Monday , November 29 2021
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Come Fly With Me! My In Flight Pamper Routine – Abu Dhabi to London in Etihad Business Class

Come Fly With Me! We travelled from Abu Dhabi to London with Etihad in Business Class on the Airbus A380, here’s what a fabulous experience we had, and my In Flight Pamper Routine!

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  1. I wish to travel business class one day..

  2. I wonder is the spa, nails, food ECT all included in the ticket price or u have to pay separately?

  3. White blouse. Makeup removal. Skincare routine. The blouse stayed white. Wow! She is a magician!!!

  4. So happy that you landed safely

  5. I loved being on that cool plane with you. Wow. Flying for many hours is not a problem, when you have your own little compartment and don’t have to share albow space with your neighbour.

  6. Great video! I don’t think I could have ordered tomato soup wearing such a lovely white blouse, I would have spilled all over me! 😅🍅🍵

  7. I just love your blouse! Where is it from?

  8. How does people afford those kind of plane seriously

  9. i have been lucky enough to have flown business class twice with Ethiad, they do spoil you! A fabulous experience. x

  10. Very cute miss money penny x

  11. Woooooooooow 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. quick question.. When your going to the security thing to get your self check, do you need to get your toiletry/ makeup bag out of your carry on bag while going through the security thing?

  13. Love your videos! I look  forward to traveling to London soon.

  14. Your video rather than entertaining it was very informative. Can you please help me to get rid of my acme problems

  15. Soooo loved this vlog as I do all your Vlogs 😍 It was really interesting seeing the nicer side on flying 😂

  16. Where is the clear was bag from? As well as the other one ps love your Channel

  17. Love ur accent and I love u please text me girl

  18. Where are those super soft leggings from😍

  19. Where have you been cant believe i havent seen any of your videos you are just perfect

  20. That's great and all but a vast majority of us can barely afford an economy flight nevermind a business class or first class with etihad. You promoting this is wasted on me.

  21. Hey how many hours it takes from Abu Dhabi to London

  22. can i ask how is that uniqlo jacket? is it warm enough? it looks so thin 🙂

  23. This video is so freakin good I can not stop watching it

  24. You have such a cute smile

  25. Can you share where you got your headphones from? I need a new pair for traveling and yours looked very cute.

  26. loved this video!! I am traveling on business class with Etihad soon so this helped 🙂

  27. Nice video! I usually fly with Emirates / Qatar cause their Business class is amazing but after this, will check out Etihad's! Thankssss!!

  28. You´ve got a lot of liquids with you girl, how did you manage to pass the control, I thought they must fit in the tiny plastic bag which you get at the airport?? Once they´ve made me repackaged mine because it wasn´t their size, even thought the amount was way less than 1 litre. Big envy, never can take that many stuff on the board, have to survive in my makeup for up to 24 hours, which I hate, it´s a mess, haha…

  29. What a fantastic experience! 😀

  30. Travel goals! Need I say more? 🙂

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