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Cruz rips Newsom for calling Texas mask mandate 'absolutely reckless'

Sen. Ted Cruz discusses latest states to halt mask mandates and rips stimulus bill, arguing that it’s a ‘liberal wish list.’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. the only thing you have to pass before you can find out what's in it is….a stool sample.

  2. Thanks for another clown California. Get it together before you ruin our country

  3. Pelosi's Tunnel of Love 😁😁🤣😂😋😁😂🤣!

  4. Newsom has kept his winery open and was caught at an 800.00 a plate restaurant with no mask.

  5. Reckless ,is leaving your state suffering people, so you can take a vacation.

  6. These teachers are LAZY. They are whimps on top of it. If they were NOT getting paid they would have been back months ago.

  7. This is the reckless guy who ignored his own mask and restaurant mandate to eat at $300 a plate.

  8. The perfect textbook Marxist Sociopath for the old folks home.
    Joy to the world.
    Whoomp There It Is🐩🚽

  9. Newsoms business got 3 million in govt stimulus

  10. watch Mexico….here in the retirement community there are many people here and no social distancing and not much mask wearing…..so if you want to see this perspective, watch Mexico…

  11. About time someone takes the bull by the horns! About time for the ridiculousness to go! Covid is a virus your body is made to fight viruses so let's get back to life we will now have a whole new group of mentally ill to deal with on account of covid

  12. Newsome / Cruz both are snakes they should both be gone and far from making decisions for Americans.

  13. Just imagine when people find out that after being forced to wear a ridiculous diaper on their face for a year that they do absolutely nothing to stop Wuhan Virus

  14. This is the same guy who went on vacation when his state was in crisis? The NERVE!!!!

  15. We had a recall campaign long before covid to boot that criminal out of office

  16. Newsom is a fool! His state has been completely locked down forever and has still had more cases of COVID than any other. Arizona right next door had an increase in cases and were not locked down so uh, must NOT make a difference! If you can’t lock down grocery stores, and you can’t, then no lock downs work. All they do is hurt small business where the least amount of people go at any given time; totally ridiculous!

  17. Vietnam offers tough lessons for Sen. Ted Cruz on coronavirus

  18. This media, this republican, this election, this spending, this earmarks, this lobbyist, this joke, it's over, it's gone, your all watching it go down! These Americans that let this happen.
    You deserve it, it's not ok anymore.

  19. Democratic are the ones that are racist but the sad part is that the low incomes thinks that they care and they only want to get rid of all of them! I am a Hispanic woman that for a long time ago I woke up to them. Democratic hate the minorities

  20. Scamdemic as we all know by now. Proud of Texas, Florida and Mississippi. What state is next?

  21. What is reckless is the democrats inviting people to come across the boarder that are testing positive. Then on top of that, they are giving these kids to people who are clearly not there parents.

  22. Senator Cruz dont waste you breath on Newsome… dont forget he is building a railroad to nowhere that no body wants…

  23. Newsome is trying to recover covid narrative.. To late your going to be recalled for mishandling China virus response. Gavin put himself first and above citizens who elected him, also he's let teachers union run school system. Newsome your a failure, you ruined San Francisco when you were mayor and now you've destroyed the once prosperous state of California. Recall Newsome

  24. Good job senator Cruz we don't want Newsom anymore for corrupt and hipocresy.And that's right Newsom destroying the economy of California.

  25. Newsome is an @$$ hole. Why bother with him. He is a total failure and soon to be vanished from the political arena.

  26. Senator, if 90% of money is going to places we don’t know, maybe that money is going to illegal international businesses. Just my thought.

  27. Thank you Senator Ted Cruz..

  28. There is still people getting covid WITH mask on🤷🏻‍♀️ There are meds that cure this virus so what with a vaccine?

  29. Thanks Texas for taking the right step by Opening up!

  30. 🙀 Oh my God God luck to all Cruz sucks he's nuts 🤪

  31. Or, well, you know, move on from this fevered dream!

  32. This guy is a joke, lying flying Ted should be ashamed of his self.

  33. Ted admit we are under a tyranny. The government should NEVER dictate against basic constitutional freedom. It is more than disgrace, it is abuse and in the face fascism .

  34. Knee pads Ted at it again

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