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Loewe basket bag (similar) –
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  1. Love that you keep it real with the laundry basket 🙌 just adore the blue dress!!

  2. Josie, your outfit was amazing!

  3. So nice to see you out shopping! Can’t wait til we can do the same, I miss shopping with my sister 😢. Such lovely things. I shouted at you through the television, “oh no, watering with your Dior?! “ 😳😆
    Now I’ve seen everything! Thank you for taking us shopping with you. See you in the next one. ❤️

  4. Thank you so much for taking us along your shopping trip Josie , I saw so many beautiful bits at Zara 🤩 and I always love me some Zimmerman pieces.

  5. Love the Dior coat. Wish i could travel and shop in the uk

  6. Josie your kind soul transpare, you're a Doll!

  7. Watering in the greenhouse in a Dior coat.😎

  8. It’s so refreshing to watch a true lady!!! Josie you are beautiful on the inside and out. So chic and elegant!!

  9. I so much appreciate no ads!! You have no idea! How refreshing! Your last two vids were so nice to watch. Loved that bathroom you were in! All the pink! 💕

  10. I knew you would love the blue and white Zara dress! I bought it a couple weeks ago and said "this is such a Josie dress". Now you're making me want to get that beautiful white one! it looks lovely on you! 🙂

  11. Lovely vlog Josie your Dior coat is fabulous the blue and white Zara dress is so beautiful x

  12. stunning as always!!! what brand are the earrings and ring you are wearing in this video??? love them!

  13. I know when I see the famous Pochette Metis that it's going to be a great vid! I enjoyed our (virtual) trip to London with you. So many beautiful clothes <3. I'm glad you were able to get your Club Monaco fix after all! I remembered EL&N from when you lived there- so strange how it seems not that long ago.

  14. Josie, you really need to get a handle on focusing problems when walking-vlogging. This has been an ongoing problem for far too long, and is so distracting. Background music in the shops is also dreadful and distracting – please learn how to edit out. Thanks. Something very sad about the "emptiness" in London and the shops – hope it recovers.

  15. Gosh I love London! I don't know but it's something about the energy one feels while walking those streets, like you are a part of something bigger… Thank you for showing us around 🤍🌼🕊️

  16. Love the peek of London, it's been so long ❤

  17. I love your Dior coat it 😍 looks amazing! You guy's have so many stores in the UK, I would go 🍌bananas to see all of the beautiful clothes! Thank you for taking us along with you on this shopping journey with you.👍🏾 London is beautiful!

  18. Loved shopping with you today Josie I also loved the Zara dresses gorgeous xo 😘

  19. Nice to visit London wiith your vlog. I love Ralph Lauren so I am sorry you did not go there but it was fun to see all of great offerings! London is one of the best cities in the world!! Xoxo J

  20. So crazy London has so many American shops!

  21. Thank you soooo much Josie. Like the way you vlog.

  22. Oh wow I love your Dior jacket, so classy and elegant😌

  23. So fun to see actually places I shopped while we were in London 2 years ago!!! 🙂 ( USA Girl here..)

  24. Where was your handbag whilst walking.

  25. Such a fun video. Looking forward to your wedding shopping videos, hopefully soon!

  26. It’s the fabric hun – the blue looks amazing on you – you can see where the extra £20 has gone –

  27. Your content is so calming, I love it.

  28. I adore the zara dress, its out of stock in my size! I so enjoyed this vlog Josie, thank you xx

  29. Josie u should visit Feya cafe one day! It’s beautiful like elan cafe🤩

  30. I wasn't sure if you were going to upload today because on last vlog, you said that you're taking a day off! I'm so happy to see your stunning face again so soon ^_^

  31. Thank you for taking us along on your fun shopping day in London Josie!

  32. I misses these shopping vlogs soooooo much!! I hope you come back to London more often post lockdown!!

  33. That coat is stunning 😍. So wonderful to see you in london again. Thanks for taking us shopping with you! Makes me feel almost feel normal again.💃😉

  34. Loved this vlog so much!! So much fun shopping with you in London! 🌸 Gorgeous coat, too!

  35. Josie, you amaze me. It doesn't matter whether you are painting, gardening, shopping, whatever you are doing. you always look fabulous. Love your vlogs.

  36. What a treat to go round the shops with you! I do miss it.
    You looked beautiful <3 X

  37. Love this Dior belted coat! Neutral color👌🏼

  38. Amazing vlog as always Josie. xx

  39. What a lovely vlog, I enjoyed every minute of it x

  40. Only Josie can water seedlings in Dior coat 😂

  41. Watering your plants in a Dior coat is such a Josie thing to do❤️😊

  42. More trips around London would be fun

  43. Finally a shopping vlog again.I loved it.

  44. Love love the old Josie👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️Back to the city

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