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Come Christmas Shopping With Me on Oxford Street // Zara Haul // Fashion Mumblr

COME CHRISTMAS SHOPPING WITH ME – Here I take you Christmas shopping as I brave Oxford Street on a Saturday morning to pick up some gifts and head to Zara to treat myself.

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This video was filmed on the Cannon EOS 5D Mark IV! Shop it here –




❤ What I Wore ❤

Jumper –
Gilet –
Leggings –
Boots –
Earrings –
Watch –
Ring –
Bag –

❤ Featured in this Video ❤
Estella Bartlet travel jewellery case –
Topshop sloth –
Zara leggings –
Zara pearl dress –
Zara cream skirt –
Zara black pearl dress –
Zara black pearl leggings –
Zara biker brown leggings –
Zara Grey and cream scarf –



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  1. I would really like to know your lipstick color. Enjoy your videos . Lots of good information .

  2. dont you think you have enough chlothes and 100 of each piece again aga7n zur same

  3. Your mom is so stylish. That's awesome!!

  4. Love it when you take us around London! I used to live in Brighton but then moved to Canada a couple of months ago and I'm still absolutely homesick, so your London vlogs are always lovely to watch x

  5. Wish i get to see Josie on the tube one day 😘

  6. What a great video and a lovely day with your mom!

  7. I have never wanted a watch as bad as I want that Rose gold one

  8. Hi Josie! Could I please know which kind of lipstick you're wearing in this video? Thank you!

  9. Im trying to find that scarf you was showing but i followed the link and its another colour? Is it the same size and wooly like yours? I really need a big scarf like that 🌸😘

  10. I love your taste in cloths🌸 i just got a new blaser today bc i fell in love with your style❤️

  11. Sorry Josie, I missed your video as out of town, but catching up, always love watching, thank you for taking us along! 😍☀️🎄☃🎁

  12. Lovely video because photobombing dogs and your mum is beautiful. 🙂 Now, you have mentioned your MK smartwatch so much that I'm seriously contemplating one for my nerdy husband. Not the MK one, but something more masculine. I'll see if I can find your boyfriend's channel for advice. Have a lovely Christmas. <3

  13. Your mom is so elegant! I can see that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree!

  14. Surely it's a lot of wear rather than a lot of use? There aren't many uses other than as an item of clothing.

  15. Your mom is adorable! I wish my mom and I could have shopping excursions like that, it's just too hard for her to get around, age, bad knees ugh! Anyway I enjoyed the video Your country looks so beautiful, One day we will visit. Thank You for bringing us along.

  16. that mulberry lily bag in biege colour wow ! x

  17. Really enjoy watching your videos but have a little concern with this one with regard to the smartwatch as does not specify as to whether this particular watch uses 3G tech. 3G utilises RF radiation which studies have shown to be carcinogenic and as the watch, is worn over a pulse point, special care should be taken. Smartwatches that do not use 3G are currently considered to be safe. 🙂

  18. I keep saying this but you look super classy always! Thank you for being an inspiration ❤️

  19. OMG, your mom is tiny and so chic. She has layering down to a science.

  20. Great video Josie, love all the items that you bought, would definitly wear thèm myself. London is so beautiful at Christmas thank you for sharing! Love from France 🙂

  21. I've been eyeing the Zara Faux Suede leggings but there aren't any reviews on them so I haven't bought them yet. I was wondering how small/large they run and how long they are. I'm 5'9 so it's hard for me to find pants that fit well on my waist and my legs. Love your videos and Happy Christmas!

  22. Fun video. Breakfast looked delicious!

  23. Your mum looks so sweet and your inspirational so many people you edits are amazing I would love to meet you xx❤️💜

  24. Could u post a video on ideas for boyfriend presents for christmas please??

  25. I love watching you so much however I like when you do hauls, lookbook and come shop with you… I really appreciate all your post your style inspire me… 💕💓💗

  26. I am not understanding the rules of the give away.  I have been on Instagram for all of the 3 days of December and I didn't see any mention of a secret word that you were giving out and than we were to to go to your Youtube page and mention the word or hashtag on the page to let you know we are watching you in order to qualify for the goodies.  I watch you regardless of the goodies but it would be fun to win a gift from one of my favorite bloggers.  Could you please explain please?  Do have a great time on your trip with Charlie.  I thought you said the Maldives…….sunnies and swimsuits, what could be better?

  27. I am going to order the suede leggings and I am not a legging girl.  I don't have your goregous legs.  I thought the stuffed toy with beans might be to young for a 14 year old unless this is something she put on her list.  I have never hear you explain why mum is called LaLa?  I love that you and your mum spend alot of time together and enjoy each other's compay. I saw the video of the two of you in United Arab Emirates, possibly the wrong country, but never the less the country was in the Middle East and you both went shpping and had a good time.

  28. Yes I would love another Christmas shopping video 💕

  29. Nice vlog. That boy chanel bag (looks a little darker camel color on my screen)I thought was really nice and looked like it could fit your style. The smaller one in more pink color was nice, too. TIME FOR CHANEL BAG. Please make some vlogs with your dogs like a picnic or something. Of course it will be nuts. ….:)

  30. Great shopping trip with London scenes! Please take us again!

  31. Loved this vlog and you Lalla is so sweet give her my love ❤️ Yes please do more of these kind of shopping vlogs x

  32. I am Italian and the pronunciation is brusketta, but we never have a bruschetta for breakfast

  33. The black dress is absolutely gorgeous😍 Thank for the vlog. And that will be great if you film some Christmas looks ideas. Have no Idea what to wear this year, haha

  34. the crazy girl at 9minutes 😂😂😂

  35. Does anyone know what the girl in the hat says at 13:34 just after the other girl jumps around in the background?

  36. Oh my goodness Dexter with the Zara bag handles was so cute!!

  37. You and your mom are basecilly twins and it's so CUTE!!!!

  38. Your accent is so so cute !
    That was absolutely not an italian breakfast though .. x)

  39. I just discovered your Chanel, you’re absolutely lovely. This vlog was fab, I’m originally from the 🇬🇧 but live in 🇺🇸 now and my home city is getting a Zara in the spring of 2018, I can’t wait!!!
    Please do share any Christmas shopping traditions, I miss it so much.

  40. The sweater that you are wearing what size did you get?

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