Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Cyntoia Brown Released From Prison After Serving 15 Years Of Life Sentence | NBC Nightly News

Cyntoia Brown, who received a life sentence for killing a man she said hired her for sex when she was a teenager, walked free from a Tennessee prison today after serving 15 years—nearly half her life—behind bars.
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Cyntoia Brown Released From Prison After Serving 15 Years Of Life Sentence | NBC Nightly News


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  1. welcome home beautiful 👑 queen!🌹
    blessings & all praises Cyntoia Brown!💪😍🏁

  2. I wish everyone that “A-List Celebrities “ went to bat for would get more time.

  3. "Brown reflects on the isolation, low self-esteem, and sense of alienation that drove her straight into the hands of a predator."

    Total BS, she was setting up guys to be robbed and she herself referred to his robbery and murder as the fat lick she had been looking for all that week. When Johnny Allen was bragging and showing her his firearms she was busy taking inventory of the items she was going to take after she robbed and murdered him. The truth is Cyntoia brown was a predator since she was 12 years old stealing from people, selling drugs, assaulting people, involved with solicitation, and voluntarily involved with all kinds of hardened criminals. Johnny Allen was an easy mark.

  4. There are so many more people that need justice.

  5. She earned two college degree's when average citizens have to take out loans to go to college? That's messed up. She was all smile when released. They started a gofundme campaign and it got up to $26,000. Wow. I was offended. I and others wrote to gofundme and asked that they take down her page. Why should she profit from killing a man? She is still a murderess. NO way should the Gofundme crowd funding platform allow her to raise money for murdering a man. Gofundme responded by taking down her donation page! Woohoo! Let those celebs give her money. Who would buy her stupid book? no one.

  6. I believe she’s innocent and should have never been charged, it was self defense.

  7. But.. but.. MANBC is a fake news

  8. She was trafficked as a child. Should never have been there.

  9. Some say she should not have been released.
    But if jail is to punish and rehabilitate, did she not meet and exceed that standard.

    I have seen white guys who murdered get out of jail in less time, and cops that murder not go to prison at all.

    Luckily for her, none of you MORONS are in charge of anyone's freedom.

  10. She should have got the death penalty like a male would have

  11. Omg I was halfway in your shoes just didn't shoot we are the same age and I remember seeing you on tv and took another route too scared of jail I always wanted to tell you thank you so much bc if it wasn't for you I would have followed in your step I try to picture the outcome but instead I just watch your story for some odd reason when you was released from prison I released my anger thank you so much and may God bless you

  12. Thousands of juvenile boys who killed to protect themselves too, they’re still locked up. Female privilege at work in the justice system yet again. It’s women on average do less time for the same crimes as men.

  13. She made a huge mistake marrying that “guy” that is doing this for clout, fame, and celebritiy status! It’s sad!

  14. She is a murder and she will be nothing but a rock in a shoe on people that got her out.

  15. That was Trump's doing. 💪🇺🇸

  16. So basically America try’s and ruins the girls life but she still succeeded bravo

  17. When a man goes to prison it's because he's a criminal. When a woman goes to prison it's because she had a rough childhood and was abused and got caught up with the wrong crowd.

  18. She went in innocent and left wicked .. I could see it in her eyes

  19. If we want to admit that men and women are entirely different creatures in society and under the law I can allow that perhaps she's learned that even with "excuses", killing someone in a non-life-threatening situation is wrong.
    But if we still want to play the silly "all are equal yet some need special victimhood status and privilege", then I would have to say she should be treated as society would currently treat a male in the same situation.
    This is where social de/reconstruction neo-Marxism (mixed with postmodernism) fails. It cries for "fairness" while wanting to maintain an "advantaged" playing-field for some.

  20. Oh she killed a white guy. Gotta let her go. I see why the anti-white media and anti-white Hollyweird fought so hard for this scum of the Earth to be free.

  21. I've been following her story ever since that show aired and always felt she would be freed one day. I pray that life treats her well.

  22. She still has time to live a productive life. Hope the celebrities help her with work & shelter. Adjustment.

  23. Every story i see today leaves out the fact that SHE WAS 14 when it happened…. SMDH!!

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