Saturday , July 24 2021
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks Ezekiel Elliott, oil and gas industry

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones celebrated Comstock’s recent acquisition of Covey Park Energy at the New York Stock Exchange, a deal valued at $2.2 billion that is set to double the company’s resources.

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  1. For anyone thinking about becoming self employed, Mr. Jones is sharing some simple, rudimentary strategies that anyone can follow. Good stuff.

  2. I don't know how anyone can dislike this guy.

  3. New Green Deal will take all hot rods and race cars, motorcycles and all recreational vehicles away. Like we won’t have a problem with that.

  4. What a wast of money . I don't watch football anymore because I believe we American people stand for the flag with right hand over heart an kneel for the cross.

  5. Rich pricks like this jerk is what's wrong with the world.

  6. Closet homosexuality and the hidden insinuations of Football……

    I hate football……

  7. Elliot's not worth it and now that he has it, he'll relax.

  8. All garbage and greed. American's stand for those that can't!

  9. Well of course the NFL has an advantage, their not subject to anti trust laws, giving them an unfair advantage in business

  10. He's a smart man that's why the Cowboys aren't going anywhere again this year last year and next year

  11. Pro sports are a joke. I'll go watch my 10 year old grandkids before I will watch those clowns.

  12. Jerry Jones is the greatest team owner ever! I’m so happy he owns and runs my favorite team! Go Cowboys! 😎👍

  13. Im boycotting the nfl so i dont care, what are we talking about the cowboys? Now i double dont care!

  14. If it weren’t for fantasy football.. Nfl would be soft

  15. Investing in oil these days is like investing in blockbuster in 2006.

  16. If you are still watching football you are anti American.

  17. US Marines at Camp Pendleton CA are Dismayed over Trumps Failure to Order the Arrest of All Domestic Traitors.

    It does not take 3 Years with what the US Military knows…

    The US Military has made an error in Trusting Trump, regrets not Arresting Obasturd and Hildabeast 5 Years Ago.


  18. Jerry is a smart man. Cowboys are not taking a knee.. Got to love those cowboys

  19. donald trump has the lowest voter approval rating of all time history……He wont get re elected.🇺🇸

  20. I get into things when its soft also. Then dump it when it is all rough and wore out.

  21. Now that the SJW are running the NFL . I am completely done with the NFL on a permanent basis . You should be too .

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