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Congress targets Big Tech in bipartisan legislation

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn, tells her Democratic colleagues ‘don’t create a behemoth’ with the FTC and DOJ as Congress shifts its focus on the tech giants.

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  1. Your exactly right Rep. Black burn about big tech and the democrats plan but all that has to be done about big tech is to somehow add the ability for these companies to loose their sect 230 protection, maybe a review or a committee or an audit, clearly stated rules would be a good start., if a company has that protection and they censor anyone, they loose their 230 protection because they are acting as publishers at that point. That would solve the problem immediately. Also, TN doesn't want that PSYCHOPATH david chipman to be in charge of the ATF. He should have been held accountable for his part in the WACO massacre, decades ago.

  2. What a cozy relationship between big biz and gov:
    Split market shares = less revenue (big biz)
    Split market shares = less surveillance (gov)

  3. We want facebook shut Down that is a very crooked all of them google tweeter Bigteck take them Down

  4. Biden's a senile joke along with his pals in the Fake News!


  6. Why does Big Tech get to profit off of our information, but we don't get a percentage of the profits? They want to sell our information, we should be getting paid.

  7. Break it up , Free speech what a idea .

  8. Big Tech owns Congress, bought and paid for. I will believe it when I see it.

  9. I really get tired of conservative's failure to understand that their enemy is under-handed and will do absolutely anything in their power to hurt them. There is nothing about them that they shouldn't "understand". Their motivation is the only transparent thing about them.

  10. These idiots think we are still a country of law and order!

  11. The aggressive lunge regionally program because boat lally inform since a sweltering witness. wandering, neighborly front

  12. Like they're really going to do something about this with the Biden regime please

  13. maybe dorsey needs a leak ……….

  14. lol this sounds like a keep the tech that has MASSIVE power where it is vs allow competition

  15. WE THE PEOPLE are all that remains

  16. What is the punishment for treason? Public hangings?

  17. We are pissed we are being silenced for saying the truth. Democrats are only doing this for show & to threaten big tech to make them censor conservatives more. 🖕🏼

  18. Ha ha ha sure… Republicans had the Senate and the potus. Did anything happen???

  19. Can you say loop hole. Common sense says rich are untouchable.

  20. Dems in a power GRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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