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Coronavirus provokes debate in United Kingdom

As the U.K. begins to relax restrictions, medical publications are warning the government against these plans.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. We must all learn in adhere to the song, the distance dance to survive this horrific pandemic.

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  3. O M G wat happENZ !f MANbooBZ VIRUS muTATES. AND burg'a SHOPS GET RAIDED?

  4. Wow, the queen knows a lot about Acts of tolerance…

  5. a nice news is through of Jesuchrist you are saved believe in he for faith in your heart in the place where you are

    he is the way to heaven read in the holy bible st john 14 : 6 , romans 10 : 13 , acts 4 : 12 🍂🍁🌺🙏

    No one wants the UN Agenda21 depopulation shot!
    Especially for a virus that has a 99.99% survivability rate. You all are being hoodwinked!!!

    Event201… look it up.

    Anyone taking this shot will be the first wave of Darwin Award winners!!! The first test subjects died. WTH were they putting in them that would cause over 15 people to die within days!!! TAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! And go into quarantine for two weeks after you get this if you value not getting others sick because now YOU ARE the Super Spreader! I will be taking Ivermectin!

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  7. I am jealous of his bf. He is hot as hell, and glad he is open gay and mentions his orientation naturally like any straight person. That’s how it’s supposed to be in any democratic country with human rights!

  8. The real tea here is Longham is gay 👀☕

  9. Covid viruses may have been originated from America, from Itali, Spain, Japan, India, Australia…… but NEVER from CHINA !

  10. I'm from the UK and trust me Boris Johnson has totally fucked this country up with his response to the virus

  11. Why did He feel compelled to mention his "boyfriend"?

  12. Hope ya boyfriend is keeping safe bcz we all are worried tho 😂

  13. Reject this nonsense. Covid is a lie.

  14. A nobody cares a about your bf dude

  15. Im from North London nd it’s chaos over her police are authoritarian and Boris is just lying through his ugly yellow teeth

  16. There is something alot more dangerous than covid 19 here in the uk. That's the type of people that believe in crazy things as shown below in the comments, probably due a to below par educational background. It's not their fault but I do wish they would keep their information, from the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones, squarely to themselves.

  17. lol. So what you gonna do huh?
    How about what you want to do!!

  18. report on Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment allegations……..

  19. UK = 64,908 China = 4,634 (x13) II US 310,608 China 4,634 (x66).

    NO VACCINE & NO COVID = Taiwan 7 and New Zealand 25.

  20. Would have been nice if he had of described what is happening in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also. The rules he described and as he said only pertain to England which does not equate to the whole of the United Kingdom.

  21. Baby GIRL, Baby MaMa, Baby Druged, Control the Citizen, with DRUGS Please Read
    Defend the Children

  22. A game of divide and conquer, Americans stand against the election fraud cover up, because it's not going to go away until everyone knows the truth.

  23. China screwed up this whole world. No accountability

  24. Congratulations to our new President J.B. may God gives Him more wisdom to lead America and the world. Hello America ! we need a Divine intervention for the healing of our Nation from Covid-19, and other prayer requests, join us on Zoom to pray for our Nation every day from the 1st to the 31st December 2020 at 7pm- 8pm Eastern Time. Please help us spread this information for more people to join us. Join Zoom Meeting​. Meeting ID: 893 8763 1491 Passcode: 024765

  25. Do not take the vaccine. 2 out of every 10 peepee are getting Bell's Palsy

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