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COME SHOPPING WITH US! // How I Save Hundreds of Pounds on Designer Pieces // Fashion Mumblr

COME DESIGNER OUTLET SHOPPING WITH ME at McArthurglen Cheshire Oaks and see what April and I buy and how we save HUNDREDS of pounds on a designer bag and many more items!
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This video is in collaboration with McArthurGlen, you can find the nearest centre here to enjoy the perfect day out by discovering sought after brands as well as live music this summer:


❤ What I Wore ❤
Josie’s White Dress:
Grey Cardigan:
April’s White Dress:

Earrings :
Necklace :
Ring :
Bracelet :

❤ Featured in this Video ❤
White maxi dress:
Pink jumper:
White shirt dress:
Pink bag:
Gold Bracelet:
Pink studded bag:
Tan Wedges:
Copper clothes rail:



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  1. I love Cheshire oaks I always go there cause it’s like 20 mins away from where I live

  2. I got the same bracelet because of you. I wasn't able to give you the proper credit like we are supposed to do when we click on your items. I did write to Foli Foli and let them know that the Fashion Mumbler turned me on to their brand. I got the bracelet close to Xmas 2017. I paid more than you but I did get some Ebates money on the bracelet. I have had problems with one of the bangles to cling to the entire bracelet. It is one of my favorite pieces and oh so sparkly. Now that you are engaged, I was wondering if you will wear the lucky four leaf clover on your wedding day? I know some people sew in a four- leaf clover into the wedding dress or a horseshoe. If I were marrying I would prefer the four-leaf clover, but you are the bride. I hope you do another haul from this center. Since you are basically the London Ambassador of Shopping in London, is this far from London? Would a tourist be able to take a train or would we need to rent a car? Josie, you could literally write a cool travel guide for those of us who follow you and other vloggers and share the cool places to shop, places to visit, eat, things to do off the beaten track that most wouldn't know about and the best places for cool photos. Cool photos are half the fun of traveling! You have been extremely inspiring and I wish I knew of all this cool stuff when I visited London 5 days after the bombing. I would have loved a snap on the street with the colorful doors. It should be named vloggers row officially. Oh, can I have an inspiration credit, please? Cheers!

  3. Oh my goodness I love that outlet 😊 your a smart shopper .Such great prices & quality love the color of your new pruse😊 thanks for sharing

  4. I’m so glad you bought that pink bag! You look adorable in white.

  5. I love this place, I have been quite a few times. It has such a great atmosphere and great discounts (especially the Radley shop). I got the most gorgeous Coach bag the last time I went and you are right in that you get the whole store experience. They even offered to clean my bag which was lovely. Really enjoyed this vlog, thank you.

  6. I loved loved loved the video!!!! Thank you so very much for taking me along!!!!

  7. I think your favorite colour is white😊👕👕

  8. Loved this video!!! Reminds me so much of Bicester Village!!!

  9. How can you afford this all and I'm here struggling

  10. Thank you for all your videos! they are so pretty and helpful :))
    Where is your lipstick from? I love it 😉

  11. Hello, I love your videos so much!

  12. I would love if you did more videos with April she seems so nice and kind and has the same taste as you I think you will make a great video maybe both of you showing your favorite items you have in your closet that would be a laugh I know you both have the same taste so maybe you would have a lot of similar clothes

  13. i'm obsessed with your channel 🙂

  14. Just went shopping with you on this clip! I was in high just watching you two roaming around all these shops and trying on beautiful things😍 I made my hubby watch with me again today lol Hi from Australia 😊

  15. Just loved the shipping excursion with you and April! Am dying to know about your necklace and lipstick. Also, where did April get her sunglasses??? Can hardly wait to get a pair. Received my first Zara package today, so excited! Thanks to you I never would have found them.

  16. I love your white flat Hermes? shoes!!! Where did you get them?? I'd love a pair like them

  17. I love your style and videos!!! Nice Work!!! Question for ya… Nike Store purchase… Is the white mesh tank have the asymmetrical bottom ???

  18. Love your shopping videos. Pls do more outlet shopping videos.

  19. I'm going there in a couple weeks! My grandparents stay near by, travelling up from Scotland xx


  21. OMG I hope you got the pink mulberry bag that is so cheap and the colour is gorgeous

  22. Is this similar to Bicester Village? Have you been there?

  23. I need to get down and pick up some items. I love your new bag the pink and red complement each other very well, well done Josie : ) xo


  24. Folli Follie is👌😘💕💕.

  25. Such a fun and timely vlog. I am not sure if you have a Nordstroms in the UK but on the 21st they started their Anniversary sale! Seeing your video definitely put me in the right frame of mind to do some discount shopping!!

  26. Hi Josie, wish I'd known you were there! It's not that far from where I live xx

  27. Gosh looks a bazillion times better than the one we have in Bridgend

  28. Lovely video but, genuine question, should it not have had ad in the title if they gave you money to make it?

  29. When you were sitting in the summer bar area and asking April where you should go next I was practically shouting "Ted Baker!" at my computer lol. I'd love to go to a Ted Baker outlet. This looked like such a fun shopping center. I know you've been to some American malls/shopping centers but have you been to any of the outlet malls in the US? You should definitely check one out next time you're in the US, especially if you're shopping at places like Nike and Levi's. This makes me want to go outlet shopping now lol, darn it that they're all outdoors and it's still over 100 here. 🙈

  30. Felt so sorry for April, she's obviously not getting paid for the video and isn't as confident on camera as you Josie!! A little unfair to blog with her x

  31. Another great video Josie, love all your purchases looks like you guys were having a lot of fun!

  32. Random question – I remember watching a video with you and your boyfriend Charlie and I can't really remember but did you have like matching bracelets? Ps I guess Strawberry Daiquiri

  33. I LITTERALY wanted to ask u if u wanted to look at cheshire oaks sometime cause I'm going to there in a few weeks, but then I saw: you're already there😂😊 amazing isn't it!

  34. Beautiful as always! I honestly cannot get enough of your accent, look and of course the puppies! Keep up the good work gurrrrlllll! <3

  35. nice purchases enjoyed watching

  36. Love the bag Josie! Is April your new assistant? Xxx

  37. Fantastic video, fabulous and classy as always. I love outlet shopping. Love the mulberry handbag, the colour is delicious. Thank you for the day out, you are an inspiration as always. 😘

  38. Do they do good mulberrys there? I find Bicester hit and miss x

  39. I really like when you done videos like this 😍 from where is your necklace ?😍

  40. ❤️ your shopping vlog ❤️

  41. 😍😍😍 Love your clothing rack in the background!! Where did you get it?

  42. Looks amazing!! 😍 outlet prices but the luxury experience- yes please!

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