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Crazy "OMG" 😱 Fitness Moments LEVEL 999.99%🔥

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  1. Hi guys any one nw thamnali female bodybuilder name plz z z z . . . .

  2. 👋Hi muscle addict thamnali female bodybuilder name plz . . . .

  3. Hi muscle addict thambnali female bodybuilder name plz z z z . . .

  4. 0:33 when a wife doesnt appreciate ur hard work

  5. 2:20
    Not instict, they practice it for the shows

  6. The supermom's kid surely are good ones, or else they're dead

  7. Enjoy while u still can.

  8. 3:05 and folks there goes her leg

  9. 2:30 that’s some powerful workout exercise there… 😱🤯😳😳😳😳😳😳

  10. wow! They are all Super Humans.

  11. bated thumbnail, I saw Jet Li and no Mr Li was in this video. Also, lot of people can do what was in this video. Go out and prove me right, because if you prove me wrong you're purposely a loser.

  12. Ahhhhh my back starts paining when I see this

  13. Flexibility level 9000…ooouuuccch!!!!!

  14. 0:31 just imagine what if the wooden sticks broke??? Final destination scene ho jata

  15. That 'Bruce Lee's bad ass walk', at the end, killed it 😂

  16. 1:22 I bet her kids get straight As…or else..
    Edit: unless her kid is 5:15

  17. what is the name of the first song?
    plis 🙂

  18. Strength isnt just in your mass but in the heart and mind…

  19. Didn't almost miss his train.

  20. I'm also addict of muscle addict

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