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Cutting Out Sugar, Fridge Cleanup, Healthy Snack Haul | UPGRADE YOU EP1: Health

New year new series: UPGRADE YOU! Every month I’m gonna tackle a new topic you’ve told me on my Instagram that you wanna work on in the new year + challenge myself to make changes and take you along with me!

We start with HEALTH, more specifically lowering my sugar intake + unhealthy snack addiction (fml). If you wanna join me on this challenge leave a comment below and keep me updated on your progress via Instagram!

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  1. Wtf dominions is the best!!

  2. Tip to not waste food > If your produce is for snacking clean and prep it as soon as you un-load your groceries, you'll be way more likely to eat something healthy if it's ready to go. And have a plan for other produce (what will you be making with it) and stick to it. Another thing I found helpful is buying less produce then I think. I would rather make an extra trip to the grocery store for fresh stuff then waste.

  3. Tip: fresh fruit, certain veggies and tomatoes can be left on the counter in a beautiful bowl. If you constantly look at it you’re more likely to use it 🤗

  4. SO Delicious cashew milk ice cream in the salted caramel flavor…is way better than any ice cream I've ever had! I discovered it when I recently went dairy- free and needed a treat! Definitely give it a try!

  5. Best tip on saving produce: as soon as you get home from the store, soak the fruit and vegetables in a ACV water solution for 5-10 min, rinse and store in a breathable container or bowl with no lid! Same with greens – the acv water solution makes everything nice and crunchy, keeps produce fresh for longer, washes off residue of any kind of chemical dirt or contaminate. The hemp cloth reusable produce bags are bomb!

  6. Wow you just rattled off every fast food item known to man that was impressive 😂
    Grapes 🍇 wash and freeze them it’s an OK alternative to a sweet treat at night . I find it helps (kinda) 😏

  7. Tip on not to waste food: Don’t buy groceries if you know you’re going to eat out and cook only if you know you aren’t going to buy fast food.

  8. The dialogues need to be trimmed, you lose peoples attention and drop off their attention span with the rambling. Gotta keep it concise. Honest feedback.

  9. I quit smoking cold turkey in 1991. Quit drinking cold turkey (not Cold Turkey) in 1998. Cannot quit sugar. 😢

  10. Those powder sugar donuts look so good. Especially with a nice cup of coffee. This video is making me HUNGRY dammit!

  11. I'm cutting out carbs Jen! I'm 🇲🇽 so cutting out tortillas is going to be hella rough (yes I was raised close to the bay…hense the "hella" lol) Wish me luck 🙏🏻

  12. Omg, the Dominoes comment. Did you know they now have Dominoes in Italy? It's billed as American pizza and everyone hates it. 😅

  13. Never loved a youtube video more than this one. hahaha

  14. This is THE MOST relatable food vlog/fridge tour video EVER!

  15. Most relatable video ever. Going through your fridge and tossing the spoiled food, dang that resonated with me to the core. That happens to my strawberries ever single time. Also, okay, Watchamacallits are literally the best candy bar ever. I can always find them at Rite Aid or CVS. The sweet tooth in me salutes and applauds you.

  16. Sorry boo. Those "healthy" snacks you got are all marketing — you just traded sugar snacks for expensive sugar snacks. It's all crap imo

  17. perfect bars have soooooo much sugar! some aren't as bad as others

  18. you have so many sweets at home, imagine having children…..

  19. I sooo appreciate the realness of this. I feel like every time I watch a video similar to this, it’s like “okay I’m going to clean out my fridge and be healthier!” and they open up the fridge to all vegan, organic, already healthy foods and replace everything with vegetables lol. But you showed us the moldy strawberries and the month old chicken!😂 and you bought SNACKS👏🏻👏🏻 love to see it

  20. Perfect bars have mad sugar 🤣

  21. You have to fix the audio

  22. Totally just subscribe and liked !! Best video of 2020 so far !!! I’m doing the same thing glad to be apart of it with you my new friend 🙂

  23. The smart sweet gummies are gross, fair warning.

  24. Damn this is hard but you’re inspiring me to do better!!

  25. Wasting so much food. Buy in small amounts and you can always run and get more. You’ll get a feel for what you will use after awhile

  26. Lmao I fridge gets like that sometimes too. Sometimes I just don’t open it I mean we leave a lot too 🤣

  27. When you named off all the good junk from fast food I couldn’t relate more 😫😭 the Burger King french toast sticks tho!!!!!

  28. Beanfields Nacho chips is my absolute favorite! 💕

  29. Just because something is organic (the pie) doesn't mean it's healthy

  30. This was so relatable! My goal is to try and drink water and ditch sugar… ugh. The struggle is real. Also, if you need another project… fast food critic 🍕🥤🍟🌮🍔

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