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Could Biden climate agenda worsen Colonial Pipeline hack aftermath?

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (R) shares her thoughts on the Colonial Pipeline hack and the Biden administration’s climate plans. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Gee umm let me think.. YES stupid


  3. The Keystone Pipeline has been running for ~20 years. In the Keystone XL pipe, the XL means Export

  4. Maybe criminal Joe Biden and his administration/puppet masters colluded with Russian hackers to hack the Colonial Pipeline with hopes of destroying the American economy ?

  5. Doesn't Warren Buffett own those bulk oil rail cars? Old buddy Warren needs every dollar as much as the hungry and jobless.
    Vote for stupid people, wins unknown prizes, like broken promises to Americans. And good as gold promises to China.
    Thanks a pant load Joe.

  6. Why not walk over to the valve and open it up?

  7. When a clown is in charge the jokers step in they have Biden sussed

  8. Biden will make it worse that is what he has been doing since he stole the election!

  9. Declare war with China.

  10. 🚫Incompetent Joe Biden and the Democrats incompetent energy policy are skyrocketing your gasoline ⛽️ cost at the pump now heading to $4 dollars a gallon 💴💴💴.

  11. GOP needs to impeach Joe Biden now!


  13. The pipeline hackers are actually turning the flow back on!!

  14. Impeach Biden now!!!

  15. Apparently they need to worry about their computers instead of what Joe Biden might do you people can't relate everything back to Joe Biden this is a Cyber attack so perhaps these private companies should tighten up on their cyber security after all this is the year 2021 after all not 1985 just saying sorry foxy can't make everything about jail you sure didn't want to do that when Trump was president

  16. One of these days the people who sit around and hack these things are going to get into the main frame of everything and are going to shut the world down. When they do we are going to be in deep trouble because everything is on line and nothing can used without it Nothing is done anymore without a computer

  17. Biden is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China is going to benefit the mess that this guy is putting us into. We are going to be energy dependent, the jobs and the economy will go out of the country making China more powerful and dangerous to us. Guys, this is insane and this old man is creating chaos for most of Americans. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are coming into this country and who pays for all of this mess? American people again and always on top of raising taxes, and else.

  18. This is a Liberal attack on Petrol.

  19. And no focus about the hacker who is located in Russia.

  20. Government probably behind it. Wouldn't be at all surprised.

  21. Joe thought it was colonial pen.

  22. Keystone wasn’t going to provide energy to the US, it was to move Canadian energy through and out of the US. Fox lies. Fox culture war. Someone should start an actual News org called Fox.

  23. This is a planned situation deusigned to push the dr

  24. Biden is an idiot. And his plans are destroying America quicker than I thought was possible.

  25. Obiden screwed us all…

  26. This is the precursor to a fully electric world. It just required a small nudge in the right direction.

  27. This is what Biden wanted to happen in order to scare Americans into getting rid of the autos and shutting down big oil. AOC's dream.

  28. there play book is to cripple us……..get ready!

  29. Climate Change and the Green New Deal are a scam to send all our jobs to China.~:>

  30. Go Joe Go, Go Go Go, Go Joe Go watch the idiot Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The day will come very soon when all of you will regret you ever herd the names Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I can just imagine who's behind this!

  32. Amzn stopping selling supplmnts, folks. Be careful.

  33. Or could the Biden administration be responsible for the hacking of the pipeline? The democrats are about to be caught rigging elections and are doing anything to keep the headlines off of the fact they are illegitimately in our government. The same evil scum that own the democrats also own the news we see and hear in America. When found guilty I want to see them hung for treason. It is that serious.

  34. Well at least we still have the Alaskan pipeline….oh wait!

  35. Why is fox the only one reporting on the pipeline story if it was hacked why isn't the Whitehouse saying anything. It's a ploy to increase fuel prices more smoke and mirrors

  36. biden don't care. he's the puppet potus!

  37. Go BIDEN!!! Top Energy Regulator calls Pipeline Hack a wake up call for CEOs. Breaking news: Biden to meet with Putin as it is coming from the country R u s s i a. Biden commits to 'global effort' to fight ransomware attacks – He ruses to confront "DarkSide" cyberattack on U.S. Pipeline. The FBI confirmed that the culprit is a strain of ransomware called DarkSide, believed to be operated by a R u s s i a n cybercrime gang referred to by the same name.

  38. Now is the perfect time to shut down the Colonial Pipeline by executive order. It would show Beijing Biden means business, and he knows what he is doing. Within a week he will have the CO2 levels on the south and east coasts reduced significantly, and the sun would be shining and no more hurricanes hitting Florida or Louisiana. We could all get our electricity for free from the sun and wind and the government could all drive an electric car and fly in electric airplanes. The electric train system would be free from Delaware to DC. What more could we want?

  39. Sounds like a way Biden and Justin are running these countries into the ground. When you raise taxes every thing else goes up. When you pick on the oil companies this is what happens. Good news hell is about to freeze over.

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