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COME TO MY MEET UP WITH ME // Daily Vlog // Fashion Mumblr

How I got ready for my Meet Up & Style Event with Ted Baker!
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  1. Couldn’t really hear you over the music when you were doing the q & a. So wish I could have come

  2. I'm so glad you were able to vlog the event. It looked like a great success! Congratulations again Josie

  3. Josie (and Charlie) – Sending congrats on a successful event from “across the pond”❤️

  4. Too bad the room wasn't suited for audio. Otherwise the slide through the store, with fashion pickups, was delightful.

  5. Love it Josie, definitely on my rewatch list!🌏💓

  6. I'm obsessed with you 😍😍😍😍

  7. So nice to see you in person at the meetup! I was a bit shy to come and talk to you but I want to say thank you! And You and Charlie are such a lovely couple!! Love you guys! You were stunning in that outfit! Great evening!

  8. Wish I could've made it, sadly I'm in the United States😭 if you ever have a meet up here I'll visit❤

  9. Josie ❇️ Congrats! Your event looked like it was a success 👏 What an exciting day for you all around… 🧡 The burgundy colored dress you wore… T for sharing 😘

  10. Enjoyed. Burgundy outfit fabulous. Charlie is looking very sharp also. Does he have on a mock neck and is it merino or silk??? Very well done.

  11. It was a really fun evening and amazing meeting such a genuinely lovely person Josie 😊❤️
    ps: so weird to see myself in your vlogs, I have so much respect for all the work you put into creating all this content

  12. you should change your YouTube name to your own name — I have a hard time recognizing your videos if your face is not on the thumbnail

  13. I love when you do meet and greets. What is your best wardrobe staple Josie? Thanks for the video Josie!! The dogs coats were so adorable.

  14. You and Charlie make a fantastic team!

  15. That last outfit, the burgandy dress looked stunning on you. That color is great on you Josie! Congratulations!

  16. How fun! Congrats on a successful event! Love the culottes…I think Kate Middleton got inspo from you. Ha ha!

  17. Good video Josie. Always love to see you and Charlie together🥰😘🤩😍

  18. You are the hardest working blogger I have ever seen. I don't know how you do it. Every one of your videos are wonderful and so well executed. Well done!

  19. Aah burgundy! I think it's the colour of the season this year. You looked absolutely stunning! Well done and wish you lots more success! 💓

  20. That dress looked great on you! I wish I could meet you! Canada is beautifull this time a year, especially Quebec city 🤗

  21. Your first outfit looked so Sezane. Loved both outfits and the music you chose for the video, easier flow between transitions. Funny how you told your audience it was nice to see that they all real, I think it goes both way. 😉

  22. Please could you avoid the links that redirecting us to the shop , just put the name of the brand.

  23. You looked stunning at your meet. That color is gorgeous on you

  24. That burgundy dress was simply spectacular! Very classy sexy! Please do a meet up in NYC! XO

  25. Hi Josie. As always, you outdid your self. I love the music you used in this video. I feel it goes so much better with the content and with such a classy lady. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  26. Your Ted Baker Dress is gorgeous………..did you get to keep the dress? The color suits your hair and skin tone…….all of your fans showed up to support you……I was disappointed that the music was so loud that I could not hear you speak at the event

  27. It was a successful event. Good job👍👍

  28. thanks for sharing the event with those of us who couldn't be there!

  29. Awe such a heart warming video. I did notice at the end you don’t wear a wedding band I’ve thought about doing the same because i can’t find something I like that goes with my engagement ring just curious if you would share your opinion 😊❤️

  30. Just have to let you know you look so lovely at the event and the burgundy was beautiful on you. Your cameraman/Charlie I’m assuming it was him filming anyway he gave us all a good giggle.. As always you rock 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  31. You look stunning in that outfit – beautiful x

  32. Dearest Josie
    So happy that the event went well. So sad I couldn't make it (unwell), I was so looking forward it! Adored your maroon outfit 👑💖

  33. If I would have live in the UK I would have definitely dropped by! That burgoundy dress was made for you, stunning!! I love how I am finding all these lovely UK brands through you 😀

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