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Jumper dress –
Coat –
Boots –
Bag –

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White Company table runner:
White Company napkins:
White Company table stars:
White Company candle:
White Company tea lights:
White Company babygro:
White Company baby pyjamas:
White Company baby knit:
White Company baby toy:
H&M jumper:
H&M baubles:
H&M artichokes:



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  1. Subbed! You make me so relaxed. Just had the flu and nice to chill for a bit. From the same area too, Westfield is great!

  2. (That pearled jumper from H&M was also one of my must have!!! It caught my eyes as soon as I saw it in the store)

    You should list the songs you use in your videos in the description box because you always pick great songs that I’ve never heard before… I love the first song in this video (thankfully my auto-Shazam recognized it)

  3. Hello i don’t find your jumper dress on the web site. What is thé référence please? Thank you 👍😊

  4. Hi Josie Its Chloe, I had a art pop up in the west elm store, I just missed you! it would have been super cool to meet you and if the camera had shown my work. loving the content regardless ! <3

  5. Great Video. I have a Question. Is this your boyfriend Charlie in the Austrian Skoda-advertisement? Greetings from Austria.

  6. What necklace would you rec to wear with that Pearl sweater you got? ♥️

  7. Hi Josie could I ask you where your necklace is from. Thanks.😀

  8. I got that Pearl sweater myself ❤️

  9. I’m watching this like…. 20% off is nothing! lol You need to come Black Friday shopping in America next year hun!

  10. Try Target's new Project 62 Home Collection. I purchased an authentic marble cutting board with gold handles on clearance for $19.99 and metallic silver placemats for $1.99 each, that are Z Gallerie dupes.

  11. You Certainly do not need any make up…. love table runners and H&M jumper. Same as you I Can get lost in the amount of money spent on homewear. Thank you for again great vlog 😁

  12. Didn’t know y’all had Black Friday in England.

  13. Your little "baby" haul made me so curious to see how you would style children in a classy way!!

  14. oh my god WHERE IS THAT FUR COAT FROM i am obsessed

  15. im sorry about your ticket. tickets so annoying

  16. Thanks, Josie! You are always so classy!!!

  17. are you wearing your braces in this video? Just wondering as they don’t seem to be affecting your speech at all 🙂 x

  18. Hi I know it sounds weird but I just want to stroke your coat. Love u. Julie. Xxxxxx

  19. I hope the jacket you were wearing is not real animal fur : ]

  20. Great video but three ads for one video is very excessive.

  21. Happy birthday Josie i hope tou have a well deserved day off. Loved all your recent vlogs😊

  22. Josie loves her roll necks! So cute!

  23. 😂😂 omg your Black Friday shopping looks so peaceful 😂😂 mine was indeed full of trampedes and hour-long lines

  24. Love shopping home things and redecorating the flat 🙂

  25. You look beautiful without makeup, so healthy and glowy!

  26. I was in Westfield yesterday as well! Picked up some winter coats and a nice pair of boots. I got there at 10am, and the crowd got much bigger around 2 in the afternoon and I think that was when it felt a little too overwhelming for me lol

  27. I live in a small city in germany. Watching you shop in such a huge shopping center with lots of pretty cute stuffs, makes my heart fluttered badly. Such a great experience. 😘😘

  28. Where is your coat from please? 😘👍🏽👌🏽

  29. Lovely video and I love your coat! Cannot find it on the description box though

  30. Which song is that played starting of the video 😘

  31. You make everything look lovely 💕

  32. It's not busy because it's a Friday and people work. Here is the US, most people take Friday off to have a long Thursday to Sunday Thanksgiving weekend!

  33. Do you think you could do a video about consumerism or being materialistic? Lately, I've been feeling very guilty about buying lots of stuff and often feel guilty for it. Thanks! <3 love you

  34. My Black Friday haul was a pair of silver earrings – large leaves. See my latest Instagram post @kitz238 to see them and from whence they came.

  35. I literally thought your sister had a mole that needed to be removed under her lip…..that said…having worked in the dental field….those
    "rings" cause gum recession due to all of the "slamming" inside the lip (and against the teeth)….Oh my…

  36. Loved going shopping with you both!! Soo much fun! So many Beautiful items!!Gorgeous Josie!! Thank you so much for a Fabulous video as always!!

  37. Damn no makeup ?! You are looking gorgeous, lovely and classy as usual. Thank you for all your hard work ! 💜👍

  38. Can you please give us the link of the cream jumper dress that you are wearing? I checked the bio, but the link for what you’re wearing is some random pink jumper

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