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  1. Josie…I agree with you about lights on both sides of the bed in the cottage. You can always put a flower arrangement, a candle, books and a nice jar with biscuits or something. A William Morris wallpaper would look so nice in there so you are not having the whole color scheme green throughout. I agree that a stool for the small table in that bedroom would be nice because it would tuck under and not obstruct the beautiful furniture piece. I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely.

  2. Such a random question, but why don’t you include your upper lip in your skincare routine, Josie? 😁

  3. Nice vlog 🙌🏽 Thank you💕

  4. Hi Josie. I suggest you try Kora Organics turmeric moisturizer instead of layering your face with numerous chemical-based products which may not be good for your skin in the long run. Miranda Kerr launched her new product today. You can use it day and night. Katy Perry swears by it.

  5. Josie, it's actually inspiring that you don't get as passionate about clothes as you used to. I believe it's an indication of your maturity and your burgeoning appreciation for other (and dare I say it, more important and emotionally/physically healthy) interests that undoubtedly enrich your life on a deeper level…spending time outdoors, gardening and beautifying your home, as you nurture your loving relationships with those you cherish. Your priorities have altered, and you've grown as a strong, capable woman. It's only my opinion (and what do I know beyond my own life experiences?), but I actually adore seeing you thrive in this new way. This shift away from the superficial is tangible in more recent episodes, and I celebrate this newfound ease you have in this freeing attitude of yours. Celebrate this shift, it's amazing and so beautiful to witness! I don't mean to imply that the clothes videos are not fun (they are!), but you've grown to be more than that, now – Covid lockdown may have sped this process along, but it's not something to apologize for. Celebrate, girl! Sending you best wishes from Chicago.

  6. I love that you went from hyper speed to normal to give and get some puppy snuggles!

  7. How about a couple custom shelves over the box area by the bed in the bedroom? Not the full depth of the box to allow for an interesting lamp? Just a thought…

  8. Josie you need some gardening knee pad just strap them onto your knees🤗🌼🥦🥬🌶🫑🌽🥕🥔🍅

  9. That is so hilarious about the dachshunds! I'm going to have to tell my parents, who have a little one named Leo, and he does get very anxious indeed taking care of their house, lol.

  10. I worry for the state of that cream sofa in a short term rental property.

  11. In the cottage, on that little box that sticks out, could you have a step-back type of hutch with glass doors built on top? Could also be a corner unit. It might provide pretty storage for linens, or a nice place for books.

  12. I believe you should put the wallpaper all around the bedroom instead of just doing part of the walls. . The room will look chopped up. The focal point should be the bed/ headboard and the bed covers( since the room is already small). Do not draw attention to areas that are not as nice or are imperfect. Think of the feel you want for the entire cottage, not just In sections/ walls.

  13. We always wait every week to watch your videos Josie:) What a great Vlog video Xx

  14. I loved your boots in the garden but i didnt see them listed above? I checked your like to know it and couldnt find them there.

  15. Congrats on your 1 year move in::)) BTW for the cottage a slim shelving unit in the bed room for that corner area would be perfect for books, candles ,,purses for guests and you can still put a pull out bedside lamp as theres a lot of vertical space that'll be wasted,also you can use leftover wallpape to line the shelves…

  16. The room with the bump out….i think you could put open shelving on the wall above and use the top of the bump out for some nice jewelry holders or candles. A place for your guest to put things that they need easy access to. Minimal storage solutions. In a hotel in am always in need of a "table" top or shelf.

  17. I’m not a fan of the small rose wallpaper for the main bedroom . I feel it’s too girly . My choice would be a small cottage print but not pink rosebuds. With love 💕

  18. Hilarious about the bird nesting at both homes

  19. The work you and Charlie have put in gardens will show beautiful results.

  20. it must be fantastic to get such lovely things said about you, what a confidence pick up, you must feel amazing, been told how marvellous you are cheers

  21. The crows are following you…thats unbelievable 😳 how funny 🤣 rascals

  22. Don’t stand too close to the window with that mask on or your neighbors will think your house is haunted!

  23. Dickens is adorable the way he is!

  24. Josie darling 💮 After all of the warnings about "how not to plant mint"… "Charlie"… Dare we say "Told You So"… Will require drastic measures to win the battle/war!!!

  25. A big mirror over the new storage cabinet in your dining room might help bring in more light!

  26. Oh so naive. Lockdown is never going to end. It’s the agenda

  27. Josie could you please explain what a thatched roof is? Thanks.

  28. Your dining room buffet is gorgeous. Well, everything in there really. I feel you on the lost fashion passion. I have a new found passion for sweatpants myself. 😝

  29. Charlie stole your Daylesford mince pies I believe!

  30. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼…..

  31. Are those crows following you and Charlie around josie 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Maybe one day you buy more houses with Charlie, rebuild them, furnish them and than flip the houses. Maybe one day you design your own furniture, maybe you have a garden center, maybe you sell flowers, seeds and trees, maybe you sell cottlery, you are pasioned in so many things. Or maybe at first some children and suddenly it opens a totaly diferent way, just listen…

  33. Charlie was so charming in the vlog

  34. It's not the last lack down another coming and another ! So!e of you are in for a shock sorry but it's true !

  35. How about a mini coffee bar on top of the awkward corner of the bedroom?

  36. Really fancy a chinese after watching this especially crispy duck pancakes. Tje cottage looks as if it will be so cosy – great for a girls weekend away.

  37. Looking nice your garden 🌲🌿🌷🌳

  38. Every thing you do is gorgeous!

  39. On the table where are your scalloped champagne glasses from. I’ve been looking for the vlog that you mentioned them.

  40. You planted something outside near a wall that you got from the original plant. Do you remember what I'm talking about? How is that doing? Off to make some mac and cheese! ❤ Lynn

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