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COOKING FOR OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY – what I cooked + my Mac & Cheese recipe!
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Hair salon – Lockonego – use code JFL25 for 25% off!

Embellished jumper – Zara
Thermomix –
Prada bag –
Pink scarf –
White coat –
Pink roll neck –
Silver skirt –
Christmas jumpers – Primark
Cream blouse –

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  1. Great video..i would love to see you cook and carve a Turkey

  2. I'm so surprised you wear Top Shop.

  3. I've never heard of Neom. I better check it out.

  4. There are many other earth-like planets, but the drake equation will prove that the likelihood of life existing is very slim.

  5. OMG is that Aldi in the UK? What kind of sprays ? We Do not have dupes. hmmmm love Aldi
    We want some Dupes too. USA not getting the better Merchandise here. not happy

  6. I absolutely enjoy your videos. You are a breath of fresh air and such an amazing, talented, gifted, gentle-hearted, and truly beautiful person having an extraordinary sense of fashion which is classic!

  7. Hey Josie!! What is that drunk your having with your Mac and cheese? Looks yummy !😜

  8. Wait!! What happened to his reaction?!!!!

  9. Where is your Mac and cheese recipe?

  10. You have become my favourite vlogger. I truly appreciate the effort you put into your videos. Thank you.

  11. WOW! I LOVE the Mile Higher Podcast!!! It's so nice to know that your favorite fashion blogger liker you favorite conspiracy bloggers 😉 I also listen to them while I'm cooking.

  12. Great effort on all those snack foods!

  13. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes! Everything looked scrumptious 😋 Charlie is a lucky man, you have it all!

  14. Your friends lowering down to be on camera was awesome!

  15. Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 Josie! I’d love to see a 10 best purchases for 2018 video!do you and Charlie plan a family? I hope so

  16. 1.Aldis is amazing in the UK but not as good in the US. Another of the million reasons I love the UK. 2. I too make everything as much ahead as I can. I actually plan it on a spreadsheet lol. 3.How in the world do you stay so thin eating that mac and cheese! I gained 5lbs just watching you cook it.

  17. What is Stella McCartney and Prada?? Everything in this vlog is fake! All that meat could feed the homeless people probably 500 blocks away from!! Why is this in my news feed and why did I watch this!?

  18. can you do a what i eat in a day or a favorite recipes/food video?

  19. merry Christmas !❤️🐾🌲

  20. Lol Aldi is great for party food shopping even here in the states.

  21. Your hair is gorgeous clipped to the side! Have a lovely Christmas 🎄

  22. 0:28 you like to precook puppies?! No, Josie,no

  23. I really love those kind of videos. Thank you Josie. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  24. Aldi's is great for the Christmas holidays. Chocolates and gifts.🍫🎁 It is fun to shop there, especially here in N.Y.. Thanks for the video. Enjoy your Holiday. Have a good New year's. My new hair stylist Thomas is from England. He's in America now.🍷🍪⭐❄⛄🎅🎄

  25. Ok so its official you are the most brilliant, lovely, amazing, and beautiful young woman that ever was! So versatile and well read! You really set the standard and we should all strive to be more like you!

    I do have to say that you and Charlie make a wonderful couple and I'm very impressed that you each have made your own way on your own terms! Bravo!

    Also I have to say it was so sweet to see the puppy melting in Charlie's arms! Take care you two!

  26. Food looks tasty enjoyed watching Happy Holidays to you and yours

  27. What is the variety of Doxie is the one with the white on his nose? I’ve never seen one like that. You surprised me with your culinary skills. Happy holidays.

  28. Sorry but ur hair colour .. looks like grandma…sorry..u should consider make it a bit darker..

  29. Darling Girl, Perfection as always. Mwah and Merry Christmas to you, Charlie and the boys!

  30. I'm seriously loving your "yuhu/wuhu" at the moment! Reminds me of that sauna dude in Frozen.

    Also, those mac and cheese servers from Aldi are to die for

  31. You look fantastic at your party Josie x

  32. The best part its was in the end, love you and your style😘 Josie

  33. Great video J .. made the mac and cheese !!! Delicious xx merry Christmas xx

  34. What a lovely party, with Charlie & the boys too! Watching you cook was fun, I like listening to business tutorials when I cook ( people like #PatrickBetDavid, #DanLok, #MelRobbins, #EvanCarmichael, #GaryVee, #GrantCardone and several other amazing business people on Youtube). Got so many elegant ideas for preparing for a Christmas party, thank you for this Josie! <3

  35. Hosting/preparing for a party is always stressful and you made it look so easy and fun:) What a lovely party you had for your friends! <3 Your sausage babies looked adorable in their Christmas sweaters:)

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