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COME SHOPPING TO BICESTER VILLAGE WITH ME // My First Dior! // Fashion Mumblr Vlog

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❤ FEATURED in this video ❤

What I’m Wearing:
Sleeveless knit (similar) – https://apprl.com/al/6XfZ/
(US) Sleeveless knit (similar) – https://apprl.com/al/6Xfb/
Floral dress – https://bit.ly/3wZxcw6
Chloé rain boots – https://bit.ly/305ySFq
Edge of Ember necklace – https://bit.ly/3uU5wHx

Loewe belt – https://bit.ly/3bG3Iet​
(US) Loewe belt – https://bit.ly/3vmWDY3
Zimmerman skirt – https://bit.ly/2O7nhCL​
(US) Zimmerman skirt – https://bit.ly/3b00AJO
Rollneck – https://bit.ly/3gcbxv1
(US) Rollneck – https://bit.ly/3x6eeEv
Cashmere coatigan – https://bit.ly/33Q0fo6

Tory Burch shirt dress – https://bit.ly/3wSXrEN

[Until 23:59​ (GMT) 17/04/2021 – T&Cs Below]

Bodyshop Body Butters – https://bit.ly/3siBZW3
(US) Bodyshop Body Butters – https://bit.ly/2OO0QTW

Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant EDP – https://bit.ly/3mNXoFq
(US) Tom Ford Soleil Brûlant EDP – https://bit.ly/3uQPspD
Tom Ford Soleil eye cream – https://bit.ly/3djHYWe
(US) Tom Ford Soleil eye cream – https://bit.ly/3gpMYuL
Tom Ford Soleil bronzer – https://bit.ly/32dR54A
(US) Tom Ford Soleil bronzer – https://bit.ly/2Q3aq5W
Tom Ford Soleil contour palette – https://bit.ly/3tnwVB3
Tom Ford highlight – https://bit.ly/2OQRrv1
(US) Tom Ford highlight – https://bit.ly/3galQiX
Tom Ford brow gel – https://bit.ly/3ditXbj
(US) Tom Ford brow gel – https://bit.ly/3e9uMCR

Bang & Olufsen speaker – https://bit.ly/3tnHAM2
Soho Home candlesticks – https://bit.ly/3tpzCC4
Soho Home lighting – https://bit.ly/3e6GIFm
Biscuiteers – https://bit.ly/2RBz5z8
Ralph Lauren baby grow – https://bit.ly/3tpCS0g

Farfetch Discount T&Cs
This offer is valid for new customers only.
This offer is valid for orders over 150 USD or the equivalent value in other currencies.
This offer is valid for selected brands and products only.
This offer can only be used once by an individual.
This offer is valid until 23:59​ (GMT) 17/04/2021.
This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other FARFETCH offer.
FARFETCH reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.

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❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. Just love the Dior coat and looks fab on you!

  2. I'm so happy you got to get out and go shopping with friends! That's really exciting! Thanks for a great vlog! Hope your day is going well.

  3. Josie, love the way you've arranged the furniture in the room with the new speaker. You need a bigger bar cart. Your rooms are very large the furniture needs to be bigger! Love your vlogs

  4. I see you put a sofa table behind the sofa in the drawing room. Would love to see it

  5. You have the same name as my Mom.❣😍

  6. The Dior coat is gorgeous. Enjoy wearing it.

  7. You look lovely Jodie as always, like your dress, but I would wear it wirh a nice brown leather belt….What you have😘

  8. The drawing room is my favourite room of your house. It’s what dreams are made of. 💕💕

  9. Omg I love your green dress! And when your friend mentioned The Sound of Music, your dress totally fit that vibe too. 💕🌸

  10. Oh Josie the Dior coat was made for you ❤️. And the garden is looking beautiful .. I noticed in another blog that our beloved Dickie used the path instead of going through the bed.. so thumbs up 👍🏻 Gorgeous boy .

  11. I'm so jealous of you enjoy in your freedom! XD in my country we've been since November in lockdown, which has newly been 'til mid May extended

  12. Oupsy daisy the outfits🤓.Fashionnot

  13. You look fabulous in that, “Coat of dreams”. Happy days! 😘

  14. Josie, the coat is gorgeous!!! It gives a bit samurai vibes, and I am all for it. Happy life is going back to normal little by little. 😘

  15. Still waiting for life after Lockdown in Germany… hoping we all stay safe and healthy

  16. It's a no from me about the outfit lol. Love you always❤️

  17. the expression is a can of worms

  18. I can have the worst or the most stressful day but after watching your video ( or Victoria’s ☺️) I feel much better and calm , thank you 😊 xx

  19. I absolutely loved the knitted vest over the long dress on you!

  20. You have purchased your first Dior, now it’s going to be a regular thing to you from now on lol. Always wondered why you never purchased any from this brand. But judging from your properties, you are someone who likes to invest more on properties than on shopping sprees.

  21. Love the knit and dress together!

  22. No. You need something more body hugging not big loose sleeves. And definitely not the floral dress belt.

  23. Hi Josie H&M are dropping their wild flower collection on Monday can a girl have too many floral dresses x

  24. When I saw you in the Dior coat,I just thought it was made for you! 😘

  25. Hello Josie! Loved the vlog as usual 🥰🤩!! The place you went shopping seems so pretty and luxurious !! I wish I had a similar place nearby 🤩
    We’ve also had a crazy weather lately in France the couple past few weeks, so strange !!
    I was wondering if you could give us your impression on the manucurist gel since it's been a few days now and you both tried Shellac and Manucurist gels! I have been using Shellac for years now but taking the gel off is so long that I am interested to know your thoughts on this brand, since I saw you can remove it in 2mn!
    Thanks in advance ☺️💕
    Can’t wait for the next vlog as usual 💕💕

  26. "Comin to the end#…" From the movie "Working Girl".

  27. Love your vlogs Josie – as Em said, they're so wholesome. Especially love your gardening series. Just one bit of feedback to please clean your lens more regularly. There's usually dust or marks which makes the quality not great.Thanks!

  28. Oh wow that coat is a DREAM 😍

  29. Nice baby gift. So cute. I like your dress too.

  30. Josie, that colour green suits you sooooo much!!!!!! Beautiful on you!!!

  31. Loved your vlog 💟
    You should consider to handle your 'big' statement speaker as the kind of art it is. So move it out of the corner, where it is partly hidden and implement it in a free space. Also it it is not a great idea to place a speaker low to the ground behind a furniture piece, it will affect the sound quality. So please consider another place for it 🌼

  32. Mask in fresh air 🤦🏼‍♀️

  33. Gorgeous outfit but I would swap the belt for one of your designer leather belts .. with love 💕

  34. Who would think that the Bang & Olsen would work, but it does nicely Josie, with the white making a nice statement piece. This oz girl loved the snow pic best .lol Only seen snow a few times ever.

  35. I love your Dior Coat, it is so classic and elegant. I have had an almost life-long dream of one day owning a Dior coat. It seems like I was thinking the right thing if that coat is an example. ❤

  36. The Dio coat is Gorge! Great investment piece and always timeless!!

  37. Feeling grateful, this is hard to wrap your head around, we have been out of lock down since almost this time one year ago in New Zealand.

  38. Super love your Dior coat ! 🤍🤍🤍 it’s really Josie’s style aesthetic 💖💖💖 Pretty excited Josie to Unbox A Dior Bag soon ! 💗💖💗

  39. That Tory Burch dress at the end is magic! Green really suits you. And that Dior coat… swooning. You look absolutely regal, perfect choice Josie.

  40. Love your new, Dior coat, Josie! I prefer wrap coats as well. They can be easily dressed up or down. It was so nice to see you enjoying your friends and shopping therapy. Life is reawakening here in the USA as well. ❤️

  41. Absolutely love the green Tory Burch dress!👗 on you! ✨

  42. I loved your coat 🧥 it is beautiful you look great 👍. I really love your dress 👗 you look beautiful.

  43. Josie – I am curious to know if you wear make up at home – on the days you don’t do vlogs or do not go out?

    Also how many days a week do you wash your hair and heat style ?

  44. buying dior yes, this is how you have to celebrate 🎉 the end of lockdown. the video is absolutely fantastic

  45. I love the native roll on… they really last.. my favorite is eucalyptus and mint. The cucumber and mint is nice too. I really like the brand

  46. The speaker looks amazing really suits the room reminds me of an old fashioned tapestry stand

  47. Were you nervous going back to Bicester Josie?

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