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Cummins' Aussies embrace their sensitive sides | Direct Hit

Through the guidance of coach Justin Langer, the Australian team have learnt to embrace the roller coaster of emotions associated with professional cricket


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  1. Favourite bowler 🖤
    Patry you are My Idol's

  2. This man looks like actors in Hollywood movies.

  3. I need more cricket in my life 🙁

  4. But many time AUS bowling is not good in limited overs in away tours

  5. Love you my human beings you all are great

  6. Starc vs Cummins winner is steve Smith,. Who agrees,👍👍👍

  7. I thought maybe starc is in that vid..😕😒

  8. Why STARC is in the THUMBNAIL 😂😂

  9. Aussie best team in the world 🇦🇺😀😀😀😀🇦🇺

  10. Pat Cummins is my favourite bowler

  11. Sorry pat
    No ipl no 15 crore this year 🙏🙏

  12. He is such a great player…. N very nice guy

  13. My favourite bowler and cricket side. Let’s go Australia

  14. Who else here is early?

  15. Plzz guys support guys 🙏
    Iam a gamer

  16. Good to see the people who are trya kill old chaps with 150k bounciers are actually human

  17. Hi, I'm not the first or second comment. I'm just a guy who commented lmao

  18. Patty is an absolute gem. Brilliant ambassador for both Australian cricket, and the game as a whole.

  19. Mitchell stark fans like here👍👍

  20. nice video keep up the good content

  21. awesome content you deserve more views

  22. nice u r my fav bowler then starc

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