Cummins dominates with ball before late England fightback | Men's Ashes 2021-22

A Pat Cummins-led Australian seam attack ensured the home side grabbed a 115-run first innings lead but – on a day where 17 wickets fell – England fought back late.

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  1. Sam billings cover drive is quite similar to BABAR azam cover drive🔥

  2. Bro how did David Warner become a golden duck

  3. England and Australian bowlers too good batting is horrible

  4. What jeff is doing here – Ye chaman chutiya !

  5. China is not afraid of taiwan pls do the needful

  6. Perfect problems are steel here burn down everything to ashes

  7. Sad alone depressed and poisoned upar se chutiya roj shock mar rha hai pls do the needful burn down everything to ashes

  8. Yes it is nature gift i do daily i do my best

  9. Gazza's pull shots 😍😍

  10. the title has double meanings

  11. Any body else think that England were bowling like it was bodyline

  12. This day was an unfairly synonymous day of “stop moving the robot”.

  13. England bowlers batted better than England batsmen

  14. This ashes is very painful for England

  15. fuddu ben stokes bc puri series mei kuch nai kia bas england meinrun banwa lo inse

  16. England's performance will be remembered for hundreds of years. But not for centuries.

  17. Lyon getting some important runs

  18. StOp MoViNg ThE RoBoTtTtT

  19. all have attraction towards root's root

  20. Impressive for Australia to get 300 on that wicket. Gutless display from the poms, never seen a team crumble that quick. They had plenty of time to chase and they just gave up

  21. England got absolutely destroyed the whole series.

  22. Bowlers are deadly..hats off to batsmans

  23. Quality bowling from both sides .🤗

  24. 👍👏✌👌💪👍👏✌👌💪👍👏✌👌💪👍👏✌👌💪

  25. "stop moving the robot"

  26. England should sack the coaching staff and the selection board

  27. 0:13 Stop Moving the Robots;😂

  28. I don't know what Aussie's have about Joe root's balls . They are quite naughty 😂😂😂😂

  29. Roots balls always attracts cricket ball

  30. England batsmen absolutely pathetic.
    Root is too timid. Give captain job to bairstow. He is a fighter. Rest are turkeys.

  31. Mark Wood lions heart

  32. Stop moving the robot 😂

  33. If the Brits or any other team can target the balls and the head of Aussie batsmen, they are gonna buckle and fall like a pack of cards….just like the Brits did in all the Ashes so far.

  34. It is a good thing to be a fan of Joe root but please dont follow his root academy lessons….. 😂🤣 hope he saves and reach england.

  35. Nathon kyon practiced pull shot more then bowling in nets 🙂

  36. This is the perfect test match pitch

  37. The number of times root gets hit is unreal😭😂😂

  38. After stark nd commins wicket lyon be like "not every time " 👍🏻

  39. Root has disclosed his week zone in this series 😂