how racist this country is. 😠

  14. Y’all keep saying they posting incomplete stories but they literally just post this video yesterday 😭 calm down

  15. It is unbelievable that this man was able to live 30 years in freedom without ever being examined further. This creep has probably stalked her for years and fantasized about her.

  16. There's plenty of women out there that are abusive to men and who leads men to heart attacks. I like to call those women cunts. Marriage just isn't worth it.

  17. BELLINGHAM HERALD has a great ending to this. ABC has articles but they are drawn out over 5 parts and you don’t know which one to go to..

  18. I’m sorry, ABC- but I’m UN-subscribing. ABC Apparently doesn’t respect their subscribers enough to finish a story or post a link. ABC has not given me anything but frustration with this, so I will get my news somewhere else.

  19. Thank you Ms. Kim Wagner. 🙏Timothy Bass refused to give a DNA sample when detectives had initially approached him because (according to him) “he did not trust the police”. He maintains his innocence, even when it’s so obvious that he raped and killed her. It’s too bad that he got 30 years of freedom (post crime) that he did not deserve. I wish the judge would have given him a life sentence for cutting an 18-year-old’s life short.😢

  20. They leave you hanging but yes he’s gone and will never get out

  21. (8:25) is utter bullshit. Her heart was beating? Why was it beating? At that time, there was no great suspicion on Tim Bass killing Mandy Stavik. It’s just detectives went on a hunch and wanted to rule him out. Kim Wagner is pretending like she knew definitively that Tim Bass murdered Mandy and all she needed to do to bring justice was collect that plastic cup which contained his DNA. NOOO SHE DID NOT KNOW THAT. Her heart was not fucking beating because she didn’t know he was the killer, only that he was a suspect. I hate when people exaggerate their stories especially when it makes no sense.

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