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‘Come, Holy Father, And Rescue Us’: Woman Prays After Dorian Rips Roof Off Apartment | NBC News

A woman whose apartment building in the Bahamas was damaged by Hurricane Dorian prayed for the safety of everyone inside after the Category 5 storm stripped its roof off on Sunday.
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‘Come, Holy Father, And Rescue Us’: Woman Prays After Dorian Rips Roof Off Apartment | NBC News


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  1. Isn't our imaginary friend in the sky wonderful?

  2. Thank you jesus, good job, looks great.

  3. SAD really.If i was rich would help to move out some families.

  4. I came here to see all the Christian hate. How is that hate serving you?

  5. Hey cellphone farms! Bye…. what a build the wall HUmmm……

  6. Amen protect your people lord in jesus name glory

  7. Just do anything else but pray.

  8. So, did he come or not??

  9. Wow, cars were thrown into each other that weigh roughly 3000-5000 lbs each a few yards away and all of them were still intact together. Amazing.

  10. Didn't God allow this to happen in the first place???

  11. The problem is people think God is like a man; a loving father having children, sometimes angered,, ready to punish them; vengeful, demanding he be worshiped. Maybe he’ll be merciful this time.. How silly, God is not like men. Animals are better then mankind

  12. There is no God summer you got to rip that band-aid off now you'll thank me later

  13. The LORD JESUS protects those the seek HIM.

  14. might as well pray for Posiedeon .

  15. Oh yeah! Pray! -_- it always solves you're problems

  16. this is why black people are God's real children. you notice when bad things happen most of them pray. unlike the fake jews. they communicate and rely on each other. #the real isrealites are waking up to their God

  17. LOL praying? Your god sent that storm.

  18. All those cars will start showing up on you local dealership soon👌

  19. All that rambling prayer will do exactly nothing to help this foolish woman!

  20. I feel sorry for the poor who cannot afford to leave, but the rich who buy properties down there are just stupid or have plenty money to burn.
    Dont count on insurance , Andrew in 1992 put a lot insurance companies out of bussiness.
    And for the poor if the rich or the govermment could help just build igloo houses, yes they might get flooded ,but their roofs should be ok

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